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Extra-Sensory Perception

Extra Sensory Perception, abbreviated ESP, is a category of Psionics involving the practice of gaining information or knowledge about an event, object, or situation though means not involving touch, hearing, sight, smell, or taste.

The Telepathy Manual

1. Introduction to Telepathy / Definitions

This part of the telepathy manual introduces the terms that telepaths use to make sense of their experiences.

2. Preliminary Preparations

This article gives you tips and techniques for clearing your mind, as well as grounding and centering.

3. Navigation

Learn techniques for telepathically finding your targets mind. This part of the training guide also teaches you how to trace a telepathic signal back to its source.

4. Pinging

A ping can be used to send small thought communications to other psychics. This section gives you ways you can practice your pinging skills.

5. Pulse Sending

Pulse sending is used to send small messages to other people using telepathy.

6. Broadcasting

Learn how to broadcast, and learn how it can be useful. Influence crowds with your intent.

7. Scanning and Probing

Obtain desired information from a target (usually a person), such as an enemy, without their consent.

8. Suggestion, Projection, and Forced Hallucination

Telepathic suggestion, to put it simply, is basic mind control . Subjugate someone else’s will and bring them under your control.

9. Telepathic Hacking

Intercept other telepathic communication. Destroy or alter someone else’s memories using telepathy. Create new, false memories to plant in place of the old memories.

10. Conclusion

Learn about who made the article. Psipog (as a psychic website) is now defunct.

Other Telepathy Resources

A Step Guide to Telepathy

Learn about the basic methods of accomplishing telepathy in a straightforward manner.

How to Learn Telepathy

This article illustrates what to do if you tried the other telepathy methods, but find them confusing, or have no idea on how to do any of it. It explains the very simple concepts of telepathy.

Telepathy – Ramblings About Pings

This article by Rainsong discusses pings as one of the basic concepts in psychic communication.

More About Pings… Sort Of

This article includes ideas for figuring out how to ping.

Remote Viewing

The Controlled Remote Viewing Manual
This external resource is the best resource on how to learn remote viewing which exists on the internet.

Remote Touch

An Introduction to Remote Touch
This article discusses what remote touch is, its uses, and an effective method for practicing remote touch. This is a beginners article.

Awareness and Sensitivity

Awareness and Sensitivity

This article discusses the very basics of awareness and sensitivity, keeping the beginner in mind, and talks about expectation, physical sensations, and determining how sensitive you are.

Sensitivity: A Brief Look
This is a fundamental ability. “Sensitivity: A Brief Look” gives a method on how to develop psychic sensitivity.

The Basics of Awareness and Sensitivity

This article introduces the concept of awareness and sensitivity in relation to extra-sensory perception and psionics. This introductory guide is a recommended resource.


Blank Mind Scanning
This article discusses blanking your mind for scanning, basic focal point meditation, progressive relaxation, basic trancing, overloading, triggering trances, how to actually scan, troubleshooting, and the pros and cons of using this method.


A Beginners Guide to Learning Empathy
This article talks about how to learn empathy. You should be comfortable with shielding before learning empathy.

Empathic Broadcasting
“Empathic Broadcasting” covers types of broadcasts and ways that these can be achieved.

Predicting Future Events

Precognition: Recognizing and Inducing
This article describes what precognition is, gives some background, and presents precognition in a personal way. This article also provides tips on how to perform precognition.

This article discusses how to use a pendulum to predict the outcome of future events.

Other Extra Sensory Perception Topics

Psionic Signatures
This article approaches the topic of psionic signatures in great detail. Analytical overlay is also discussed in relation to psionic signatures.

Psychometry / Token Object Reading
This psychometry article discusses how to read information from physical objects. You have the capability to know the recent history of an object or location.

Different Views: Physical to Non-Physical ESP
This article re-examines topics such as telepathy, and ways abilities like telepathy are practiced. Communication psionically is mentioned, and the effectiveness of telepathy under different situations.

Extra Sensory Perception Basics
“Extra-Sensory Perception Basics” is an article which discusses what realistic esp is, what unrealistic esp is, what real clairvoyance is, as well as psychometry, telepathy, and remote viewing.

Energy Manipulation Class / Seminar Logs

Remote Viewing Seminar
By: Metalforever. Basic remote viewing with coordinates was discussed in this seminar, which is part of the ” how to be psychic ” series.