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Maintaining Focus

As a psionic practitioner, it is expected that you will maintain an equilibrium regarding your psionic practice, as well as your mental and physical health and priorities.  This means that you should practice at least once or twice a day, but also focus on maintaining your health in other areas, such as your diet and physical exercise.

Focus On:

1. Objects or Goals for Extended Periods of Time
This is important because Psionics is something that takes a lot of time and dedication.  Some of our beginner exercises help you to become a more focused individual.
2. Self-Improvement Rather than Ego
It has always been popular within psionics web communities to “boast” about abilities that one “claims” to have(whether or not he/she actually has the abilities he/she claims to have is a different story).  This is often done to gain “reputation points” amongst the other members of psionics web sites.

How to Spot People That Do Not Care About Self Improvement:

> Cares more about having a lot of students than teaching them well.
> This person cares more about appearing to be an authority figure than actually improving him/herself.
> After all, those reputation points count for something, right?

Successful Psionic Practitioners Have the Time to Complete the Exercises

If you have the time to eat, the time to sleep, the time to shower, and the time to use the bathroom, you should have the time to practice psionics.  It should be something that becomes part of your daily routine.  However, for the unfortunate few that actually absolutely cannot make the time to practice, they will have difficulty becoming successful with Psionics.  However, a lot of the time, this is an excuse that is used by individuals who are not motivated or do not wish to put in the time necessary to become successful.

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