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Energy Management is an incredibly powerful skill area to learn, but unfortunately there is almost no information on it available on the major sites in the Online Energy Community. This article is my attempt to address that. This skill set is a core discipline, by that I mean potentially it can be used to the benefit of almost any of the other psychic abilities. As you might notice when reading this article, some of the techniques are simple enough that some people may have been practicing Energy Management without knowing it.

Author’s Note: I tend to use “energy” where most people would say “psi” by habit (which was brought on by various things). You do not have to agree with this, especially considering that some people would argue (possibly correctly) that psi is technically a variable and might not be a type of energy itself. However realize that I do this, if you want you can think “psi” all you want wherever I say “energy.”

So What is Energy Management?

Energy Management is essentially a kind of internal offshoot of Energy Manipulation, but it is different enough to be categorized as its own skill. The main reason I’d classify it as a separate skill is Energy Manipulation focuses heavily on use of constructs, while no conventional Energy Management technique makes use of constructs. The basic level techniques only involve movement, alteration, generation, and purging of raw energy. The more advanced level techniques can use a form of programing, which is possible even without constructs because of subconscious memory/intent and because the “programmed” energy can remain relatively safe and contained inside the human body.

Energy Management in a general definition can be two things, so when talking to someone it is important to know which sense it is being referred to in. The first is what I was implying before, a set of techniques that in some way cause an alteration in energy levels, or cause a different structuring of what energy is already there (for instance shifting more of your energy to a particular part of the body). The second sense is a knowledge of how to utilize and conserve one’s psychic energy, which is also the more literal meaning.

Since they are similar, use of Energy Management can count as some practice towards Energy Manipulation and vice-versa. However in both cases there are some limitations because of their differences: obviously Energy Management won’t give any practice in forming constructs together, and Energy Manipulation won’t give the necessary experience and familiarity needed to master a particular Energy Management technique. The overlap is typically in general focus, as both skills at the very basic level are moving and manipulating raw energy.

Unfortunately, Energy Management is more difficult to learn and use than Energy Manipulation. While both Energy Management and Energy Manipulation understandably have a level of effectiveness determined by experience in that skill area, Energy Management is a slightly harder skill to learn because experience/familiarity weighs in much more. A number of techniques for Energy Management require a certain amount of energy input, which can be a problem if the goal is to generate energy. Using the same technique, a beginner might have such a poor efficiency that the net gain is insignificant, while an adept user could use the same technique and achieve a high level of efficiency. The difference between their attempts is so minuscule a change in focus that the more adept user likely will not be able to describe what he did differently. This also means that it is easy for the adept user to get “rusty” since the things he/she learned how to do better are such small changes that they are easily forgotten if not used on a regular basis.

As I will describe in the next sections, Energy Management techniques can be split into two types: passive and active. In short, passive techniques are not actual techniques as much as the user takes advantage of knowledge of the way the body and/or mind will react to a certain conventional action or emotional state. Active techniques are actual techniques; the user purposefully performs a technique in order to bring out a desired effect.

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