Energy Manipulation

February 19, 2014

Chapter V

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Written by: Anka


Coordination – How effectively one can use Psionic abilities
Output – How well one can effect an object using Psionic abilities
Input – How well one can perceive an object using Psionic abilities
Finite – How small of an object can be effected/perceived using Psionic abilities
Quantum – How large of an object can be effected/perceived by using Psionic abilities
Distance – How far away from one will the Psionic abilities be affective
Control – How well one can control Psionic abilities
Concentration – How well one can focus their mind and body on the usage of Psionic abilities

Coordination of Psionic Abilities

All psionic abilities can be used, and used at highly remarkable levels. However that does not necessarily make them useful. Very good psions have a certain finesse about their use of abilities. They use them well and efficiently.
Good psionic coordination comes only with practice and experience.
The exercises in this book are design not only to allow one to use psionic abilities, but to do so with grace and style. The second chapter, systems, is design to make one have an understanding of their own mentality. It allows them to know themselves on a level so that can make the energy flow.
The third chapter, spectrums, is design to make one understand the spectral nature of psionics. It is also design to make one detreamn their own spectrum, and therefore not waste time, energy, and effort on attempts at abilities they are less likely to achieve.
The fourth chapter, energy flow exercises, is design to make the energy flow on a reactionary level. That way when one begians to practice the abilities, they are concentrating on the outcome, not the process.
All of these chapters combined will, if followed correctly, give one some coordination. Simply allow yourself to improve coordination slowly. It is the best and only guaranteed way to do so.

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