This site is devoted to the exploration of psionics, commonly referred to as “psi”. Psionics is the use and development of the mental senses and related faculties, sometimes described as extra sensory perception (ESP), mind over matter interaction, and the study and use of subtle energy, which can include such forms as psi energy, chi, mana, and life energy. Psionic study and function is commonly broken down into areas of study, including psychokinesis, telepathy, empathy, remote viewing, precognition, energetic manipulation, healing, out of body experiences, astral projection, and many others. We invite those who wish to examine what psi is in further detail to check out the resources at the Parapsychological Association:

We presume that psionics a real and valid field of study, and are not here to debate its existence. While we are not scientists, we each base our belief that psi exists upon experiential evidence. We are happy to help the genuinely curious on their way, but we do not perform like trained monkeys for those who show up simply to demand “proof” that psi exists. If you really want to test the reality of psionics, why not try it yourself? You will find all the help you need here. Many articles are available for those who wish to develop or study psionics as a field. Our community not only hosts articles, but a forum and an IRC channel, where we share information and compare notes. The knowledge base here varies from those who have just recently heard of psionics, to those who have practiced for many years. Ages of active members ranges from around fifteen to fifty.

Whether you are looking for information to develop your skills, or you are curious about what psionics is and what it is not, you are welcome here. No one with a genuine interest in psionics is excluded, regardless of background or skill level. Whatever your path may be, whether it is hard science, spirituality, magic, or any combination thereof, we welcome you. We do, however, ask that no one proselytize, attempt to “convert”, or generally try to impose their viewpoint, methodology or beliefs upon others. Skeptics are certainly welcome; skepticism is healthy, and is encouraged here. Pseudo skeptics with an axe to grind, who only visit here to harass members, shall be removed promptly. We value growth here, and while we value constructive criticism, we will not tolerate flaming.

We believe psi to be a normal and natural function of the human mind, and invite you to join us in exploring its potential. There is no charge for information or membership, and your anonymity will be respected and preserved. Come with an open mind, and enjoy. Creativity, gentle humor and a sense of adventure are not only welcome here, but encouraged.

We hope you enjoy your visit.