Good visualization skills is essential in Psionics. This visualization training guide helps you develop your psychic skills. Try this guide before advancing to telekinesis or other abilities. It is very useful for training telekinesis and energy manipulation.

Visualization Training Exercises


1. Why is Visualization Important?

Why is this training important? Work on the guide in order.

2. Construct a Scene Visually

Use your visualization skills to construct a scene. Try not to get distracted. Work on the guide in order.

3. Imagine a Sound

Keep the sound in your mind. Try not to think about other things.

4. Add Sound to Your Constructed Scene

Repeat visualization exercise #2, while attempting to add sound.

5. Incorporate Taste into a Scene

Try to visualize a scene. Do this while imagining taste.

6. Imagine Touch

This is important visualization training for telekinesis.

7. Incorporate Touch into a Scene

Create a visualization while using touch in your practice. Think about both at the same time.

8. Imagine a Concrete Object

Maintain focus on one concrete object for the duration of the practice.

9. Apply Your Will to Movement of a Concrete Object

Start to incorporate telekinesis into your practice. You don’t have to be successful to continue with the guide. This is a useful skill for practicing other psychic abilities.

10. Try to Move an Object

Focus on the movement of an object. Do the exercise with something that is light. A pinwheel or an object floating on water are examples.

11. Add Sound to Visualizing the Object

Think about what kind of sound the object makes.

12. Add Touch to the Visualization

What does the object feel like? Focus on this feeling while also visualizing the object.

13. Imagine a Lecture

This is useful for gaining information about a situation.