Learn how to manage your energetic field. This section provides techniques for keeping your energetic field clean. Learn how to ground and center and how to refine your field.


Energetic Field Management


Basic Energy Management

1. What is Energy Management?

Learn what energy management is and how it differs in comparison to energy manipulation.

2. Passive Techniques

Learn how emotions and expectations affect your energetic field management skills.

3. About Active Techniques

These are the techniques that you might think of when considering proactive field management.

4. Meditation Exercise

Meditation is a simple technique that can be used for focus or as a programming platform.

5. Microcharging / Energy Focusing Exercise

Learn how to focus energy in one area of your body.

6. Combinations

Learn about using multiple techniques together.

7. Charging

Learn about what charging is, and how it is typically used.

8. Energy Management and Fields

Train your abilities in repairing your energetic field, and expanding your field.

8. Ambient Energy

Learn how to manipulate energy present all around you.

9. Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Learn multiple methods of conserving your energy for later use.

10. Energy Management Closing

Innerfire provides closing notes on this introduction series involving the concept of energy management.

Fundamental Field Management Concepts

Field Refinement

Learn about grounding, centering, and field cleansing.