February 20, 2014

Holiday PK Party 2008

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Written by: anuj


[metalforever] i guess we should get that pk party started, no?
* Amps_ has quit (Connection reset by peer)
[metalforever] screw the pk room
[Brent] sure.
[Quick] Ya!
[Quick] Fuck the police!
[FREAK] oh hell… am i really going to blow you all away?
[metalforever] get the forks and spoons. We are not liable for any injuries that may occur with them
* Amps ( has joined #psionicsonline
[metalforever] especially since some of you might try to bend them with extreme force.
[Quick] what is the room name
[metalforever] this room.
[metalforever] genius.
[Quick] lawl
[Quick] ok
[metalforever] mmkay, nev is logging this
[metalforever] and it is being edited for readability
[Quick] Thank god
[metalforever] nev logs everything. i tend to not.
[metalforever] So, how are we all doing tonight?
* Brent tries to not say anything dumb this time
[neveza] Don’t rely on me for logging. I’m just here because of insomnia.
[metalforever] nev, you automatically log everything.
[Jordan742] xd
[neveza] Yeah, when I am on.
[neveza] I may end up leaving shortly to attempt sleep again.
[Jordan742] yay, let me get my fork :]
[neveza] Nearly 4.
[metalforever] and there are 21 people in this room
[Quick] Let me get my silverware/sticks
[metalforever] i am thinking everyone else has the same problem
[metalforever] okay, reply when youve got your silverware
[Jordan742] Got it
[Quick] got it
[FREAK] got it
[metalforever] im waiting on brent: aka tries to get petted
[metalforever] consult an old pk party log to get that joke.
[Brent] =(
[Jordan742] lol
[Brent] Lol
[Brent] I got it.
[metalforever] awesome
[metalforever] so
[metalforever] should we go over the background stuff, or should we skip the shit
[metalforever] vote.
[Quick] if we skip wahts left?
[FREAK] do the background, was never in a formal PK party
[metalforever] sure
* metalforever gets her stuff together
[metalforever] alright
[metalforever] What is a PK Party?
[metalforever] (this one is pretty easy)
[Quick] an invitation to sexyness
[metalforever] yep
* FREAK puts on his dunce hat
[metalforever] god knows psychokinesis is sexy
[Brent] A party that moves you… spiritually
[Jordan742] Lol
[metalforever] all correct answers.
[Jordan742] A time to bend silverware for good reasons?
[metalforever] A PK party is an event where people like us get together to practice psychokinesis
[metalforever] .
[metalforever] Why do we use silverware?
[Quick] cause its easy
[metalforever] because its relatively “easy” and can be photographed.
[Brent] Because it is shiny and looks badass. And it is generally mildy hard to bend physically.
[metalforever] the psiwheel moving cannot be photographed.
[Jordan742] cuz if you tried to bend wood it would break + its easy to get
[Quick] LAWL
[metalforever] lol
[metalforever] good answers
[metalforever] now where did pk parties start?
[Quick] way to shoot down the sticks idea…
[Quick] psipog!
* metalforever waits for your answers
[Brent] I hope i get petted for these answers. -.-
[Jordan742] I have no idea on that one
[Jordan742] xd
[Quick] cracker barrel
[Jordan742] lol
[Quick] love that place
[Quick] lol
[Brent] If elves existed, i would expect them to have started it.
[FREAK] …but they dont…
[metalforever] all wrong answers!
* Quick feels crushed
[metalforever] wee
[Brent] But, seeing as they dont (for all that i am aware of), i would have to say somewhere.
* Jordan742 submits that santa had the first PK party
[Brent] lol
[Quick] lol
[metalforever] Jack Houck is the founder of the PK party.
[Quick] Really /: |
[metalforever] really
[metalforever] im going to estimate late 80s
[neveza] Jordan, Santa bent the candiesticks into canes. We all know that.
[Jordan742] xd
[Jordan742] Agh!
[metalforever] Now, pk parties were somewhat of a “cultural fad” in the late 80s and early 90s
[Jordan742] I knew that whatshisface invented them
[Jordan742] I jsut forgot..
[metalforever] it was customary for people at “pk parties” to get together in large groups, where they generate a lot of emotion, much like a party
[metalforever] and attempt to bend cutlery together.
[metalforever] shouting at the fork is often encouraged
[metalforever] i dont do that, it makes me look like an idiot in front of my parents.
[Jordan742] gah, its 4 am… i cant shout
[Brent] Seeing as it is 4 AM, i dont feel like it.
[FREAK] same
* Quick makes a stupid 4 am statement to fit in
[Jordan742] xD
[metalforever] me neither
[metalforever] yey
[metalforever] okay, why do we do it in groups with a lot of emotion?
[Quick] encouragement!
[Brent] Metal, if this fork explodes and sends prongs into my sisters laptop and my torso, i may be angry.
[metalforever] because we only “half” pay attention, and it tends to work better.
[metalforever] that too.
[Jordan742] just slightly lol
[metalforever] well we arent liable.
[Jordan742] xD
[Quick] lol
[metalforever] alright
[Jordan742] if your fork explodes, its worth the damage just to see it go down
[Jordan742] lol
[metalforever] lets talk about technique
[metalforever] A lot of you may have seen this first one before.
[Jordan742] Turn on some Music!
[metalforever] if that works for you, yes.
[metalforever] The method that you choose, chances are, if it makes sense to you, it will work better for you
[metalforever] if you like music while you practice, turn it on
[metalforever] if you like the limb thing, do that
[metalforever] if you want to visualize the fury of 1000 suns, do that.
* Quick visualizes a 1000 furries
[metalforever] with that said, dont be afraid to alter any methods i present to suit your needs.
[Brent] How about the fury of 1000 limbs… listening to music.
[Quick] oops
[metalforever] oh god quick.
[metalforever] how is that supposed to bend the silverware.
[Brent] Lol
* Jordan742 specificaly recomends music for fork bending just because it helps destract you
[metalforever] okay
[metalforever] we are going to start with….a meditation exercise
[metalforever] (yey.)
[Quick] (boo.)
[Jordan742] awww
* Brent vomits in his mouth
[Jordan742] im pumped
[Jordan742] i dont want to lose my excitment by meditating
[metalforever] this ones easy, its just to get you relaxed and in the groove
[metalforever] then dont
[metalforever] [metalforever] with that said, dont be afraid to alter any methods i present to suit your needs.
[Jordan742] ugh, im a follower, i will submit xd
[Jordan742] ive been enjoying meditation as of late
[metalforever] okay, all we are going to do is count down from 50 very slowly, noticing our breathing, and seeing ourselves become more relaxed and in the pk party zone.
[metalforever] tell me when you’re done.
[Brent] done. that was funny as hell. im so cold that my shivering made my breathing choppy.
[Jordan742] done
[Jordan742] now im tired
[Quick] lol
[metalforever] awesome
[FREAK] done
[metalforever] now on to step 2
[metalforever] yep, you guessed it.
[Jordan742] (dont forget to occasionaly try to bend your spoon to see if its ready) !
[metalforever] affirmation exercises!
[Brent] woot!
[Jordan742] Whoo!?
[metalforever] tell yourself you will infact bend the silverware.
[metalforever] you can, and you most definitely will
[metalforever] why are we doing this?
[Quick] to elimate doubt
[Brent] To sound like a cheesy movie script.
[Quick] Banana!
[Jordan742] lol
[metalforever] its way easier to bend silversware with psychokinesis when you arent thinking “this is not going to work” or…….. “this probably will not work, but im going to do it anyway and remain enthusiastic”
[metalforever] you get me
[metalforever] do this now.
[metalforever] tell me when you are done.
[Jordan742] done ^^
[Brent] done
[Jordan742] i have self confidance :]
[Quick] Banana!
[Brent] Technique!
[Quick] lawl
[Quick] done
[metalforever] yey!
[FREAK] sorry, i was on mah hamburger phone…
[Jordan742] Terracotta!
[metalforever] okay
[metalforever] now we are going to work on *connection*
[metalforever] if you are familiar with the fork you method, you can do that
[metalforever] but we are going to talk about linking with the object.
[metalforever] note: do not look at your hands while doing this.
[metalforever] it tends to work better if you dont.
[Quick] should we hold the silverware while we do this even though we arnt looking
[metalforever] connection is what a lot of people get wrong.
[metalforever] well, you shouldnt look the majority of the time.
[metalforever] but okay.
[metalforever] get your silverware
[metalforever] dont use knives.
[metalforever] thats retarded.
[Quick] lol
[Jordan742] xd
[Brent] why not?
[Brent] Lol.
[metalforever] imagine being “one” with it
[Jordan742] o.O i wana use the big sharp knife!
[metalforever] dont just imagine, but “feel” it
[metalforever] KNOW it.
[metalforever] notice everything about the silverware
[metalforever] every association
[metalforever] as many senses as possible
[metalforever] “feel” the silverware
[metalforever] its corny.
[metalforever] but just do it.
[metalforever] you know.
[metalforever] and have fun
[metalforever] work on that.
[metalforever] when you are finished with that, imagine energy going into the silverware
[metalforever] make that is vivid as possible
[metalforever] all while laughing about how stupid this sounds.
[Jordan742] xd
[metalforever] remember your affirmations, tactile visualization, and your connection with it.
[metalforever] “ask” … gently, your silverware to bend.
* neveza points out that her step does imagery visualization and not tactile visualization. *coughs*
[metalforever] make sure to give it nudges to see if its soft.
[neveza] I’m out.
* neveza has quit (Exit: )
[metalforever] lol
[metalforever] both~
[metalforever] thats what use all senses means
[metalforever] geez
[metalforever] do this now
[metalforever] metal cant make you look like n00bs tonight because she doesnt have silverware.
[Brent] haha
[FREAK] ill ake your place metalforever
[FREAK] take*
[metalforever] word
[metalforever] thats the thinking
[Jordan742] anyone with any luck?
[metalforever] already? geez
[metalforever] enthusiastic bunch of people
[Jordan742] i ment with the steps
[Jordan742] lol
[Jordan742] not with
[Jordan742] like
[Jordan742] anyone feeling liks + activly flowing energy into it
[Jordan742] xd
[Jordan742] linked*
[metalforever] yey
[FREAK] done… uploading to tinypic
[metalforever] yey
[Jordan742] yay
[metalforever] bend your silverware jordan
[metalforever] dont loaf the chat.
[Jordan742] xd — im working on it… not feeling very linked tho ;(
[metalforever] thats because you are chatting on irc
[metalforever] hop to it
[Jordan742] xd
[FREAK] waiting for my email to recieve my pic from my phone…
[Jordan742] ^^
[FREAK] may i make a note: most silverware is stainless steel
[FREAK] dont let that deter you though
[Quick] how do I know if im bending it ‘right’
[FREAK] there is no wrong way to bend it
[Quick] Im bending the cup part of the spoon
[Quick] ok
[Quick] then im bending it
[FREAK] other than physically bending it yourself
[Quick] thats what im asking
[Quick] idk if im doing that
[metalforever] cup part of the spoon is abit hard
[FREAK] push lightly, it shouldnt take more than a slight nudge for it to bend
[metalforever] but okay, i have no problems with that.
[Jordan742] first prong bent
[metalforever] any pics that get posted here end up on the website
[metalforever] i should mention.
* Persephone` has quit (Exit: )
[Quick] I did it
[metalforever] yey
[metalforever] pics
[Quick] omg i could feel the energy changing and moving in my hands
[Brent] damnit! my fork exploded….
[Quick] let me bend it some more first
[Brent] Time to go to the hospital.
[Jordan742] mine stabbed me
[Brent] =/
[metalforever] lol
[Jordan742] but its bent
[metalforever] upload.
[FREAK] metalforever: you get mine?
[metalforever] yep
[Jordan742] the 2nd prong died like halfway through
[Jordan742] xd
[Jordan742] gah
[Jordan742] guna take me liek 6 years to upload
[Jordan742] i gota find my camera
[metalforever] i love my job
[FREAK] ok, your lucky you got that out of me metal, you know how long its been?
[FREAK] haha
[Jordan742] same
[metalforever] metal needs practice.
[Jordan742] lol
[Jordan742] Im pretty happy with my fork
[Jordan742] (camera has to charge xd )
* Tel|afk is now known as TelErusva
[metalforever] quick
[metalforever] pics
[Jordan742] Any luck Brent/Quick?
[metalforever] [Quick] OMG THIS IS FUCKING COOl
[metalforever] [Quick] I did it
[Brent] Im at the point where i am threatening my fork.
[Brent] Either it bends now or gets shot repeatedly tomorrow.
[Quick] Well what I did
[Jordan742] Lol
[metalforever] be fun about it brent..
[Quick] the results are very minimal
[Jordan742] gah
[metalforever] oh thats fine
[Quick] like you can barely tell the cup is bent
[Jordan742] dont worry about it
[metalforever] doesnt matter quick
[Quick] ok
[Jordan742] pic it!
[metalforever] ^
[FREAK] now heres the challenge…
[Jordan742] it takes a ridiculously long amount of time to charge
[Jordan742] my camera
[Jordan742] xd
[Jordan742] Lol, mine would snap… its bent up good
[Jordan742] gah
[Jordan742] this is pissing me off
[Jordan742] lol
[FREAK] lol
[Jordan742] my camera wont even turn on long enough for the screen to turn on all the way
[Jordan742] ].[
[FREAK] metalforever: im going to go one step further, just for PO
[FREAK] now that im warmed up
[metalforever] sure
[metalforever] awesome
[Jordan742] (its so fun trying to bend another fork, to see how hard it its compared to the one you just bent)
[Brent] i hate this
[Brent] haha
[Jordan742] yay
[Jordan742] i got it
[Jordan742] just gota upload
[metalforever] wheres quick i wonder.
[Jordan742] his fork prolly exploded
[Jordan742] and hes dead ;(
[Brent] If only, ehh Jordan?
* Amps has quit (Connection reset by peer)
[Jordan742] OMFG
[Quick] im uploading
[Jordan742] I HATE MY CAMERA
[Jordan742] lol
[metalforever] lolll
* Amps ( has joined #psionicsonline
[Jordan742] it doesnt have enough battery to get the pic on the computer
[FREAK] [- metalforever
[Jordan742] ].[
[metalforever] we just need brent and we have a full house
* metalforever claps at freaks picture
[Jordan742] I love snaping silverware
[Jordan742] it always feels so cool
[metalforever] i dont.
[metalforever] i like making them all fancy
[metalforever] there was this guy on pog who would make shapes with silverware on request.
[Jordan742] o.O
[metalforever] dont know how legit he was.
[Jordan742] Hey– I bet my camera could use doubleAs
[FREAK] im destructive, ever since i started PK i went through about 10 spoons and 4 forks
[Jordan742] lol freak
[Quick] PRetty nice huh?
[Quick] I bent the front forward
[Jordan742] Ive had like 20
[Jordan742] xd
[Jordan742] NICE
[Jordan742] ;D
[metalforever] great job quick
[Quick] and the sides in a little
[Brent] Nice job Quick. I see that you have Jurassic Park on SNES
[Quick] I feel like magneto
* Jordan742 is off to find some AAs
[metalforever] im seeing sonic.
[Quick] LAWL
[Brent] lol
[metalforever] [FREAK] im destructive, ever since i started PK i went through about 10 spoons and 4 forks
[metalforever] im just as bad.
[Quick] Yay for High Def pics lawl
[Brent] i think this fork is just getting a bullet to the prongs.
[Brent] But with my luck, it will just ricochet back and hit me square between the eyses.
[Brent] eyes*
[Quick] I didnt like my new camera at first glad I got it now!
[Brent] Anyone have any tips on linking with it?
[metalforever] hm
[metalforever] what all did you try
[Jordan742] i kinda like ran my mind down my arm
[Jordan742] and over my hand
[Brent] Alright, ill try that Jordan.
[Jordan742] till i got to my fork, and just like ran up and down it
[Jordan742] thats great
[Jordan742] my AAs dont fucken work
[Jordan742] ].[
* FREAK has quit (Ping timeout)
[Jordan742] we just had a new pack of them somewhere
[Quick] get new ones out of the remots
[Jordan742] ill find them
[Jordan742] brbs
[Quick] borrow from the remote
[Jordan742] o.O good idea!
* FREAK ( has joined #psionicsonline
[metalforever] wb
[FREAK] thx…
[Quick] i bent it a little more ill upload a new pic
[Quick] this is so fun
[FREAK] hmm
[FREAK] i love viruses
[FREAK] especially when theyre hidden in ISO files
[FREAK] and the developers of them actually make the ISO the right size and everything
[Jordan742] ;s
[FREAK] so, i now have about 10 viruses on my computer including about 3 trojans
[metalforever] linux
[Jordan742] Oh yay– my camera only works with its rechargable battery apprently
[Jordan742] so were back at square one
[metalforever] lol
[Jordan742] waiting forevr for it to charge
[Jordan742] it should be done at 5 am i hope…
[Quick] charge it with Em
[Jordan742] 7 minuets
[Quick] couldnt hurt
[Jordan742] o.O
[Jordan742] never tried
[Jordan742] what should i do? lol
[Quick] smoke detectors have swuare batteries
[Quick] Make a psiball
[Quick] and link it with you system
[Quick] and put the pisball physically into the battery
[Quick] and cahrge it
[Quick] keep flowing energy into it with the intent of charging it
[Quick] (still trying to take a pic hold on)
[Quick] yay
[Quick] got some good ones
[Jordan742] ok
[Jordan742] that was epic
[Quick] you charge it?
[Jordan742] it died like half a second after i got the pics on my comp
[Quick] yay
[Jordan742] prolly morso the charger than me
[Jordan742] but i couldnt have hurt it
[Jordan742] xd
[FREAK] ok… 5 AM
[FREAK] bed
[FREAK] gnight
[metalforever] lol
[metalforever] night
[Quick] night
[Brent] I think i give up.
[Jordan742] ni
[Jordan742] no
[Jordan742] wait like
[Jordan742] 5 secxs
[Jordan742] my fork pic is almost uploaded
[Jordan742] lol
[Quick] I bent it up more
[Quick] and
[Quick] In this second pic
[Quick] hoyl crap
[metalforever] good joob quick
[metalforever] jordan
[Jordan742] any luck yet brent?
[Jordan742] ?
[Quick] You can see where I bent the side in this pic
[metalforever] i dont have to say anything
[metalforever] lol
[Quick] its like that on the other side too
[Brent] Nope. No luck.
[Jordan742] lol
[Jordan742] thanks i guess ^^
[Jordan742] dont give up
[Jordan742] !
[Quick] You gotta keep bending it and dont stop while not forcing it
[Quick] while thinking its bending
[Jordan742] is that your first bend Brent?
[Jordan742] dam it metal
[Jordan742] now i want to bend more
[Jordan742] lol
[metalforever] whatd i do
[metalforever] go ahead
[metalforever] i dont care
[Quick] bend it back
[Quick] if you dare…
[Jordan742] were running out of silverware in my house, or else i would
[Jordan742] xd
[Jordan742] eh, all that will happen is that it will snap
[Jordan742] lol
[Brent] This is like… my 6th try at bending anything at a pk party.
[Jordan742] o
[Jordan742] lol
[metalforever] im thinking you didnt do affirmations
[Jordan742] gah
[Jordan742] fucken thing keeps poken me
[Jordan742] lol
[Jordan742] make me lose my consentration and have to stop
[Quick] lol
[Quick] she said no knifes!
[metalforever] lmao
[Vulcanis] stainless knives tend to splinter
[Vulcanis] into your eyes
[Jordan742] omg
[Jordan742] yay!
[Jordan742] I got it
[Jordan742] without breaking!
[Jordan742] i looks so deformed
[Jordan742] lol
[Quick] lawl
[Jordan742] its all wavy
[Quick] omg awsome
[Brent] im gonna just go to the vice.
[Brent] in my garage.
[Brent] and bend this into my emotions (you will see when i get a pic up eventually)
[Jordan742] kk, lets hope i can take another pic
[Jordan742] xd
[Jordan742] xD
[Jordan742] kk
[Jordan742] almost uploaded
[Quick] lawl
[Jordan742] lol
[Quick] quit being so awsome
[Jordan742] its so cool
[Jordan742] xd
[Quick] OMG
[Jordan742] i cant stop laughing at it
[Jordan742] xd
[Quick] You should eat with it now
[Jordan742] xD
[Quick] you can eat it at lunch at school
[Quick] and people will be like
[Quick] what happened t othat fork
[Quick] you can see
[Quick] I bent it with my mind
[Jordan742] xd
[Jordan742] i think ima snap it now
[Brent] i always wanted to bend a fork around my wrist and wear it like a bracelet.
[Jordan742] I did tht for a friend
[Jordan742] for christmas
[Jordan742] i made her give me the spoon
[Jordan742] xd
[Quick] lol
[Jordan742] gah, it didnt want to snap
[Jordan742] lol
[Quick] see if you can stretch that fork
[Quick] try to pull it ot
[Quick] out*
[Jordan742] gah, snaped ti already
[Quick] aww
[Jordan742] and the edges are sharp
[Quick] demon fork!
[Quick] lol
[Brent] lol
[Brent] Well, im just gonna go stab myself with this fork.
[Brent] It wins.
[Quick] lol
[Brent] I am a broken man.
[Quick] stick a fork in you, your done.
[Brent] okay.
[Brent] owwy.
[Brent] lol
[metalforever] nooooooo
[Quick] dam your literal-ness
[metalforever] no advocating suicide on my site
[Quick] lol
[Brent] ol
[Brent] its your chat
[Brent] its all good
[Jordan742] xd
[Quick] omg
[Quick] it looks so dead
[Jordan742] :]
[Jordan742] i love forkbending
[Jordan742] lol
[Quick] metal you gonna upload all our pics to the site?
[Jordan742] it makes my emotions loopy
[Jordan742] xd
[Quick] yay for happiness!
[Jordan742] ;P
[Jordan742] gah
[Jordan742] new problem
[Jordan742] what to do with the fork?
[Jordan742] lol
[Quick] lol
[Quick] eat it
[Quick] thats why i said we should use sticks lol
[Quick] bio degradable
[Brent] lol
[Quick] or burnable
[metalforever] [Quick] metal you gonna upload all our pics to the site?
[metalforever] tep
[Jordan742] xd
[metalforever] yep*
[Brent] melt it down and make a new fork.
[Quick] ya
[Quick] and yay metal
* Jordan742 whips out a lighter
[Quick] I feel like an accomplished psion
[Brent] lol
[Quick] he didnt say make crack lol
[Brent] fuck you, quick
[metalforever] good job on the snap
[Quick] lawl
[Jordan742] thanks
[Brent] lol
[Jordan742] ^^
[Jordan742] well
[Jordan742] it looks like the fork gets to go to the dark abyss
[Jordan742] (aka the underneith of my bed)
[Quick] lawl
[Brent] haha
[Brent] wow… its 530
[Brent] ish
[Quick] i know
[Jordan742] o.O
[Brent] i feel like a failure…
[Quick] haven’t been up this late in a while
[Jordan742] dont
[Brent] staying up till 5:30 and getting pwned… by a fork.
[Jordan742] maybe its not yoru strong point
[Jordan742] but dont dwell on it
[Jordan742] if not tonight, some other night
[Jordan742] but
[Jordan742] somone owes me
* Lunaris has quit (Exit: )
[Jordan742] a round of TP practice
[Quick] lawl
[Brent] Doubt it. Ive tried a lot of times and nothing still.
[Jordan742] maybe we should broadcast?
[Jordan742] well look at it this way– its just bending a fork
[Jordan742] nothing remotly usufull about it
[metalforever] no no
[metalforever] i need a nap
[metalforever] this party was logged.
[metalforever] night
[Quick] lawl
[Quick] night
[Jordan742] cyas
[Brent] night
[Jordan742] well
[Jordan742] you up for it
[Jordan742] ?
[Brent] me?
[Jordan742] either one, or both
[Quick] not tonight
[Quick] tomorrow for sure
[Jordan742] ks
[Jordan742] brent?
[Quick] wtf is ks
[Quick] lol
[Jordan742] xd

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