The mind /body section includes training techniques relating to altering your consciousness state. This includes out of body experiences, astral project, meditation, and lucid dreaming.

Out-of-Body Experiences


1. OBE, What it is and What to Expect

This section discusses whether out-of-body experiences are actually out-of-body or not.  It also discusses the (sometimes jarring) sensations associated with having an out-of-body experience.

2. Self-Preparation

The self-preparation discussion discusses possible changes in your belief system associated with having an out-of-body experience.  It also talks about the importance of self-affirmations.

3. Getting Started

This section discusses how long it takes before achieving your first out of body experience(OBE), when to attempt an OBE, and which environments are optimal to success.

4. Inducing an Out of Body Experience

“Inducing an Out of Body Experience” discusses how to actually have an OBE.  Which mindsets are best?  How do you trance out?  What is focus 10?

5. Conclusion

This section provides advice on what you should do after having the out-of-body experience.

Other Mind / Body Articles


How to Use Affirmations to Change Your Life

This article discusses affirmations in great detail. the power of words and intent, building confidence in yourself, and beginning affirmation work. and effectively using affirmations.

Concentration: The Brain is a Muscle

Float emphasizes the importance in developing your concentration, as well as exercises to do so.

Talking with Your Subconscious

Peebrain discusses how to interact with your subconsious self in a way that is informal.

The Unconscious Mind

“The Unconscious Mind” includes a brief introduction to the unconscious mind and body, touches on how the unconscious mind works with the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind and input of anomalous energy.

Body Language and Interpersonal Attraction

This article focuses on discussing body language and interpersonal attraction to a wide-ranging audience. Eye movements, gender differences, smiles and laughter, the neck and ethical issues with reading body language.

Mind/Body Basics

This article is a good starting place for those new to the mind/body studies, and discusses what our mind/body section includes, what realistic mind/body studies look like, and what meditation, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming, and bilocation are.

Stress and Effectively Managing It

This is an introduction to stress management, major causes of stress, negative effects of stress, and how to manage your stress effectively.

Violence and Videogames

This psychology article discusses some of the controversy surrounding violence and videogames, research behind the effects of videogames on violent tendencies, and responsibility.

Astral Projection


Astral Projection: Your First Steps

This psionic article attempts to provide a definition for what astral projection really is, talks about astral projection in relation to the scientific community, the difference between out-of-body experiences and astral projection, & many methods for achieving astral projection.

Lucid Dreaming


Float’s Lucid Dreaming Guide

This psychic article discusses the history of lucid dreaming, the stages of lucid dreaming, and how to have lucid dreams. This is a concise and recommended guide.

Yoga and Meditation


Beginners Guide to Yoga

This article describes the living principles of yoga, kundalini, effective breathing, and it provides some techniques.

Meditation, the Breath, and Chi Breathing

This article describes what meditation is, the importance of breathing to meditation, the four phase breath, & the Tan Jun.

Synergistic Meditation

This synergistic meditation article talks about the benefits of practicing meditation, and how to perform this synergistic meditation technique.

Mindfulness Meditation and the Breath: An Introduction

This article talks about the power of breathing and how it affects the body and mind, mindfulness meditation in general(in great detail), and how to try mindfulness meditation.

Basic Mindfulness Meditation

This article discusses benefits to practicing mindfulness meditation, a basic technique for practicing mindfulness meditation, common physical features of mindfulness meditation, and how long one should practice mindfulness meditation.

Meditation: Basic Physical Features (Common)

This article discusses the very basics of physical features commonly found in meditation-based practices, such as the cross-legged sitting style, posture, and mudras.


This article is intended only as a very basic introduction to meditative studies(it is not comprehensive), and includes a few techniques to help get you started in meditative practice.