Controlling your thought processes is an essential aspect of Psionics. This practical practice regimen helps you develop your thought skills before advancing to more complicated concepts such as telekinesis or telepathy. This thought control guide will help you focus on your method while training.

Thought Control Exercises


1. Passively Allow Images to Arise in Conscious Thought

Why is thought training important? This is the first exercise in the thought control training series. You should try to finish the exercises in order. You do not have to do them all.

2. Avoid A Topic

Choose a topic that is easier to forget. Try not to think about it for the duration of the practice. This is a little harder than the last training exercise.

3. Avoid A Topic: Hard Mode

Choose a topic that occupies your mind frequently and try to avoid it.

4. Avoid A Word

Avoid saying or thinking a common word.

5. Avoid An Uncommon Letter

This is a thought training exercise focused on avoiding an uncommon letter during speech and thought.

6. Avoid A Common Letter

Don’t say or think of a common letter for the duration of your psychic training.

7. Focus on a Thought

Focus on a single thought without interruption. This is an essential skill.

8. Focus on One Aspect of an Object

Focus on a small part or feature of an object, without your focus shifting to the whole object.

9. Focus on Multiple Aspects of an Object at the Same Time

Throughout the course of your training, it is often required for you to be able to maintain focus on multiple aspects of an object or thought at once.

10. Think About Nothing

Attempt to clear your mind for a small period of time. This thought control exercise is hard. Don’t feel bad if it takes a long time. You can work on other exercises at the same time.