This section contains all of the content that doesnt fit into the other categories.


General Psychic Attainment

Triggers / Anchors

Miri discusses how to use triggers(psionic shorthand) to your advantage when doing psionics.

Radionics / Psionic Devices

ANKA gives instructions on how to create various radionic devices. Radionics are external devices (often having an “electronic” component) which help focus psionic efforts.

Psychology / Parapsychology

Brief Look Into Psychology

This resource focuses on the origins of modern psychology, human nature, and anxiety.

Proving Parapsychology

Includes information on the history of parapsychology, as well as proving psionics and parapsychology as a legitimate form of scientific study.

Psionics: Breaking the Cycle

This psionics article is about some of the common things seen in the online psionic and psychic community. It discusses labels, the logic of psionics, and defining psionics.

How to Develop Patience

This article discusses basic methods of building patience, and how to maintain patience, understanding patience, and what patience actually means to you.

Healthy Living: An Introduction

This article discusses the importance of health and wellness in relation to psionics and the practice of psychic abilities.

Book Reviews

Kabbalah; Key to your Inner Power

This article is includes an introduction to the Kabbalah, important historical Kabbalah figures, and the theory of creation.

The Ki Process

This is a psychic book review article that discusses the Ki Process.

Walking Between the Worlds

This is a psychic book review article that discusses the”Walking Between the Worlds”.


Emerging Relationships Between Science and Spirituality

This page talks about how intent can affect our “reality”, about the “science” of spirituality, and about science and God.


The author of this article discusses his thoughts on reality. It touches on what(he feels) we are, how we observe, and how he feels we experience life and death. Interesting read.

The 11:11 Phenomenon: Where Intent Affects Perception

The 11:11 phenomena is explained in terms of the fact that everyone is at different levels of their spiritual path. It is described as a pattern and synchronization of numbers and intent.

The Ego: A Brief Look From a Spiritual Standpoint

The author discusses the ego from an interesting standpoint: a false identity that the mind creates that disassociates yourself from being any more than an observer.

The Subjectivity of Spirituality

This resource includes information about how spirituality and how spiritual paths are connected.

The Soul Mirror

“The “Soul Mirror”” includes information on the soul mirror / metaphysical mirror / elemental mirror, how to create said mirror, and how it relates to your spiritual path or psionic practices.

Mysticism: An Introduction

This article is an introductory look at a broader spectrum of beliefs than those commonly covered on psionics websites. It discusses common mystic beliefs.