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February 17, 2014

Imagine a Concrete Object

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Exercise #10: Imagine a Concrete Object

Choose an object in your room, such as a pencil or something small that you might wish to do telekinesis on in the future.  Make sure you are in a place with little distraction. Sit in a seat near a table.  Place the chosen object in front of you. Note all of its qualities. What visual features does it have? What sort of noises does it make when you drop it or move it?  What does it feel like on your fingers when you push the object forward gently?  Close your eyes and imagine the object in full. That is, imagine its visual features at the same time as imagining what it sounds like when moving, and what it feels like on your fingers when you push the object forward.  Retain this imagination (that is, touch, visualization, and sound) at the same time for a period of 30 seconds. Gradually increase this time until you reach 5 minutes. Do not proceed to the next exercise until you are able to hold the imagination in your mind for a period of at least 5 minutes with less than 4 breaks.

Record your results daily in your journal.


Imagination is what it sounds like. Imagination does not usually cause telekinesis to happen by itself. Many psychics agree that will is what separates imagination from psychic abilities. That is, you must will for the object to move. You must be confident that the object will move in the next moment.  Your belief structure (real or temporary) must allow for the possibility for the object to move in the next moment.

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