Learn how to make psiballs and constructs perform useful (and not so useful) tasks.


Energy Programming Exercises


The Art of Programming

Learn about the steps involved with using energy manipulation to program a construct.

Basic Programming

Where does programming useful?  How should you think of visualization?  Learn about the bubble shield.

Basic Energy Programming

This article includes information on basic programming, the corruption of psiball programming, regular visualization, tactile visualization and conceptual visualization, and words and phrases to “tag” to specific acts of programming.

Designing Constructs

Designing Constructs” includes information on the basic aspects of construct design, appearance, design in function, using symbolism, and other programming methods.

Passive Intent in Design of Energetic Objects

Learn how to actively program constructs without consiously intending to do so.

Shielding Exercises


Shielding 101
This article should be read after obtaining a firm grasp on creating basic constructs. It details on the practical application of shields, basic shield creation, and the bubble shield.

Basic Shielding Techniques
This article is good for gaining an extra perspective about shielding. This is a for-dummies style guide.

Common and Not-So-Common Shields
Learn about different shields you can make through the use of energetic programming.