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Beginners Guide to Yoga

This article describes the living principles of yoga, kundalini, effective breathing, and it provides some techniques.

Meditation, the Breath, and Chi Breathing

This article describes what meditation is, the importance of breathing to meditation, the four phase breath, & the Tan Jun.

Synergistic Meditation

This synergistic meditation article talks about the benefits of practicing meditation, and how to perform this synergistic meditation technique.

Mindfulness Meditation and the Breath: An Introduction

This article talks about the power of breathing and how it affects the body and mind, mindfulness meditation in general(in great detail), and how to try mindfulness meditation.

Basic Mindfulness Meditation

This article discusses benefits to practicing mindfulness meditation, a basic technique for practicing mindfulness meditation, common physical features of mindfulness meditation, and how long one should practice mindfulness meditation.

Meditation: Basic Physical Features (Common)

This article discusses the very basics of physical features commonly found in meditation-based practices, such as the cross-legged sitting style, posture, and mudras.


This article is intended only as a very basic introduction to meditative studies(it is not comprehensive), and includes a few techniques to help get you started in meditative practice.