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February 17, 2014

Getting Motivated with GreatSheepKing

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Written by: SHEEPKING

” Readers and practitioners: The article which you are about to read was created after several years of practicing with “psi”. The article was based on personal experience, and at the time of its creation I truly believed in its existence. While I have had some strange and hard to explain experiences over the span of 6 years of believing and practicing in “psi”, I can not verify scientifically whether or not “psi” really exists. I would like to caution anyone wishing to practice and experiment with “psi” to maintain balance in their life and to be wary about your own mind, as the mind is a powerful thing. In order to have a healthy respect for what the mind can do to the body, please look into “biofeedback”, as the topic illuminates the mind-body connection somewhat. Thank you and good luck. “


In many places around the Internet, I hear about people being too lazy to practice. I myself have often come across this too. I find that it is not some genetic trait that is impossible to change, but a lack of motivation. There are many ways to get motivated, and there are people who think some of them are too “Childish”. Anyway, who’s going to know how you motivate yourself? Motivation, IS important, so don’t worry about what these other people say.


Set up a time to practice! Set up a nice time for yourself to practice, a time that isn’t too busy. If you can get into the habit of practicing at a scheduled time everyday you will be well on your way to learning Psionic Abilities. Don’t let yourself float, and be like “I’ll practice when I practice.” C’mon now, be reasonable, Psionics takes time, and if you set up a schedule, you’ll have it! Even if it means to buy yourself a watch that gives you a zap when its time to practice, do it!


Whenever we are down we are happy to find our friends next to our side to lend us motivation. Practice with a friend! Fun, entertainment, and grow (in two ways) with your abilities, and your friend! Your friends will lend you support and motivation in learning and practicing. And it couldn’t hurt to lend them some too. Be warned, if you don’t have a friend that knows about PSI as you do, then perhaps you can get one involved. It would be best if you got your best friend involved. Your best friend is mostly likely to understand and give it a try with you.

The Magic of Music

Have you ever been sitting around bored, when all of a sudden a song comes on and makes you feel all tingley and good? Ever been sitting there all glum, when all of a sudden you feel great because the song that just turned on was your favorite? You can us this. Music can sometimes get you into the mood to practice and stop being lazy. Infact, I do most my practicing while listening to my favorite bands. As long as you can handle the music and concentrate you will be fine by doing this.


One of the ways you can get motivated to do something, is to imagine yourself as a character in a nice Fantasy novel/movie you have read/seen. As the headstrong and cock-sure leader of an army, or a powerful magician in the land of Hadeshorn. Go out and reenact scenes from your favorite book/movie, while using your Psionics Abilites. If you haven’t seen one, or read one you can always make one up yourself. It may be a little more complicated, for you, but it can be a lot of fun.

Think of Your Future

Another way to keep yourself motivated is to remind yourself of what you are going to be able to do when you get better, to some this might not be as effective. That reason being they are most likely pessimistic. Ever played a sport? Ever imagined what it will be like in the future when you get better? Well, compare the two, it’s not much different. Except for your going to be floating around baseballs, instead of throwing them.
Break The Cycle!

A way to get Un-lazy! That’s right, there is a way. It’s called Will power. This is what you do. Have you ever been at the store, and wanted those Oreo Cookies, or Chocolate bar, or soda pop REALLY BAD? Well, next time that happens, deny yourself of taking them. When you go into your fridge to get those o-so-tasty, but yet unhealthy lard cakes, deny yourself of that too. Try your best, to eat right, or do something you usually don’t do. Maybe like, brushing your teeth! Do the good things you usually wouldn’t do. When you are sitting there and have nothing to do, and look at the filthy room you are living in, put those sandwiches that you, for no apparent reason, left under your bed, up and out of there. Break the cycle of lazy.

It is very important that you develop the self-discipline to accomplish your goals in life, not just Psionics. I highly advise that you look into learning how to become more motivated, grow your will power, increase your self-discipline, and get what you want done.

I hope this helped you in wanting to achieve your goals, and aided you in thinking about your personal development. I know it is small but it is all I know right now. If you need help with figuring out how to better yourself, I recommend Steve Pavlina blog , there are a lot of resources there to aid you.

Good luck!


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