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February 20, 2014

Introduction to Psionics, Lecture 1: Terminology, Fluff, and Scanning

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Written by: anuj

We hosted over 80 participants for this event! We broke a record!

About  “Introduction to Psionics, 9 Week Lecture Series”:

Introduction to Psionics


Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this set of seminars will be to educate primarily those new to the community to the basic, and most generally accepted concepts, of psionics. The paradigms explained and utilized throughout these classes will be those accepted and used by the instructor. Other paradigms are welcome to attend, but attempting to undermine the authority of the instructor during class time or practice will be grounds for ban. Alternative techniques may be discussed during the Q&A session immediately following lecture. It is highly suggested, though not required, that students practice techniques they learned during the class period in the interim week between each lecture. Extensive practice will make the lessons and techniques ‘stick’ and result in much faster understanding and ease of use of the techniques and skills introduced. The ultimate goal of this series of seminars is to have a more highly educated and capable community who take not only a casual interest in the field of psionics, but are active, skilled participants in the community, on the road to becoming qualified mentors and instructors.

About this Lecture:

This lecture was the first in a series of 9 lectures, called, “Introduction to Psionics”.  It was conducted on #psionicsonline, in conjunction with PracticalPsi.  It introduced terminology, fluff, and scanning.  This event presented a milestone for PsionicsOnline, because the “Introduction to Psionics” lecture series acted as a test bed to see how much traffic we could get for an event, with minimal advertising(sending event notifications out via a mailer, and advertising on 2 or 3 forums).

The Results: We hit the highest RECORD in PsionicsOnline history.  We hosted over 80 participants for this event! We also hit the highest traffic mark on our website since we have been keeping track!  This gives PsionicsOnline a reason to keep going.

Staff Members Who Helped Make This Event Possible:  SawyerHickory, Jonn, JoeT, metalforever, Tefeari(guest)

By holding this event, we also raised enough to cover hosting for approximately 20 days.

**This log was HEAVILY edited due to the amount of participants**

April, 26th, 2010

Topic:  Basic Terminology and Courtesy/Introduction of Syllabus/Scanning  Basic Terminology and Courtesy/Introduction of Syllabus/Scanning



01[22:01] <@SawyerHickory> Shall we get started?
03[22:02] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +m
01[22:02] <@SawyerHickory> All righty then
01[22:03] <@SawyerHickory> Welcome to Introduction to Psionics,everyone
01[22:03] <@SawyerHickory> I’m Sawyer, I’m going to be your primary instructor for the 9 week course.
01[22:03] <@SawyerHickory> The class is being logged, and for anyone who misses anything, you’ll be able to view it on the site soon after we finish up here
01[22:04] <@SawyerHickory> Over the period of this 9 week series we’re going to be covering several topics. To see those topics and to get a feel for the class itself, please read the syllabus, which is posted on the website at, currently the second post down.
01[22:05] <@SawyerHickory> Now, we weren’t exactly expecting THIS MUCH turnout, so bear with us for some of this
01[22:07] <@SawyerHickory> Let me start for those of you who don’t know me with a brief introduction of myself. I’m Sawyer, and I’ve been around the OEC, or ‘online energy communities’, for several years
01[22:07] <@SawyerHickory> I’m a very skilled natural empath, and over the course of the last several years I have practiced just about every skill in the book with moderate success in most areas
01[22:08] <@SawyerHickory> I have a reputation as quite a hardass and kind of a bitch, but if you are willing to listen and learn, I can be one of the best people around to help you achieve your goals in terms of psionics.
[22:09] <@metalforever> ^_^
[22:09] <@metalforever> My name is metalforever
[22:09] <@metalforever> I am coordinating this class along with Sawyer.
[22:09] <@metalforever> I am the owner of this website, and I have been into psionics ever since 8th or 9th grade
[22:09] <@metalforever> I am now a college student.
[22:09] <@metalforever> I will be assisting sawyer with the 9 week lecture series.
01[22:10] <@SawyerHickory> Tonight we’re going to go over some really basic stuff just to get you acquainted with the primary areas of psionics that we work with, and that you’ll need to be familiar with for the next several weeks
01[22:11] <@SawyerHickory> The first thing I’m gonna say is that I don’t touch ‘spiritual’ with a broomstick handle
01[22:11] <@SawyerHickory> I don’t talk about chakras, or the third eye, or any of that stuff. For me, it’s all about energy
01[22:12] <@SawyerHickory> If you want to explore that paradigm, there’s plenty of other places to do so
01[22:12] <@SawyerHickory> Next, the fluff talk
01[22:12] <@SawyerHickory> Fluff is bad, mmk?
01[22:13] <@SawyerHickory> ‘fluff’ is the general term for new kids who come in and start thinking that psychic powers are gonna make them the new X-men and they can throw cars around and shit
01[22:13] <@SawyerHickory> ‘aerokinesis’ is not a word
01[22:13] <@SawyerHickory> ‘Psychokinesis’, or PK, is the term for broad spectrum telekinesis, no matter what you’re manipulating
[22:14] <@metalforever> right, so.
01[22:14] <@SawyerHickory> PK will be the topic of lecture and practice next week, and we’re going to follow up with a mini-PK party
[22:15] <@metalforever> A PK party is a joyous psionics event where we all get together to try to bend silverware.  Beginners can do it. We take pictures, all that cool stuff.
01[22:15] <@SawyerHickory> It’s tons of fun and a great starting exercise
01[22:16] <@SawyerHickory> For tonight, though, we’re going to stick to working on some basic definitions and such to get everyone on the same page
01[22:16] <@SawyerHickory> All right, lets move on
01[22:17] <@SawyerHickory> The ‘beef’ of tonight is going to be about scanning
01[22:17] <@SawyerHickory> I’m going to unmute the channel, and please give me your definition of ‘scanning’.
03[22:18] * SawyerHickory sets mode: -m
[22:18] <Ayr> Using one’s mind to acquire the energy signature of another person.
[22:18] <big> is it seeing things about another person?
[22:18] <Dopey_power> To gain information upon
[22:18] <RobotGymnast> feeling energy with your mind
[22:18] <terminalxs> sensing energy/emotions
[22:18] <LaZ0r> putting a picture or document in a copier and pressing scan
[22:18] <lonewolf1221> sensing energy i think
[22:18] <Able> Getting information on another person through telepathic means
[22:18] <crackerjake> It’s kind of like psionically ‘reading’ someone
[22:18] <Epsilon_Rose> gain information about some/thing/place/one
[22:18] <Xeph> sensing and aquiring information
[22:18] <Notagh> Psionically determining the physical or psionic characteristics of something?
[22:18] <owltwelve> openning yourself up to vibrations around you
03[22:18] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +m
01[22:18] <@SawyerHickory> Whew, ok
01[22:18] <@SawyerHickory> That’s pretty good
01[22:19] <@SawyerHickory> I’m glad people are paying attention at least, lol
[22:19] <@metalforever> agreed.
01[22:19] <@SawyerHickory> And this is one of the big things I want to point out
01[22:19] <@SawyerHickory> People have hugely different definitions of one single term
01[22:20] <@SawyerHickory> Everyone has the same basic idea, but different concepts on how that concept is applied
01[22:20] <@SawyerHickory> crackerjake probably has the definition I’d most agree with
01[22:21] <@SawyerHickory> ‘reading’ is the word I usually use
01[22:21] <@SawyerHickory> Scanning is one of the most very basic of psionic skills, and to achieve most other ones, at least those that involve connecting to another person, you have to be able to do it on some level
01[22:22] <@SawyerHickory> Lots of people do it without even knowing it
01[22:22] <@SawyerHickory> But yes, scanning is a form of ‘reading’ a person for basic information. For me, it’s simply clearing my mind of any preconcieved notions and letting ‘impressions’ come at me
01[22:23] <@SawyerHickory> So, when I scan someone, it’s like picking up a book by an author I never read or heard about and reading the blurb on the back to see what it’s about
01[22:24] <@SawyerHickory> Now, around the OEC (online energy community), you don’t just go around scanning people.
01[22:24] <@SawyerHickory> It’s rude and kinda…well, personal
01[22:24] <@SawyerHickory> Like feeling someone up you never met before
[22:25] <@metalforever> This is true.
01[22:25] <@SawyerHickory> You’ll probably end up getting smacked if you do it to the wrong person
[22:25] <@metalforever> not physically
01[22:25] <@SawyerHickory> Right
[22:25] <@metalforever> but, you guys knew that.
01[22:25] <@SawyerHickory> So, ask first
01[22:25] <@SawyerHickory> It’s just good manners
01[22:26] <@SawyerHickory> All righty
01[22:26] <@SawyerHickory> Before we get into the all exciting realm of techniques, I’m going to open for questions
01[22:26] <@SawyerHickory> Please ‘raise your hand’ first
01[22:26] <@SawyerHickory> And I’ll get to you all as fast as I can
03[22:26] * SawyerHickory sets mode: -m

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06[22:27] * RobotGymnast raises hand
01[22:27] <@SawyerHickory> Robot?
[22:27] <RobotGymnast> is there a way to sense when someone is scanning you, and will we learn a  little about it?
[22:27] <Phantom> Good question Robot.
01[22:28] <@SawyerHickory> Robot, yes, that has to do with awareness. A lot of learning about scanning has to do with awareness, so I’m going to be teaching you a bit of both at the same time
[22:28] <RobotGymnast> alright, thanks
01[22:29] <@SawyerHickory> Meditation can be huge for that

[22:27] <Epsilon_Rose> Er I have a Q.
[22:27] <@metalforever> Episilon?
[22:28] <Epsilon_Rose> How do you get rid of a preconception, and if you already have one how do you tell if the answer you got is just it resurfacing or if it’s an actual scan?
01[22:32] <@SawyerHickory> Epsilon, your question was excellent, lemme address it
01[22:32] <@SawyerHickory> You can deal with preconceptions in very much the same way as you can ‘clear your mind’
01[22:33] <@SawyerHickory> now, it also depends on where the preconception COMES from
01[22:33] <@SawyerHickory> If you meet someone, and instantly dislike them, for no reason
01[22:33] <@SawyerHickory> There’s probably a reason
01[22:34] <@SawyerHickory> You’ve probably picked up something that sets wrong with you, via some type of involuntary scan. If your preconception comes from experience, well…you have to deal with that experience and set it aside
01[22:35] <@SawyerHickory> Definitely the trickiest parts of psionics are separating your conscious opinions from what’s real
01[22:36] <@SawyerHickory> And as I said, it takes a lot of practice
01[22:36] <@SawyerHickory> And I can’t stress meditation enough in terms of helpfulness in that arena
01[22:36] <@SawyerHickory> Does that help at all, Epsilon?

[22:36] <Flinchy> this is true, but in terms of function… for energy constructs like shields, psi balls, etc, are there any other common constructs with a specific use?
01[22:37] <@SawyerHickory> Flinchy, bring that question to constructs class

[22:27] <eerhT> Question!
01[22:28] <@SawyerHickory> eerhT?
[22:28] <eerhT> I have a hard time clearing my mind, any suggestions to help with that?
01[22:30] <@SawyerHickory> Clearing your mind is…tricky.
01[22:30] <@SawyerHickory> And it’s not something I can really ‘teach’…it takes a lot of individual work
[22:30] <eerhT> And how do you ‘practice’ it?
01[22:31] <@SawyerHickory> Mostly through meditation. Peace of mind. Understanding what causes disturbances, addressing and releasing them
[22:31] <eerhT> Alright, thank you.

[22:31] <owltwelve> Is there a difference between psionic & psychic?
01[22:31] <@SawyerHickory> owl, no

[22:37] <big> i cant make a psiball
[22:37] <@metalforever> big: we will be getting to that in future session
[22:37] <@metalforever> please stick around!
[22:37] <@metalforever> and come to more classes!

06[22:28] * Dopey_power raises hand
[22:37] <@metalforever> Dopey_power: what is it
[22:37] <Dopey_power> What can be learned from scanning, and what’s just fluffy?
[22:37] <@metalforever> Dopey_power:  depends on the scan.  Most things are fair game.
[22:38] <@metalforever> for a beginner, very basic stuff.

[22:37] <GuillotineCross> so guys, what about scanning then? how can you do it actively and not passively?
01[22:38] <@SawyerHickory> Guillotine, it really depends on the person. To a certain level, most people ‘scan’ automatically

06[22:31] * eMyller raises hand
[22:31] <eMyller> is scanning is some kind of telepathy?
[22:38] <@metalforever> its not your standard definition of telepathy

[22:37] <big> is scanning kinda like a basic mind reading
[22:38] <big> srry 4 sounding fluffy
[22:38] <@metalforever> big: scanning is psionically reading someone.

[22:27] <Xeph> I have a question
[22:38] <Xeph> so is scanning used to scan someone or something?
01[22:38] <@SawyerHickory> Xeph, someone
[22:38] <Frank_the_Bunny> Or something.
01[22:39] <@SawyerHickory> Scanning some’thing’ is psychometry
[22:39] <Frank_the_Bunny> Psychometry is reading the past of an object.
[22:39] <Frank_the_Bunny> Or sympathetic connections to it.
[22:39] <@metalforever> sawyer: i must mention that psychometry is now called token object reading.

06[22:29] * Ayr raises hand.
06[22:36] * Ayr raises hand.
06[22:39] * Ayr raises hand.
[22:39] <Ayr> I’m a person who relies on his eyes most of the time, so when you scan someone, is it more thoughts and feelings, or can you ‘see’ the person in your minds eye?
01[22:39] <@SawyerHickory> It’s reading the energy of an object

[22:39] <urbanlotus> (-raises hand- )How can I quell an overreactive imagination so that I can get the most out of a scan?
01[22:39] <@SawyerHickory> urban- practice and meditation

[22:27] <LaZ0r> LaZor raises hand
[22:28] <Ryanhis> -raises hand-
[22:31] <Notagh> “raises hand”
[22:37] <LaZ0r> Lazor raises hand
[22:37] <terminalxs> raises hand
[22:37] <Alusa> ive never seen a psionics room with this many people even during a class xD
[22:39] <Notagh> raises hand
[22:39] <GuillotineCross> so.. what is the prerequisites for me to scan?
[22:39] <big> hand raise
[22:39] <big> hand raise can one get information about ones past from a scan

03[22:40] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +m
01[22:40] <@SawyerHickory> Jesus christ
[22:41] <@metalforever> Alright guys.
[22:41] <@metalforever> Here is how we are going to handle the questions.
[22:41] <@metalforever> you pm me or sawyer with your question
[22:41] <@metalforever> and we will post the question and answer in this channel for your to read.
[22:41] <@metalforever> ready?
[22:41] <@metalforever> go.
[22:42] <@metalforever> we will be answering your questions momentarily.

01[22:43] <@SawyerHickory> <LaZ0r> What kind of information do you get from scanning someone? As a beginner
01[22:43] <@SawyerHickory> <Ryanhis> how much information can be obtained through “scanning” someone?
[22:44] <@metalforever> <Dopey_power> so what kinds of things can be picked up in a scan? emotions? thoughts? personality quirks? favourite foods? almost anything is a wide range
01[22:43] <@SawyerHickory> A lot of you seem to be asking similar questions
01[22:44] <@SawyerHickory> So, let me address that one
01[22:44] <@SawyerHickory> A million things depend on what you pick up from scanning
01[22:45] <@SawyerHickory> A lot of times a basic scan reveals ‘basic’ information
01[22:46] <@SawyerHickory> A sense of gender, a sense of age are usually given
01[22:47] <@SawyerHickory> Other than that, it depends on your ‘reading’
01[22:47] <@SawyerHickory> I almost always get emotional readings, because I’m an empath
01[22:47] <@SawyerHickory> Are they happy, are they romantically involved, yada yada
01[22:48] <@SawyerHickory> Some people get more ‘thought’ oriented things
01[22:48] <@SawyerHickory> Are they thinking about school, about parents, about grandparents, about children
01[22:49] <@SawyerHickory> Sometimes you’ll get a smell, or a taste, even
01[22:49] <@SawyerHickory> Scanning is never the same thing twice, and you don’t always get the same kind of information
01[22:49] <@SawyerHickory> So don’t always assume you can get a certain thing
01[22:50] <@SawyerHickory> A lot of it is about association
01[22:51] <@SawyerHickory> Like, if you get an image of a horse, the person isn’t neccesarily thinking about horses
01[22:51] <@SawyerHickory> Maybe they’re thinking about how they’d like to run free like a horse, or something
01[22:51] <@SawyerHickory> It takes time and practice to learn how to interpret readings
01[22:51] <@SawyerHickory> A lot more than it takes to learn how to do them

[22:45] <@metalforever> <Epsilon_Rose> Not really a major question, but will you be discussing meditation tonight?
[22:46] <@metalforever> no.
[22:46] <@metalforever> please go to all of the sessions.

[22:48] <@metalforever> <crazymonkeyman> can i read this whole thing later
[22:48] <@metalforever> yes

[22:48] <@metalforever> <eerhT> Meditation seems to be very basic and important, why are we not discussing it sooner?
[22:48] <@metalforever> It is on the website in the getting started guide
[22:49] <@metalforever> it is very clear in the guide.
[22:49] <@metalforever> it is not completely psionics based, it is not “completely necessary” though important.
[22:49] <@metalforever> please read it in the guide.

[22:54] <@metalforever>  <Riven> How do we practice this?
[22:54] <@metalforever> There will be a practice session at the end of the class

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03[22:55] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jonn

[22:55] <@Tefeari> #1 : <big> can i learn of someones past by scanning: Yea, but that’s generally considered a higher level of scanning

[22:55] <@Tefeari>  #2: so what kinds of things can be picked up in a scan? emotions? thoughts? personality quirks? favourite foods? —- You pretty much listed them in order of increasing difficulty.

[22:57] <@Tefeari> 5.<GuillotineCross> so.. can you tell me what are the prerequisite ability that i must know before i’m able to scan? — A clear and open mind is probably the most important prerequisite. This can be easier said than done for some people though. With practice, experience and a better self control a person tends to be able to sense more and more.

01[22:55] <@SawyerHickory>  <Ryanhis> Can you get different things from a scan when you scan somebody a second time?
01[22:56] <@SawyerHickory> Yes, because a lot of what you get from scanning depends on both your mindset and theirs. Which are unlikely to be exactly the same at different times

[22:57] <@metalforever>  7. <Flinchy> hey, is there a difference in the energy used with energy manipulation and psychokinesis? For me they have always felt different, I just want some clarification. Thanks =D
[22:57] <@metalforever> this is up for debate.
[22:57] <@metalforever> Its all theory.
[22:57] <@metalforever> aka not proven, an opinion, etc etc
[22:57] <@metalforever> I would like to think it is.
[22:58] <@Tefeari>  7. <Flinchy> hey, is there a difference in the energy used with energy manipulation and psychokinesis? For me they have always felt different, I just want some clarification. Thanks =D —– Amoung those who generally regard there to be many different types/flavors of energy the answser here would be a definite yes
[22:59] <@Tefeari> In this case one could probably use either type of energy for the other purpose, but this may or may not result in very much.

01[22:57] <@SawyerHickory> 9. <crackerjake> How do you know if you’ve successfully scanned someone, as opposed to possibly deluding yourself? At first, you usually can’t. It will take you time and clarity to learn the difference. The only person who can tell you will be the person you’re scanning
[23:00] <@Tefeari> 9. <crackerjake> How do you know if you’ve successfully scanned someone, as opposed to possibly deluding yourself? ——- Practice with a friend who will cooperate, or try sensing simple things you can verify on person later. This is a matter of being scientific, if you wish to prove it in any rigorous manner.

[23:01] <@Tefeari> 11. <Ryanhis> Can you get different things from a scan when you scan somebody a second time? — Hopefully your results are consistant, although vague things can vary in mushy ways

****** Ending Question Section *******

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01[22:52] <@SawyerHickory> All right, guys, I know we have some questions backed up right now
01[22:52] <@SawyerHickory> But I want to move on into some technique before I get back into them
01[22:53] <@SawyerHickory> The all exciting ‘
01[22:53] <@SawyerHickory> ‘how do you scan’ part
[22:56] <@metalforever> we will be continuing with the informational portion of the seminar
[22:59] <@metalforever> ask at a later time if we didnt answer your question.
[22:59] <@metalforever> moving on.
[22:59] <@metalforever> We have to. its getting late.
01[22:59] <@SawyerHickory> All right
01[23:00] <@SawyerHickory> Woo, technique
01[23:00] <@SawyerHickory> How to scan
01[23:00] <@SawyerHickory> Just do it
01[23:00] <@SawyerHickory> The end
01[23:00] <@SawyerHickory> Yeah, didn’t think that would fly
01[23:01] <@SawyerHickory> ok, ok
01[23:02] <@SawyerHickory> Now
01[23:02] <@SawyerHickory> Step one, clear your mind. Not easy, so for now, lets just go with ‘relax’
01[23:03] <@SawyerHickory> I like to do some breathing exercises, so try a couple of those, take a few deep breaths, just let yourself calm down, lose any hyperness or giddiness or stress and just chill
01[23:05] <@SawyerHickory> And we’re breathing and relaxing and letting everything fall away, kinda like a very light meditation
[23:05] <@metalforever> Ready?
[23:05] <@metalforever> go.

01[23:07] <@SawyerHickory> And then all we want to do is just very gently reach out with our minds. There should be absolutely nothing aggressive about scanning. You’re not taking information, you’re absorbing it. Don’t try and find a certain piece of information or go rooting around, just let what comes, come
01[23:08] <@SawyerHickory> Very much like reading a book, all you can get is what’s there on the pages, you can’t scratch at the pages and make more information come out
01[23:09] <@SawyerHickory> And through this we’re staying very calm and relaxed and simply ALLOWING what information comes, come.
01[23:10] <@SawyerHickory> Scanning _is_ a skill, and at first you won’t always get accurate readings, but the trick is to let your subconscious mind, the mind that knows what it’s doing, take over
01[23:11] <@SawyerHickory> All right, that’s going to be our basic technique
01[23:12] <@SawyerHickory> If you have alternate techniques, you’re welcome to share them
[23:12] <@metalforever> If you have any questions, pm us
[23:12] <@metalforever> same with alternative techniques
[23:12] <@metalforever> go
[23:12] <@metalforever> you can pm the following people: metalforever, SawyerHickory, Tef, JoeT, Jonn
[23:17] <@Jonn> If anyone has a problem in the method phase, feel free to PM.
[23:17] <@JoeT> Alright I’m free for the next ten minutes. If anyone has any questions they’d like to ask me personally, please feel free to.
01[23:17] <@SawyerHickory> After we do questions, we’re going to partner yall up and you’re gonna try it

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[23:10] <@metalforever> <ItsFunSizedBby> are all the sessions at the same time? and on what days?
[23:10] <@metalforever> we will decide on a time later on.
[23:10] <@metalforever> it will be emailed to you.

[23:10] <@Tefeari> it says here you have to relax right? but if i attempt to do atmokinesis and other energy manipulation stuffs, my body and muscles tend to become stiff, is it normal and ok? (and yes, my desired result is also achieved but is my muscles and body being stiff is avoidable? ——– I would say relaxing is most important prior to doing work. If stress interferes during your workings then it is probably important to relax during them as well.
[23:11] <@metalforever> Alright, atmokinesis is a fluff term
[23:11] <@metalforever> please use psychokinesis with ________

[23:13] <@metalforever> <Ayr> Probably a very newbish question, but how do we reach out with our mind?
[23:13] <@metalforever> Alright, this is sort of a metaphor type deal
[23:13] <@metalforever> you can use visualization, expectation, tactile visualization
[23:13] <@metalforever> the just do it way.
[23:14] <@metalforever> if anyone has questions on these methods, pm me.
[23:14] <@metalforever> was i clear? (pm please)
[23:16] <@metalforever> when doing this , you kinda want to “metaphorically” fish for information

[23:13] <@JoeT> <Dopey_power> Is distance a factor for scanning? – Distance is not a factor. Look up the theory of entanglement

[23:14] <@metalforever> <Riven> How come I can do this easily with my friends and strangers I’m with, but not people online so much?
[23:15] <@metalforever> Because they are there with you, it is easier to get an idea of how they “feel”
[23:15] <@metalforever> erm, someone else, please clarify and/or offer additional viewpoints
[23:16] <@Tefeari> You can usually feel out people over the internet, or people you do not know, but this tends to require a more “quiet” mind
01[23:16] <@SawyerHickory> And because when you’re actually with a person you’re probably reading tone of voice and body language as well

[23:15] <@metalforever> <Epsilon_Rose> is there a way to get specific information or more detailed information?
[23:15] <@metalforever> practice.
[23:15] <@metalforever> Also, you want to ask for permission before you do a “detailed scan”
[23:15] <@metalforever> or any scan.
[23:15] <@metalforever> especially detailed ones
[23:16] <@Jonn> ‘ethical’ reasons.
[23:16] <@metalforever> erm, its rude
[23:16] <@metalforever> dont do that.
[23:16] <@Tefeari> metalforever: Just clarifying . Yea, it’s considered rude around many circles, easier to ask a person something directly.
01[23:17] <@SawyerHickory> When in doubt, ask.
[23:17] <@metalforever> agreed.

[23:17] <@metalforever> <Fetomi> but how do i scan the people, i just connect to her an wait for the toughts?  – read the method in the chat. You might want to supplement with a visualization technique, an expectation, etc etc
[23:18] <@metalforever> <notagh1> not sure what expectation is  – BELIEVE you can do it.  EXPECT that it will happen.  Now this doesnt just mean pretending to believe its going to work, and hoping that it does, it means SERIOUSLY believing its going to work.

[23:17] <@metalforever> <Frank_the_Bunny> Why should we ask first?  -its considered intrusive.

[23:17] <@metalforever> right.
[23:17] <@Jonn> Not just “intrusive”, it’s just a matter of ethics.
[23:18] <@Jonn> If you dont like people checking on you without your permission, dont do it. If you can handle it, then be it.
[23:18] <@Tefeari> Which is more polite? Asking to look inside someone’s suitcase, or opening it up while they’re not looking? Neither may be nice, but the latter is certainly more prone to causing insult XD
[23:19] <@metalforever> its like snooping through your friends shit
[23:19] <@metalforever> in his/her house.
[23:19] <@Tefeari> What I meant is that it is easier and more polite to ask the person what you want to know, rather than trying to feel it out.

[23:19] <@metalforever> <Frank_the_Bunny> So it’s moral? How would someone detect a scan against them, if the scanner is suitably skilled at remaining undetected?
[23:19] <@metalforever> No, its not moral.
01[23:20] <@SawyerHickory> Frank, is it still stealing if no one will notice it’s gone?
[23:20] <@JoeT> Oh no, a moral issue in psionics.
[23:20] <@metalforever> if the psion is decent enough , he /she can “detect” it.
06[23:20] * @JoeT dies

[23:19] <@JoeT> Notagh1 – it’s advocating your intention. That’s what it comes down to.

[23:20] <@metalforever> <Dopey_power> So if it’s better not to scan in the first place, why teach us this?
[23:20] <@metalforever> It is a useful skill.

[23:21] <@metalforever> <psionide> Won’t using visualization/expaectation increase the likelihood of analytical overlay?
[23:23] <@metalforever> psionide: dont get “creative”.

[23:21] <@metalforever> <Riven> Also, I get personality stuff, not age and gender. Is that normal?
[23:21] <@metalforever> yes.
01[23:21] <@SawyerHickory> Completely
[23:23] <@Tefeari> Riven: Personality can be independent of those two things. Gender should be easier to sense out as it is more connected to that. Age is  sometimes tougher, although maturity can sometimes be correlated, so its not liek you have nothing to feel it off of.

[23:21] <@Jonn> Dopey_power: Scan is not only useful for scanning people, there is a skill similar to scanning that is called “Psychometry”.
[23:21] <@Tefeari> Dopey_power: There are things to scan other than people as well

[23:22] <@metalforever> <Ryanhis> What if the scan is unintentional? You guys said at the begining that you might do scans involuntarily. If so, could somebody still detect it and would they know if it was intentional?
01[23:23] <@SawyerHickory> Ehhh, usually. An intentional scan has a much stronger sig
01[23:23] <@SawyerHickory> It’s like the difference between someone accidently rubbing against your boobs in the mall and someone groping you and leering
[23:24] <@Jonn> Nonetheless, scans are barely noticed by anyone, except for (maybe) someone who is constantly aware of him/herself or a very intrusive scan.
[23:24] <@JoeT> I should indeed clarify. Scanning someone is done each and everyday, whether you’re a normal or someone who practices psionics.
[23:25] <@JoeT> I’ll give you an example:
[23:25] <@JoeT> Has anyone ever sat in a classroom, and while daydreaming, you accidently starred at someone and they whipped around and looked at you?
[23:25] <@JoeT> That’s a form of a scan, or a ping.
[23:26] <@JoeT> Scanning someone is done all the time; forget about ethics and morals – make your own ethical boundries. First learn how to do something first. Don’t get too ahead of yourself.

[23:23] <@metalforever> <Epsilon_Rose> Can you scan animals or plants like you would a human?
[23:24] <@Tefeari> Epsilon_Rose: Yea but you’ll probably see different things

[23:24] <@JoeT> <Meehau> Hi there! Could you perhaps clarify things up a bit in the channel? It seems that people become too busy with these “ethics” than with real skills. My point is – well, if they could simply SCAN anyone like in a sci-fi movie, then ok, we could talk about ethics. But its a long way from here, isnt it?
[23:26] <@Tefeari> Meehau: The ethics will generally only affect you if the person is skilled enough to be aware of your scanning and has a obligation to your unwarrented probing.

[23:28] <@JoeT> If you have anymore questions, ask now.
[23:28] <@JoeT> PM a moderator.

[23:31] <@JoeT> <IHeartMyHeart> say people think that i’m creepy, is there a way to make sure i’m not unintentionally being too touchy feely when i first meet someone
[23:31] <@JoeT> That answer is; stop breathing so loudly, probably.
[23:31] <@JoeT>

[23:29] <@metalforever> <Frank_the_Bunny> How would you go about remaining undetected when scanning another person?
[23:32] <@Tefeari> Frank_the_Bunny: A common technique is to avoid scanning the person directly. Sometimes people leave a trail through the world like a bear through a forest. A hunter can infer a number of things by these “tracks”, and you can do similiarly. Alternatively, a person’s direct/current affects on their surroundings can be used to infer things, this means you scan their surroundings more than them.

[23:29] <@Tefeari> Q: Is it possible you could pick someone else behaviors and not be aware your acting like them and some time along the line you are aware that you picked up ones said behavior? —– Sometimes sensitive people will pick up more subtle behaviors from those they sense. Preventing this is generally a matter of not letting things you sense “backwash” into you. Look with your eyes, don’t eat it.

[23:32] <@metalforever> Since I’ve been asked before “Is it okay (recommended) to take hallucinogens while scanning? (assuming legality is unquestions)”   – no.
[23:32] <@JoeT> Drugs and practice doesn’t mix all too well.

[23:35] <@Tefeari> <Frank_the_Bunny> What about deeper sorts of scanning? How would you infiltrate someone’s deepests information without being detected or leaving evidence?
[23:36] <@Tefeari> Frank_the_Bunny: you can do that sort of stuff without scanning them directly but it is a more advanced skill.   the alternative is to not scan indirectly   this tends to involve weaving around their defenses and/or senses, which is generally considered a rude intrustion by 99% of people’s standards.  there is another way of doing a sort of ‘soft’ scanning, like a light touch on a object that does not disturb it,  but you will not get deep informally

[23:36] <buffrider> ok so i havent gotten many comments on my post but i said im a beginner and wanting to really get into TK. Ive read and studied all the different ways. How do you all suggest i practice?
[23:37] <@metalforever> read an article on scanning.
[23:37] <@metalforever> erm, actually, read all of our articles
[23:37] <@metalforever> practice the methods in them

************ End Question Time *******************

*********** Start Practice Time, Also Heavily Edited ********************

01[23:34] <@SawyerHickory> Practice time
03[23:34] * SawyerHickory sets mode: -m
[23:34] <@metalforever> yes, practice time.
01[23:34] <@SawyerHickory> Who’s gonna practice?

* Practitioner(People who wanted to practice at this time) List:  *

03[23:37] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Aspirant
03[23:37] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v eerhT
03[23:37] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v terminalxs
03[23:38] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v The_Zora_Wizard
03[23:38] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Le2525
03[23:38] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Epsilon_Rose
03[23:38] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Able
03[23:38] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Dannerz
03[23:38] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v psionide
03[23:38] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Toruk
03[23:38] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Riven
03[23:39] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Dopey_power
03[23:39] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v crackerjake
03[23:39] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Frank_the_Bunny
03[23:40] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Winged_Fox
03[23:40] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Xeph
03[23:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +v buffrider
03[23:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Ayr
03[23:42] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v Jaw375
03[23:42] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Meehau
03[23:43] * ChanServ sets mode: +v mib_3hhdm6
03[23:43] * ChanServ sets mode: +v notagh1
03[23:43] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Phantom
03[23:43] * ChanServ sets mode: +v PsiFire
03[23:44] * ChanServ sets mode: +v RobotGymnast
03[23:44] * ChanServ sets mode: +v stormhawk
03[23:44] * ChanServ sets mode: +v BlackBruceWayne
03[23:48] * ChanServ sets mode: +v mjk
03[23:49] * SawyerHickory sets mode: +v IHeartMyHeart

* End Practitioner List *

01[23:42] <@SawyerHickory> Hold on, yall
01[23:42] <@SawyerHickory> We’re gonna pair you up
01[23:45] <@SawyerHickory> Ok
01[23:45] <@SawyerHickory> Here’s how it’ll work
01[23:45] <@SawyerHickory> Pair up with the person above you
01[23:47] <@SawyerHickory> Okey dokey
01[23:47] <@SawyerHickory> Now, scan each other using the technique we learned
01[23:47] <@SawyerHickory> But do it in PM because we don’t want to listen to all of you
01[23:48] <@SawyerHickory> Come back later and tell us how it went!
[23:49] <@metalforever> alright, Does everyone have a partner?
01[23:54] <@SawyerHickory> Scan each other

—– A lot of partner interaction was cut here ——


[00:00] <+Phantom> Whoa got headache.
[00:01] <+Able> It’s so cool
[00:01] <+Able> Thanks anyone
01[00:01] <@SawyerHickory> Yay ^_^
[00:01] <+Frank_the_Bunny> Okay, seems like we’re done.
[00:01] <+Frank_the_Bunny> lol
[00:01] <+Jaw375> yup haha
01[00:01] <@SawyerHickory> Anyone got noteworthy results?
[00:02] <+Frank_the_Bunny> His favorite cheese is feta.
[00:02] <+terminalxs> LOL
[00:02] <+Dopey_power> Not so far, I’m thinking all I’m getting are false positives
[00:02] <+Jaw375> haha
[00:02] <+Frank_the_Bunny> lol
[00:02] <+terminalxs> I got hair color and that is about it…
01[00:02] <@SawyerHickory> Dopey, it happens
[00:02] <+Jaw375> i got frank is happy
[00:02] <+Ayr> I got gender, skin color, and feeling right.
[00:02] <+Jaw375> yay me haha
01[00:02] <@SawyerHickory> Don’t get discouraged
[00:03] <+Dopey_power> I’m still trying
[00:03] <+terminalxs> stormhawk pretty much nailed my daily color choices…LOL
[00:03] <+Phantom> Wow Ayr!
[00:03] <+terminalxs> I’m getting a headache though…so have to break

01[00:04] <@SawyerHickory> Now might be a good time to note that studies suggest that psionics deplete vitamin C and potassium reserves

[00:04] <+crackerjake> I’m beginning to get a headache, and am feeling a little worn out from trying so hard
01[00:04] <@SawyerHickory> So orange juice and a banana can help you perk up if you get tired when working with psionics
[00:04] <+crackerjake> Other than that, I had one success on my part
[00:04] <+terminalxs> OJ is what Metal …
[00:04] <+terminalxs> right
[00:04] <+BlackBruceWayne> got nationality
[00:04] <+terminalxs> lol
[00:04] <+crackerjake> Anyways, I gotta split
[00:05] <+Frank_the_Bunny> Nah, orange gatorade.
[00:05] <@metalforever> terminalxs: orange juice
01[00:05] <@SawyerHickory> Orange juice
[00:05] <+terminalxs> metalforever always told me to get OJ
[00:05] <@metalforever> thank you for coming.
[00:05] <+Frank_the_Bunny> !*
[00:05] <+crackerjake> Thanks for the lesson
[00:05] <@metalforever> right.
[00:05] <+Frank_the_Bunny> Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator.
[00:05] <+Jaw375> idiocracy quote for the win
[00:05] <@metalforever> be here for next week
[00:06] <+Ayr> I’m off to bed, might I add, I hope the next classes are earlier, >.>.
[00:06] <+buffrider> i got gender, tv on, and thoughts right
[00:06] <+Dopey_power> I got age, hair colour, and a beard. could be coincidence though
[00:06] <+crackerjake> hokay, cya
[00:06] <+eerhT> I got gender, and sorta got the age
[00:06] <+BlackBruceWayne> thanks for the lesson metal & sawyer
[00:06] <+BlackBruceWayne> im out
[00:07] <+Frank_the_Bunny> bai
[00:07] <+Phantom> Yes, I really appreciate it.
[00:07] <+Phantom> Thanks for the seminar.
[00:07] <+Phantom> I was honored.
[00:07] <+Jaw375> thanks for the class got my hopes up haha
[00:07] <+Jaw375> gnite all
[00:08] <+stormhawk> Alrighty, I’m out. Thanks for the lesson!
[00:08] <@metalforever> alright, any other results?
[00:08] <@metalforever> also
[00:08] <@metalforever> class next week!
[00:09] <+Epsilon_Rose> will the time be posted on Veritas?
[00:09] <@metalforever> yes, it will.
[00:09] <@metalforever> please check there
[00:09] <@metalforever> or if you signed up for our website.
[00:09] <@metalforever> your email.
[00:09] <+Frank_the_Bunny> ANy further practice, or perhaps practice with an Op?
[00:09] <+RobotGymnast> wait, so it’ll be emailed to us, right?
[00:10] <@metalforever> if you joined the site
[00:11] <+Le2525> we ended up doing telepathy
[00:11] <+Frank_the_Bunny> I’m bad about that sort of thing. lol
[00:11] <@metalforever> meh,, the point is to receive the email.
[00:12] <+Frank_the_Bunny> I’m sure somebody will tell me.

[00:12] <+terminalxs> Quick question…if you do have a headache or fatigue or anything, what can you do to PREVENT it…
[00:12] <@Tefeari> fatigue goes away with practive
[00:12] <@Tefeari> practice*, headaches can come from a number of things
[00:12] <+RobotGymnast> make sure you’re not flexing facial muscles accidentally
[00:13] <@metalforever> take a break
[00:13] <@metalforever> get a snack
[00:13] <@metalforever> take a nap
[00:13] <+IHeartMyHeart> exercise
[00:13] <@metalforever> that kind of stuff.
[00:12] <@Tefeari> I need more detail to give specific suggestions about headaches.
[00:12] <+RobotGymnast> clenching teeth, wrinkling forehead, that sort of thing

[00:12] <+Dopey_power> starting to get some results…
01[00:12] <@SawyerHickory> And hydrated
[00:13] <+The_Zora_Wizard> Well, so, umm… as for results… we pretty much both failed at everything, although I was able to sense that Toruk is tall, and he got my eye color, for what it’s worth.
[00:13] <+Phantom> Lol, that’s me Robot.
[00:13] <+terminalxs> hydrated may be the issue actually…i rarely drink liquids…sad but true.
[00:13] <+Le2525> me and meehau got fairly accurate results
[00:13] <@metalforever> <terminalxs> Quick question…if you do have a headache or fatigue or anything, what can you do to PREVENT it…

[00:13] <+Le2525> though we ended up doing telepathy with colors
[00:13] <+Le2525> t
[00:14] <+Able> I got the age and gender
[00:14] <+Le2525> then ended up going to shapes and colors
[00:14] <@metalforever> woo
[00:14] <+Able> And that he was wearing a white shirt
02[00:14] * Fetomi ( Quit (Ping timeout )
[00:14] <+Le2525> nice
[00:14] <+Able> Shapes and colors rocks!
[00:14] <@metalforever> ^_^
[00:14] <@Tefeari> colored rocks? *kidding*

—— End Log ——:  Introduction to Psionics, Lecture Series. Session 1

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