February 15, 2014


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It is necessary to make note that this section begins to discuss more of an application phase. This section will discuss more advanced methodologies while applying formerly taught concepts.


This is an application of telepathy to intercepting other telepathic communication. The primary method of this is an energetic wiretap. The first step is to locate a signal line. A signal line is a line of communication between two individuals. It’s more than likely simply a straight line. Of course, it’s not really a line, but more of a wave of telepathic energy, which ironically is outside the scope of this article. The basic idea is attaching a construct to that line, which reroutes the communication to you.

This can also be done by applying the principles of Probing. However, instead of Probing a mind, probe the telepathic link. Literally a “wiretap.”


There are many ways to interfere with a communication. Two of them are patently obvious. The first is simple: rerouting or otherwise preventing the signal from arriving at its destination. This can be easily done by shielding one or more of the parties involved, or by telepathically influencing (suggesting) the Sender to fail to Send. Another method for this would be to create a depatternizing field on the signal, literally scrambling it.

The second, more devious way is to alter the contents of the message. This can be done by directly Suggesting to either the Sender or the signal line. Suggesting to the Sender simply involves Suggesting that he or she send something other than the original method. Suggesting to the signal line would simply be a matter of Sending along the “wiretap”/ tendril to the line.

Distorting/Destroying Mental Files

The most devious of telepathic hacking applications is the deliberate destruction or distortion of mental files. A mental file is basically anything that a person remembers, or has stored in their mind.

Destruction or Distortion of such is simple. While forcing the target to recall events, through telepathic suggestion, suggest to them that they remember it differently. Have them do so for a short while, long enough that they can convince themselves that the “new” memory is the correct one. This works best with vivid detail, as the human mind does not question its own accuracy. This works best after having induced a trance, which is not covered within the scope of this manual. Simply overwriting the old with new would destroy files, and distorting would involve simply changing details.

This can, surprisingly, be done without them ever knowing. The trick is, instead of suggesting to the surface mind, you would need to Suggest to the subconscious. By doing so, you avoid the risk of being discovered, except by telepaths who may know what you’re doing.

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