Energy manipulation is a fundamental skill. Beginners of our courses tend to use energy manipulation to create “constructs”, which perform specific tasks (such as shielding you from unwanted inputs). Drill down to specific categories by using our navigation at the top of the page.


Construct Creation Techniques


Constructs for Newbies

1. What is a Construct?

Learn what a construct is, and how creating them is essential for learning energy manipulation.

2. Subtle Energy

The author, Lesenthe, attempts to define subtle energy by describing its properties and how you interact with it.

3. Why Make Constructs?

This article discusses reasons to use energy manipulation to create energetic constructs. These reasons range from energetic to mundane.

4. On Sentience

The author discusses sentient constructs (a.k.a. “psipets”), and the problems associated with doing so.

5. Planning and Programming

Learn the basics of how to energetically program a construct by gathering all of its attributes together into a single, cohesive whole prior to creation.

6. Energy Manipulation

You begin learning to manipulate energy by learning to perceive it.  Learn methods of perceiving energy.

7. Mental Discipline

Mental discipline is an essential practice for those wishing to be successful with psionics.

8. Focal Point Exercise

To train your energy manipulation abilities, it helps to first focus on mental discipline. Learn how to do focal point meditation.

9. Blank Mind Exercise

Learn how to (rather easily) clear your mind from distraction.

10. Visualization Exercise

Train  your visualization skills to ready yourself for training your energy manipulation skills.

11. Tactile / Spatial Exercise

Train your ability to use tactile visualization. This will benefit your ability to create constructs effectively.

12. Exercises in Basic Energetics

Lesenthe discusses some of the basic energy exercises that you will be completing in the next few sections.

13. Gathering Internal Energy

Learn how to gather energy. In order to practice perceiving energy, you must first have a bunch of it on hand.

14. Externalizing Internal Energy (Basic)

In order to create constructs, you should train in the art of externalizing the internal energy you have gathered.

15. Externalising Internal Energy (Slightly Less Basic)

Train your energy manipulation skills by practicing more exercises involving externalizing your internal energy.

16. Gathering Ambient Energy

Learn how to gather the energy present all around you.

17. Creating Constructs

Now we get to the fun part- actually creating constructs!  Learn some methods for creating constructs using some of the techniques you have trained previously.

18. Energy Types and Sources

Learn more about ambient energy, ley lines, and using the sun as a source of energy.

19. Energetic Body

Learn about the energetic body.  What does your field look like?  Learn about the energetic body’s complexities.

20. The Question of Shelling

Is shelling really necessary? Shelling is the act of forming a “shell” around your energetic construct.

21. Going Deeper

Learn how constructs are put together.  Learn how to view the programming of a construct.

22. Thoughtforms – Accidental Constructs

What are thoughtforms? How are they similar to how constructs act?  What are their properties?

23. Sample Construct Types

Learn about various shield types, what a shield is, about filters, energetic protection, fields, and wards.

24. Final Notes

Lesenthe tells you what the benefits of becoming an active participant is.  He advocates for practice and mental discipline, instead of “armchair psionics” (reading about psychic abilities but not practicing).


1. Your Psiball Source

Learn how to create Psiballs the Psipog way.  This resource is really easy to read.

2. Detailed Psiball Creation

This article talks about visualization and imagination, and its effects on Psiball creation, and includes information on how to create a psiball, and how to destroy a psiball.  This article was archived from UPC.

3. So You Think You’ve Mastered Psiballs?

This article gives you more psiball exercises to work on.

General Construct Articles

Beneath the Construct

This article takes an interesting approach to basic construct programming. This is supplemental reading for the “Constructs for Newbies” course.

ANKA’s Psionics Workbook

Chapter I: Basic Theory

Learn about some of the basic theories and definitions behind psionics and the practice of energy manipulation.

Chapter II

ANKA discussions some more definitions and systems you can work with.

Chapter III: Spectrum and Nerve Cluster

This portion of the psionics workbook talks about the nerve cluster theory.

Chapter IV: Learning How to Make Energy Flow

ANKA advocates the use of record keeping, as well as explaining the timetable for the exercises.

Week One

This is week one of ANKA’s training course.  You should follow the course in order. Week one training has charging exercises.

Week Two

Week two training includes charging and energy shaping exercises.

Week Three

This training adds field size modulation, and arching.

Week Four

Start working on charging areas in the head and solar plexus.

Week Five

Work on energy manipulation exercises in the areas of the spine and solar plexus.

Week Six

This training adds more exercises in the familar areas of energy manipulation.

Week Seven

Work on trying to shape the energy, solar plexus projection, and additional charging exercises.

Week Eight

This week there are more exercises centering around the concept of directing energy.

Week Nine

ANKA changes the details of some of the previously named exercises.

Week Ten

Focus more on energy shaping and energetic projection.

Week Eleven

Exercises involving directing energy area added.  Also focus more on energetic projection in the solar plexus area.

Week Twelve

ANKA adds more exercises to the mix.

Week Thirteen

Train using third eye, temple, spine, and solar plexus projection.  Try out various charging exercises and field modulation.

Week Fourteen

Work on arching, energy shaping, charging, projection, and directing energy.

Week Fifteen

Continue working on arching, energy shaping, charging, projection, and directing energy.

Week Sixteen

This week, focus more on your energy projection skills.

Week Seventeen

Continue focusing on your energy projection skills.

Week Eighteen

This is week eighteen of ANKA’s workbook.

Week Nineteen

This is week nineteen of Anka’s Psionics Workbook.

Week Twenty

This is week twenty of Anka’s Psionics Workbook.

Week Twenty-One

This is week twenty-one of Anka’s Psionics Workbook.

Week Twenty-Two

This is week twenty-two of Anka’s Psionics Workbook.

Week Twenty-Three

This is week twenty-three of Anka’s Psionics Workbook.

Week Twenty-Four

This is week twenty-four of Anka’s Psionics Workbook.

Chapter V

Learn about psionic coordination.

Chapter VI

Learn about turning your psi energy skills into psychic abilities.