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What Does Being A Psionic Practitioner Mean For You?

It means that throughout your endeavours, you will encounter many different, interesting experiences. Some of the initial positives require a commitment on your part.  Some of the common pitfalls / ways people fail are explained below.

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Common Pitfalls

Lack of Motivation

Lack of motivation is natural :).   We all go through those “phases” where it is hard to become motivated to practice.  As a psionic practitioner, it is important to have the traits and willpower necessary to “stick with it”.

Ideas for Staying Motivated

>  Remind yourself about why you began practicing psionics
>  Join in on the chat or forums to discuss psionics and your ideas
>  Read more psionics articles or pieces of interesting research about psionics
> Watch psychokinesis videos

Giving Up Too Quickly

Perhaps you have tried all of the exercises in the beginners section for two full weeks and have not yet achieved the success you have desired.  Perhaps you have dedicated this time doing meditation exercises, but you want to get to the “cool stuff” already.  As a psionic practitioner, there are, in my opinion, two ways of doing psionics:

1. The quick way
2. The “right way”

The exercises on our website are laid out in such a fashion as to provide the groundwork for someone that is seriously interested in spending an extended amount of time practicing psionics.  It does not skip over all of the fundamentals in favor of having you learn flamboyant abilities quickly, such as psychokinesis.  We have made this decision because, historically, there have been way too many individuals that try abilities like psychokinesis right away, and wonder why they are having immense difficulty getting past the basics (i.e. the psiwheel, an object with little friction used by beginners when practicing telekinesis).

Ideas for Not Giving Up:

> Read our article about patience
> Understand that these things take a lot of time and dedication.

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