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February 15, 2014

Reasonable Expectations

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Written by: Miri

What is and isn’t Doable

It’s reasonable to expect to be able to significantly change your life through psionics, only perhaps not in the ways you dream of, or expect.  What you see in films and on television is by and large not probable, and often not possible, but there is still a great deal of change available to the dedicated psionic practitioner.  Perhaps the intentions of others will become transparent to you, perhaps you will be able to gain access to your house or car when you’ve lost your keys, maybe you’ll just inspire a general luck in your life.  Similarly it is possible to have negative changes to your life.  Heightened sensitivity brings heightened vulnerability, and many people become deluded over the years.  Remain a healthy skeptic, and always strive to improve the quality of your life with psionics, not complicate and worsen it, and you will find yourself pleased with your practice.

That said you aren’t remotely likely to be lobbing fireballs at your obnoxious boss, though you might manage to make his day unpleasant.  Here is a list of things that are reasonable goals for the aspiring psion.

Reasonable Expectations

Development of Conscious / Unconscious Awareness

One thing many people notice after practicing sensory abilities, regardless of type (energy, empathy, telepathy, etc.) is the development of an unconscious and/or conscious awareness of the surroundings and the people around you.  This is rarely so precise as to be like eyes in the back of your head, rather as you become more sensitive and attuned to the signals that were often already present, you learn to notice details you didn’t know you knew.  Things like the number of people around you, the relationships of those people, the warmth or coolness under the ground, or the hollowness of a building may simply seem more evident.  It’s not x-ray vision, but on rare occasions you may be accused of having it.

More Accurate “Guessing”

As an extension of the previous point, being able to more accurately guess at things unknown using additional sensory inputs is both useful and relatively common.  Examples may include the number of bricks tall a wall is, at a glance, the temperature, the speed of the wind, the time, the number of widgets in a container, etc.  The added awareness of things in general often give you an edge over dumb luck when you have to estimate in a pinch.

Influencing the Course of Events

It is entirely possible to influence the course of events otherwise outside of your regular control, either by influencing the human components or inanimate components.  Arguments, debates, votes, etc. can go your way by understanding or influencing the emotions or thoughts of the other people involved (empathy and telepathy).  Influencing probability with micro PK can dramatically alter the outcome of events, and a little macro PK in the right context can be as effective.

Ability to Project Thoughts or Emotion

In perceiving and projecting thoughts or emotion you will become more able to persuade peers, this goes along with the last point but bears repeating.

Without even relying on psionic skills you will likely find yourself able to intimidate almost anyone with ideas far outside of their comfort zones.  A lot of people will be floored by topics you will find yourself very comfortable with.  Psionic practitioners are already usually the sort comfortable with unusual subjects, the personal security psionics adds is merely reinforcing this tendency.

Telepathic / Empathic Communication

Most practitioners of empathy and/or telepathy find they can communicate with the people significant to them, wordlessly.  Lovers and marital partners along with parents and siblings and close friends may find you finishing their sentences much more often, knowing when they’re hiding something from you, etc.

Unreasonable Expectations

1. Do not expect to make anyone a living puppet/doll, that’s not only a sick desire, but an extremely improbable if not impossible one.  People can be influenced, and even that is morally gray, but complete manipulation is a power fantasy, not a reality.

2. Don’t expect to be able to upgrade psi balls into fireballs… While psionics abilities can become very significant over time, we are never masters of the physical world, generating matter is not possible via psionics (or any method not involving absurd futuristic machinery).

3. Do not anticipate being invulnerable to any given danger: bullets, germs, heat, etc. Things like Micro PK can influence chance, sensitivity can provide early warning of dangers, but nothing can protect you all the time from all things.  A bullet can kill the most skilled healer, a germ can down the greatest telepath ever born.  You will always be human.

4. Don’t expect to be able to create physical life.  Hopefully this one is pretty self-evident, but I assure you, someone reading this is sorely disappointed.  Influencing biology of something living is very much doable; creating such a system is very much so not.

5. Not only is killing morally and legally unforgivable, it is virtually, if not entirely, impossible using psionics.  There are no secret techniques that kill people with PK.  No one happy to be alive can be TPS’d into killing themselves.  It’s wrong to try, but even if you do, you will fail. (Metalforever’s Note: We do not advocate this in any way, shape, or form)

6. It’s one thing to influence events, it’s another to have complete control of them.  There is no way to be completely in control of anything using psionics.  You can influence almost anything, but you are not and will not become God.

Final Thoughts

As always, remember to practice daily to avoid losing ground on your goals.  I invite you to try anything here that your moral compass allows for, don’t be afraid to aim for the stars, just don’t be shocked if you only make it to your roof.  We are all imperfect human beings, psionic practitioners should be especially careful to keep this in mind.  Be well, do well.

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