Energy Manipulation

February 20, 2014

Energy Manipulation: Beginner Level

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Written by: anuj


Psi Ninja introduces Energy Manipulation to beginners.


*Log was edited for readability*



[03:33] <@Psi_Ninja_> alright… What is psi?
[03:33] <PsiCryptus> Psi is energy use by us psionics to move or manipulate things and use skills
[03:34] <EverLearning> It is manipulatible energy, to put it shortly.
<Eldanen> As far as I know, we have no definite answer. Some
believe it to be a byproduct of the nerves in our body.
[03:34] <@Psi_Ninja_> Yeah, pretty much.
[03:35] <@Psi_Ninja_> If you didnt read the names, it would all sound like one person.
[03:35] <PsiCryptus> nice…
[03:35] <Lancefighter> yes
<@Psi_Ninja_> well, im not sure about the byproduct of nerves
part. i used to believe this, but everything has energy, so it seems
like it wouldnt be the byproduct of nerves.
[03:36] <PsiCryptus> Ninja?
[03:36] <@Psi_Ninja_> unless it just floats around everywhere…
[03:36] <@Psi_Ninja_> yes?
[03:36] <Lancefighter> lets forget about the why, and go on to the fun part
[03:36] <PsiCryptus> I had a conversation with AFX and basicly we both resumed Psi to Concentration
[03:37] <Lancefighter> hey mono
<@Psi_Ninja_> maybe. its all based on beliefs. unless we can get
an unbiased person who can see psi perfectly, then we will most likely
never know for sure.
[03:37] <EverLearning> I don’t think that would be entirely accurate, but I can see why
[03:37] <@Psi_Ninja_> but as lance said, lets get to the fun stuff.
[03:37] <Eldanen> Yay.
[03:39] <@Psi_Ninja_> OK, do this as i go along.
<@Psi_Ninja_> We are going to make a psiball. People believe that
you should start smaller, but people can do this easily.
<@Psi_Ninja_> Put your hands facing eachother (not touching) in a
curved shape. Here is a picture that might help you if you dont get
this. left hand- ( ) -right hand
[03:42] <@Psi_Ninja_> Now picture your hands slowly starting to glow yellow.
[03:43] <@Psi_Ninja_> With a yellow glow around them.
<@Psi_Ninja_> Now picture a beam coming out of each hand (yellow)
and connecting in the middle to form a small ball.
[03:44] <@Psi_Ninja_> Picture it slowly spinning around and hear it.
[03:44] <@Psi_Ninja_> Now picture more beams coming out of your palms and connection to the ball, like before.
[03:44] <@Psi_Ninja_> These cords put energy into the ball and make it bigger and more dense.
[03:45] <@Psi_Ninja_> Picture your hands’ glow starting to fade away and your hands going back to normal.
[03:46] <@Psi_Ninja_> Now, think about the feelings in your hands.
[03:46] <@Psi_Ninja_> Tell me.
[03:46] <PsiCryptus> Wow Strange!
[03:46] <PsiCryptus> felt a round thing
[03:46] <PsiCryptus> and in the beginning i saw small sparks
<Eldanen> It felt like small tingles all over my hands. At the
fingertips, I could feel a small tingle that sorta went over a few
fingertips at once, like instead of pinpricks it was a small field.
[03:46] <PsiCryptus> and some smokey lines
[03:47] <maxxor2006> i tried it
[03:47] <PsiCryptus> I tried to move my hands and they were like STUCL
[03:47] <maxxor2006> and failed whoo hoo
[03:47] <PsiCryptus> STUCK…
[03:47] <@Psi_Ninja_> PsiCryptus- I have actually had someone make a visible one on their first try.
[03:47] <@Psi_Ninja_> I was surprised
[03:48] <Eldanen> Amazing.
[03:48] <PsiCryptus> i saw only sparks and smoke and that was proof enough fer me!
[03:48] <@Psi_Ninja_> Yep.
[03:48] <maxxor2006> yea
[03:48] <PsiCryptus> wow from y first class it was great
[03:49] <Eldanen> Great PsiCryptus. Keep trying maxxor2006 .
[03:49] <PsiCryptus> but ninja can i ask u something?
[03:49] <@Psi_Ninja_> sure
[03:49] <PsiCryptus> about the pinwheel is it the same way?
[03:49] <@Psi_Ninja_> Not really.
[03:50] <PsiCryptus> Ninja u didn’t answered to my doubt
[03:51] <@Psi_Ninja_> Well, not really. The pinwheel isnt like this. Some people can move it with energy, but not many.
[03:51] <PsiCryptus> About the psi/pinwheel is it the same way as this?
[03:52] <PsiCryptus> is this over already?
[03:52] <Eldanen> We want moar .
[03:52] <@Psi_Ninja_> Want to ask questions?
[03:52] <Eldanen> Hmmm.
[03:52] <@Psi_Ninja_> (while i think of more to do)
[03:52] <Lancefighter> (perhaps basic programming?)
[03:52] <PsiCryptus> welll
<Eldanen> How do we know that the tingles we felt didn’t come
from just holding our hands in one position for a few moments?
[03:53] <monochrome> Psiwheel does not denote successful tk and it’s advisable that you don’t use them at all.
[03:53] <monochrome> You don’t.
[03:53] <Eldanen> Ah.
[03:53] <Eldanen> Hehe.
[03:53] <@Psi_Ninja_> Hold your hand in the same position. It feels different.
[03:53] <PsiCryptus> in that case the bone would make noise
<monochrome> In fact the majority of what people think are
psiballs are just manifestations of their expecations and aren’t
anything at all.
[03:54] <Eldanen> I see. Okay.
<monochrome> Also, concetrating on one part of your body can
result in physical sensations. Try it on another part of your body
[03:54] <PsiCryptus> i believed in mine so i will keep believing in me and others
[03:54] <Eldanen> Okay.
[03:54] <Eldanen> I will.
[03:54] <@Psi_Ninja_> PsiCryptus, you saw sparks. Kinda hard to pass off.
[03:55] <PsiCryptus> yea sparks
[03:55] <monochrome> Saw?
[03:55] <PsiCryptus> yup
[03:55] <PsiCryptus> little ones followed by smoke
[03:55] <monochrome> I’ll just let that one alone. Believe what you want.
[03:55] <PsiCryptus> u telling it was fake?
[03:56] * PsiCryptus frowns… … …´
[03:56] <@Psi_Ninja_> i doubt it was fake.
<monochrome> I’m saying that you will believe what you want to
believe, feel what you want to feel, and see what you wanat to see.
[03:56] <Lancefighter> wizards first rule…
[03:56] <monochrome> Which is THE major downfall of all practicitioners of magic practices.
[03:56] <Eldanen> Lancefighter: Terry Goodkind.
[03:56] <Lancefighter>
[03:57] <Eldanen> Lancefighter: I’ve read it, and I know the rule.
[03:57] <Lancefighter> glad to know im not the only one
[03:57] <Magicdood> Why is this crowded?
[03:57] <Magicdood> Lol
[03:57] * PsiCryptus starts poking everyone in despair…
[03:57] <Magicdood> Hello
<monochrome> The fact that you place your belief on this one
experience shows me that whether or not this was real you will easily
fall into that trap.
[03:57] * Eldanen hi’s to Magicdood.
[03:57] <Magicdood> Hey Eldanen
[03:57] <PsiCryptus> Isn’t psi based on Will and Belief TOGETHER!?
[03:58] <Magicdood> Yes.
[03:58] <monochrome> People use the term will in an extremely loose manner.
[03:58] <Lancefighter> heh
[03:58] <monochrome> We don’t know what it is.
[03:58] <Lancefighter> the will and the word…
[03:58] <monochrome> Determination is a better word than belief, actually.
[03:58] <monochrome> When you throw believe in people quickly fall into wishcraft.
[03:58] <Lancefighter> remember that reference, eldanen?
[03:59] <Magicdood> Uhm.
[03:59] <Magicdood> I disagree but ok.
[03:59] * PsiCryptus cries…………..
[03:59] <monochrome> You disagree on what, exactly.
[03:59] <Eldanen> PsiCryptus: Don’t cry.
[03:59] <Magicdood> That determination is a better word than belief.
[03:59] <@Psi_Ninja_> `op metalforever
[03:59] <@Psi_Ninja_> or dont
[03:59] <Lancefighter> heh
[03:59] <Eldanen> lol
[03:59] <Magicdood> lolol
[03:59] <Lancefighter> right click on her
[03:59] * Psi_Ninja_ sets mode: +o metalforever
[03:59] <Lancefighter> make op
[04:00] <monochrome> Religion is based on belief.
[04:00] <Magicdood> Yes, in that example, it fails.
[04:00] <monochrome> I really don’t think we should put a whole lot of weight behind it.
[04:00] <Lancefighter> hard to tell over the interenets, you understand
[04:00] <PsiCryptus> your bad cause I am Atheist!
[04:00] <Magicdood> Behind religion, no.
[04:00] * EverLearning would like to get back on topic *cough*
[04:00] <monochrome> In order to effect change it goes far beyond belief.
[04:00] <Eldanen> Can we try some basic programming after the questions?
[04:00] <Magicdood> In to?
[04:00] <@Psi_Ninja_> Yes. Lets get back on topic.
<monochrome> Fine. But everyone keeps bitching at me because I
don’t participate in conversation. Then when I do everyone wants me to
shut up.
[04:01] <monochrome> I so get credit for this.
[04:02] <EverLearning> >.>
[04:02] <PsiCryptus> /./
[04:02] * Lancefighter cares not either way
[04:02] <monochrome> What in the name of god is that.
[04:02] <Magicdood> Poorly worded sentence lance
[04:02] <Lancefighter> depends on if you care or not
[04:02] <Magicdood> I don’t.
[04:02] <Lancefighter> you see, i could not care less…
[04:02] <monochrome> Lance does not care about his sentences structure either.
[04:02] <Magicdood> Evidently.
[04:03] <monochrome> Lance cares about nnothing!
[04:03] <monochrome> -n
[04:03] <Lancefighter> give or take.
[04:03] <zK> some one put +m on
[04:03] <Magicdood> psi ninja, take Control of this chat. Get them on topic.
[04:03] <EverLearning> for the sake of all
[04:03] <Lancefighter> ok, ill stop.
[04:03] <Eldanen> Please.
[04:03] <EverLearning> that is good and nice in the world
[04:03] <monochrome> I’m falling behind on my drinking talking here.
[04:04] <@Psi_Ninja_> yes, go drink.
[04:04] <@Psi_Ninja_> Ok. Back on topic.
[04:04] <@Psi_Ninja_> ill give you a few choices, and you can all vote.
[04:06] <@Psi_Ninja_> actually, nevermind
[04:06] <Magicdood> And the choices are?
[04:06] <@Psi_Ninja_> i can only think of one option. Basic programming.
[04:06] <PsiCryptus> hurray!
[04:06] <Lancefighter> that sounds like a good choice.
[04:06] <@Psi_Ninja_> Now, lets vote on the option! lol.
[04:06] <Eldanen> I pick basic programming.
[04:06] <@Psi_Ninja_> ok
[04:06] <@Psi_Ninja_> that was a joke
[04:06] * PsiCryptus raises the hand
[04:07] <Eldanen> ;p
[04:07] <@Psi_Ninja_> Alright. Programming is basically telling your psi what to do.
[04:08] <@Psi_Ninja_> You just made a psiball, so that is programming.
[04:08] <Magicdood> Excelllent.
[04:08] <@Psi_Ninja_> You programmed your psi to be in a ball shape.
[04:09] <@Psi_Ninja_> You can program it to do stuff, to be a certain color, to be a certain texture, ect.
[04:09] <@Psi_Ninja_> Hello SirPaxil
[04:09] <SirPaxil> hello sir pn
[04:09] <SirPaxil>
[04:10] <Magicdood> Hello sir paxil
[04:10] <@Psi_Ninja_> We were just talking about programming. Back to it.
[04:10] <metalforever> unstable POS cd.
[04:10] <Magicdood> Don’t worry…we all know what that means…
[04:11] <@Psi_Ninja_> OK
[04:11] <SirPaxil> sweet… hello dood
[04:11] <SirPaxil>
[04:11] <Magicdood>
<@Psi_Ninja_> So, lets program something else. How about… a psi
cube. Sounds boring, but im trying to take this kind of gradually.
[04:11] <Magicdood> I’m excited.
[04:12] <@Psi_Ninja_> Oh, you should be. You should be.
[04:12] <PsiCryptus> can it assume any form?
[04:12] <@Psi_Ninja_> It can be anything, any size, any texture, any color.
[04:12] <Magicdood> Psicryptus. Psi CUBE.
[04:12] <PsiCryptus> LooOL Most like to be PsiIcicle
[04:12] <EverLearning> Psi giraffe is extra credit
[04:12] <@Psi_Ninja_> But we will make a psi cube for my sake (not explaining geometry)
[04:13] <PsiCryptus> hehheh
[04:13] <@Psi_Ninja_> Alright, on to it.
[04:14] <@Psi_Ninja_> Put your hands in the same position.
[04:14] <@Psi_Ninja_> Picture your hands glowing yellow as before, and shooting out a beam of energy from each.
[04:15] <@Psi_Ninja_> These beams connect into a golden cube, forming at the corners.
<@Psi_Ninja_> picture the cube slowly rotating and getting bigger
as more and more energy cords are added, connecting your hands to your
[04:15] <@Psi_Ninja_> Make it get bigger and bigger while still keeping its shape.
[04:17] <@Psi_Ninja_> Now, move one of your hands around the psi cube. Try to feel for the edges and the corners.
[04:17] <@Psi_Ninja_> Tell me what you feel.
[04:18] <Lancefighter> sorry… errr… It feels like a cube, with similar tingly sensations as before
[04:18] <Magicdood> It’s..well, it’s hard to tell the shape personally. I feel the energy. I know it’s a cube..
[04:18] <PsiCryptus> i feel somthing like the sides and their junctions but the edges felt like round
[04:18] <Magicdood> But feeling it with hands…it;s harder for me to tell it’s acube…but I know it is.
[04:18] <Lancefighter> yea
[04:18] <Magicdood> I feel the sides, and top, but it doesn’t come together as a feeling of a cube
[04:18] <Lancefighter> I can agree with magic there
[04:18] <Magicdood> But meh.
[04:18] <Magicdood>
<Eldanen> I noticed that when I had both hands stationary, it
felt as if something was pressing against the bottom of my right hand,
sorta like a field, and the muscles in my right hand wanted to twitch
[04:19] <PsiCryptus> same feeling as Eldanen
<Eldanen> When I moved my right hand to survey it, I noticed that
when I passed into my visualized field of the cube, I felt a small jolt
in the sesnsation as I passed through the boundary.
[04:19] <Eldanen> But otherwise, no truly definite shape did I feel.
[04:20] <@Psi_Ninja_> Yeah.
<Eldanen> As far as I can tell, I don’t think I was focused
enough, because it felt like the energy was slightly too wild.
[04:20] <PsiCryptus> exactly like we could form it but swayed a little out of bounds
[04:21] <@Psi_Ninja_> Ok. Id like you to try this again.
[04:21] <Eldanen> Okay.
<Eldanen> Also, when I did it the first time, the image that I
used started completely formed. It didn’t grow, it was just there.
[04:21] <@Psi_Ninja_> this time, when you are done, picture a hard outer shell forming over the psi cube.
[04:22] <Eldanen> Okay.
[04:22] <Eldanen> That’s what I was thinking, that we needed shelling.
[04:22] <PsiCryptus> let’s begin?
[04:22] <@Psi_Ninja_> The shell is to keep it from losing its energy.
[04:22] <Eldanen> Okay.
[04:22] <@Psi_Ninja_> and keeping its shape
[04:23] <PsiCryptus> then the shield can have the same shape of the cube?
[04:23] <Eldanen> Yep.
[04:23] <Eldanen> It’s kinda like water filling a cube-shaped cup, if you want to picture it that way.
[04:23] <@Psi_Ninja_> yeah. and shell, not shield
[04:23] <Eldanen> YOu want to make sure none spills out.
[04:23] <PsiCryptus> ya
[04:23] <PsiCryptus> ok
[04:23] <@Psi_Ninja_> go ahead and start now
[04:25] <@Psi_Ninja_> (tell me when you are finished)
[04:25] <PsiCryptus> wow
[04:25] <PsiCryptus> this felt like a cube
[04:26] <@Psi_Ninja_> yeah.
[04:27] <Eldanen> Hmmm.
[04:27] <Eldanen> I tried, but when touching, I felt no substantial form.
[04:27] <PsiCryptus> i felt a side and a joint and a pointy edge
[04:27] <@Psi_Ninja_> just feel for the energy
[04:27] <@Psi_Ninja_> it probably wont be like a brick wall or anything
[04:28] <@Psi_Ninja_> just feel for where the energy stops and begins
[04:28] <PsiCryptus> it felt like some energy blocking my hand
[04:28] <Eldanen> Hmm.
[04:29] <Eldanen> I think I might have gotten something that time when I pressed downward. A small sense.
[04:29] <@Psi_Ninja_> yeah
[04:29] <@Psi_Ninja_> just keep practicing


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