Learn about how psychic abilities work. Begin your training with Psionics with these simple tips and exercises.

Psychic Abilities Exercises

For Beginners


1. Create a Journal

You should create a psychic abilities journal to keep track of your progress with psionics, before doing anything else.

2. The Use of Symbol

Learn how the creation of mental symbols can help you train your psychic skills.

3. Action as a Psychic Tool

You can practice psionics using action. This article gives examples and exercises to try.

4. Thought as a Psychic Tool

Thought exercises are the most common way of practicing psychic abilities. This gives you the skills you need to train your psionic skills successfully.

5. Thought and Action at the Same Time

You should create a journal to keep track of your progress with psionics.

6. Self Affirmation Basics

This article discusses how to do self-affirmations in great detail.

7. Progressive Relaxation

This article includes information on what progressive relaxation is, discusses the benefits of progressive relaxation to beginners, and introduces one method with which to try progressive relaxation.

8. Maintaining a Schedule Successfully

Learn how to plan your schedule around the practice of psionics – or not.

9. Engage in Self-Study

Discover the do’s and don’t of self-study.

10. Fundamental Psychic Skills

Learn about the essentials of being a successful psychic abilities practitioner.

Informational Articles

For Beginners


Introduction to Psionics

Start here if you are new. Learn what psionics is about.

Belief Structures

This article discusses techniques you can use in order to see more success if you are a skeptic.

Danger Disclosure

Read this before attempting to practice psionics. You should not practice psionics if you are not of sound mind. You should stop immediately if you experience bad side-effects while practicing.

How to Be a Good Skeptic

This article discusses what healthy skepticism in relation to psychic abilities is. This article has been archived from Psipog.

How to Measure / Verify Your Skills

How do you know if you are doing Psionics successfully?

How to Practice

Discover effective ways to engage in training.

Does Belief Matter?

Does what you believe affect your success while practicing psionics?

Reasonable Expectations

What sort of results should you expect from practicing psychic abilities?

Maintain Focus

Learn how to focus on the things that really matter for advancement.

Engage in Self-Study

What sort of results should you expect from practicing psychic abilities?


This article discusses the brief definition of expectation, examples of being critical, and the implications of using a purposefully uncritical view as a basis for gaining confidence.

Getting Motivated with GreatSheepKing

This article discusses how to maintain a schedule, how music helps with psionics training and psionics practice, imagination in relation to psychic ability, and getting motivated.

Miscellaneous Beginners Information

This psychic article discusses what psi actually is, why you should practice, what a realistic experience is, practice precautions, and gives a brief talk about religious implications.

Where Psionics Practice Goes Wrong



Trusting Yourself

Learn how to trust yourself and your results.

Making Things Work

How does Psionic progression work?

Underlying Issues

There may be inner issues preventing you from having success.

Responsible Forcing

Learn how to responsibly force results.

Finishing on a High Note

Finishing your training on a high note does wonders for your confidence.


Training your visualization skills can be beneficial.

Create Your Own Method

Psychic techniques are nothing if not malleable. Change the techniques so that they make more sense to you.

Energy Revisited

Energetic practice can be beneficial if you are stuck.

More Extenuating Circumstances

What happens when you’ve exhausted all of the other options?



Learn what fluff is and how to avoid it.

Lack of Motivation

This article discusses the lack of motivation that permeates the community.

Why Does Success Vary?

Why are some people more successful than other people with Psionics?

Newbie Rant

Problems newbies have and how to avoid said problems are the topics of discussion.

Concerning Personal “Teachers”

What are the dangers of having a personal teacher?

Overcoming Mediocre Results

What can you do to be more successful?

What are the dangers of having a personal teacher?

Concerning “Sparring”

This article talks about the delusions of most beginners who try psychic combat, along with some of the pros.

How Do You Know It’s Real?

Y’know, in case you couldn’t figure it out.

Confirmation Bias

What is confirmation bias, and how does it affect you?