This section is reserved for energy manipulation exercises of an advanced caliber.  These are only suited for practitioners who have multiple years of active experience with psionics.


Psionic Mods From a Three Domain Perspective

1. An Introduction to Practice

What is a mod and how do you approach creating one?

2. The Mental: Entering the Control Core

This practical exercise teaches you how to enter the core of a person in order to make alterations.  Alter a persons mental self.

3. The Mental: Linking with Sigils

Use “mental projection” to enter into the mental domain of a symbol.   Use sigils to alter various aspects of a person.

4. The Mental: Holistic Alteration

Use holistic alteration to create a psionic mod.

5. The Energetic: Overlays

The energetic domain defines the energetic body, which can be considered the construct emanated by a person’s mind to interact with the material body.  Most of the techniques in the energetic section revolve around construct creation and programming.

6. The Energetic: Adaptive Modifications

Modify someone’s energy body so that it constantly adapts to find new ways to give the target increased psi energy. This technique makes use of adaptive programming.

7.   The Energetic: Pattern Optimisation

Alter ways in which energetic patterns interact to make them more efficient.

8.   The Material

Felidae gives ideas for testing the material benefits of psionic modifications done on the energetic and the mental.

Advanced Articles

Binding Constructs to Objects

This is an intermediate article that focuses on how visualization can be used to bind constructs to objects, the shell melting technique, “weaving” constructs, linking constructs to objects, and the vacuum technique.

Advanced Energy Manipulation and Programming

This article includes information on electromagnetic field theories, psychoenergetics, seeing and affecting patterns, advanced manipulation, crowd control, advanced programming, and more effective shielding.

Three Easy Steps To: Flaring

This article is only intended for those who have succeeding in creating and programming detailed constructs. It is a short introduction to learning how to create constructs which are physically visible.