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February 15, 2014

Focus on Multiple Aspects of an Object at the Same Time

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Written by: Metalforever

Exercise #9: Focus on Multiple Aspects of an Object at the Same Time

Redo exercise 8, but instead of just focusing on one aspect of the object, focus on two at the same time.  

A good example: If you chose a soda can as your object of choice. You could focus on both the material, and the feeling that the material makes when moved.

What Not to Do: Do not focus on one aspect of the object, stop, and then focus on the other aspect during the course of your practice. Please focus on two separate aspects at the same time.

The following actions are to be considered a break in focus:
1. Thinking about something else.
2. Thinking of one aspect instead of two by accident.
3. Thinking about thinking about the aspects of the object.
4. Thinking about multiple aspects of the object at different times during the practice.

You should practice this exercise until you can do it with less than 5 breaks in 15 minutes time.  Be sure to note the results in your journal.
You can extend this exercise to three or more aspects at the same time when you become proficient at this.

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