Learn how Psionics methods incorporate the use of symbol. Learn to make your own psychic methods for use in your practice. Learn how using symbols affects your practice.

Psychic Methods Exercises


1. About the Use of Symbol

Learn how symbols affect the creation of psychic methods in your psionics practice. What do psionics techniques have in common? Why might creating your own methods be useful?

2. Technique Similarities

What do psionics methods have in common? What should your methods include?

3. Building Your Own Symbol Set

How would you represent the concept of movement? How does this apply to the practice of telekinesis? This section talks about how to create successful psionics methods.

4. Building Up Your Symbols

Learn how to make your psionics symbols more effective. This section includes training techniques for making your technique work better. Try out some useful meditations which help you hone your technique.

5. How to Relay Intention

This article provides examples for how to represent intention in your method. How do you represent something you want to do with your method?

6. How to Create Your Own Techniques

Use all of the information and exercises here to craft your own technique.