February 26, 2014

Move it Like a Limb

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Written by: metalforever

Exercise #5: Practice Telekinesis: Move it Like a Limb

In previous exercises, we focused primarily on forming a connection with the object by using a link, and by using your belief structure to help you gently move the object. This time we are going to focus more heavily on the use of tactile visualization and other common techniques for moving objects using telekinesis.

Make sure you have already mastered the technique of tactile visualization, which is contained in the Visualization Primer and in “Preliminary Exercise #5”.  We are going to heavily implement that in this lesson.

During this lesson, we are going to focus on trying to move the practice object like a limb, using telekinesis.  For example, when you move your hand, you don’t really think about it. You just know you are going to move it and then you go move it.

Length of Exercise: 7 Days

Practice Time: 20-30 Minutes

Materials Needed:

1.  Practice object that you made in exercise #2

2. Pen or pencil

3. Your journal


For this exercise, focus on using the skill you gained in the “Visualization Primer” to move the practice object like a limb.  Record your results.  If you get a headache or feel sick, you are instructed to stop immediately and get medical attention if necessary.

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