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[InnerFire] Alright, so we have a pretty simple run tonight, since technically I haven’t even go over how to do shelling yet. The practice classes will get more interesting once there’s more material to work with

[InnerFire] First, anyone manage to develop any questions since wenesday?

[KarateKid] besides what psi flow feels like, then no.

[KarateKid] I’m still not sure whether or not its just my imagination

[InnerFire] Well, describe what you’ve felt so far

[Eagleshadow] i made some progress i guess, I am now able to hold my ball for several minutes without problems

[KarateKid] well, when I visualize psi flowing in my arms, it feels like flowing, not tingly, as I thought it’d feel

[InnerFire] and that’s good Eagle btw

[InnerFire] and does it feel like anything when you try and make a ball?

[KarateKid] a bit warm, and for some reason, a little breeze, though there’s no air blowing.

[KarateKid] I even turned my little fan off to double check, but the feeling was the same.

[Eagleshadow] on the other hand, I’m totally sure that i can do it – it really feels cool, like i can really feel the energy ^^

* InnerFire grins

[Eagleshadow] my friend just made a psiball for the first time!

[Eagleshadow] hehe he is totally into it now

[KarateKid] yay! Congratulations!

[InnerFire] well, that’s interesting KarateKid, keep at it, and try and note what you feel, we’ll probably make a few tonight and I’ll give some feedback on that

[KarateKid] Will do!

[InnerFire] hmm, too bad there’s not many seasoned people here, I was going to make some toys of my own and throw a few towards people

[InnerFire] I guess I can do that for you guys, but you probably won’t be able to pick up much on them just yet

[InnerFire] and both of you have been practicing so that’s good. I don’t have to get mad at anyone just yet

[Eagleshadow] more i practiced, more i was sure i was makeing it couse i was able to make it stronger then when i was first begining

[InnerFire] so yea, for our first sorta exercise, lets test out the different visualizations. First try making one using clouds as your visualization as I was describing yesterday, and keep track of as many details as you can

[InnerFire] hmm, I usually don’t use pure standard visualization anymore, but I guess i’ll try too in doing it that way

* Eagleshadow starts makeing a psiball

[InnerFire] interesting, that actually isn’t too bad a one for my standards what I just made, although I might still be putting some tactile visualization in there, once you do it enough it’s hard to not use it

[Eagleshadow] i made it. it was cool, as usuall i got a little slow pulsating feel in my hands like the ball is rotating slowly which makes sense couse I’m imagining it spinning in the way it’s forming

[InnerFire] ah that reminds me, it might take a while for you guys to really pool enough energy into it, i just spent a little more time with mine and bumped up the density quite nicely

[Eagleshadow] i usually take 1 to 3 minutes to make psiball

[InnerFire] try and keep the streams constant too if you can, it’s easier to pulse it on and off, but you tend to make your focus a little less stable

[InnerFire] that seems about right Eagle

[KarateKid] I think I did it! Well it’s gone now but I’ll try again.

[InnerFire] good, just remember to keep track of what you’re feeling so we have something to talk about

[KarateKid] got it all written down in my notebook.

[InnerFire] very good

[Eagleshadow] my friend (saruman) feels it kinda magnetic he says, like he’s holding somehting

* InnerFire grins again.

[InnerFire] That’s what most people feel, although if you’re not don’t force it

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[InnerFire] hey Dark, you haven’t missed too much, right now I’m having them make some psiballs, using the cloud visualization, we’ll do that first then make one with water and compare, so be sure to keep track of what you feel

[DarkTiger] oh ok

[InnerFire] I seem to be having a little trouble focusing tonight, of course that’s relative trouble so I shouldn’t be complaining, I’m still stringing together lots of constructs made at the same time

[InnerFire] but yea, just to illustrate I’m usually not idle when I make you guys practice, I go about and tinker with things on my own while I wait

[InnerFire] so how’s everyone doing?

[KarateKid] I think I’m doing good.

[hoom] sorry, is this going to be posted on the website?

[DarkTiger] I can’t pay attention to anything…

[Eagleshadow] I had some trouble makeing it using clouds/wind as visualisation method, i felt the energy but it’s like it kept escaping. I guess i can do it better with water. Saruman felt kinda same feeling too. He felt the energy on his palm and tried to make a psiball but he slightly lost focus and he felt like he was loosing the energy

[InnerFire] hmmm, yea I think the problem with clouds is they’re harder to keep a grip on

[Eagleshadow] yea like that

[InnerFire] well you’ve just learned I guess that maybe water works better for you guys

[hoom] after this seminar is over, will it be posted on the the site?

[InnerFire] I usually email it out to people registered for the class, I probably should forward this and the older logs to Metal to actually post on the site. So maybe, hoom

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[InnerFire] I’m a bit busy and absent minded, so things don’t always happen immediately though

[hoom] ill remind you

[hoom] cause i have to depart

[hoom] though i may be back soon

[hoom] ciao

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[InnerFire] alright, so maybe people should start to wrap up so we can get some time to talk about things

[InnerFire] KarateKid said he was writing things down so I’m interested to hear what he go

[InnerFire] *got

[KarateKid] well, the first thing I noticed was that I got that water flowing feeling again.

[KarateKid] when I made the psiball, it felt a bit warm, and felt like it was pulsating.

[KarateKid] not a lot, but a little.

[KarateKid] every time I made a psiball, I got the same thing.

[Eagleshadow] so yours is pulsating too

[KarateKid] yep!

[InnerFire] hmm

[KarateKid] I’m not sure why there’s that stupid wind feeling though.

* InnerFire doesn’t know either

[InnerFire] the magnetic thing is pretty much the only thing I feel, on that note Saruman is probably like me

[Eagleshadow] i figured it’s couse it’s rotating slowly, like 1 or 2 rotations per second

[KarateKid] dumb wind. Maybe I should stop visualizing wind.

* Eagleshadow feels magnetic aswell ^^

[Eagleshadow] that’s what i feel most

* KarateKid feels no magnetism.

[DarkTiger] for me, magnetic, pretty strong, sometimes I can’t push my hands together.

[InnerFire] that’s good

[Eagleshadow] yea like that

[Eagleshadow] like you cant close your hands together

[InnerFire] and I’m not saying non-magnetic isn’t bad, it’s just magnetic is the one I can easily confirm since that’s what I feel

[KarateKid] well as long as it’s not just my imagination

[Eagleshadow] my feeling is strong enough to make me totally sure it’s not imagination

[Eagleshadow] it just cant be ^^

[Eagleshadow] it’s too cool

[KarateKid] Perhaps I should stop doubting and just go with it.

[InnerFire] it is rather hard to explain away

[KarateKid] even if it’s a bit different.

[InnerFire] yea I think go with it for now

[KarateKid] works for me!

[Eagleshadow] well as innterfire suggested last time, if youre not sure try to just hold hands in position without doing psionics (read a comic or something?) – it’s a good test

[KarateKid] I did that

[KarateKid] When I wasn’t doing psionics I felt nothing, but when I was, I felt those feelings.

[Eagleshadow] i’d say you nailed it ^^

[KarateKid] cool! =)

[InnerFire] yea, I’d say at least it doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything horribly wrong

[InnerFire] done a good job going about everything per my instructions ^_^

[InnerFire] so keep practicing, see what you end up getting

[KarateKid] That’s always good to know:D

[Eagleshadow] so will we be doing anything more today?

* Eagleshadow hopes so

[InnerFire] there’s not too much more too do, unless you want to try tactile

[InnerFire] we really didn’t cover too much in the first lecture that we can practice on

[Eagleshadow] hmm I’m not rly sure how to do tactile exactly, I’m trying to feel the feel of energy flowing while i do it with water, hoping that some day I’ll figure out how exatly it should feel

[Eagleshadow] i see so at saturdays we only practice what we learned over the week lessons

[DarkTiger] g2g I’m not feeling too good, bbl

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[InnerFire] primarily

[InnerFire] there’s little games we can do (I have a love for pass the construct since it practices 3 skills at once)

[KarateKid] I’m glad I got to practice this week.

[KarateKid] pass the construct?

[InnerFire] but we need to get a bit farther on the material to do that, once we get shelling and sending down we can get passing stuff around

[Eagleshadow] sounds very interesting

[KarateKid] yes indeed!

[InnerFire] people pair up, one person sends a construct of a shape and usually color, and the other tries to read what it is

[Eagleshadow] !!

[InnerFire] we didn’t get too many people coming to the practice sessions last time, but when we got games going the old guys were pretty good at it

* InnerFire grins

[KarateKid] Sounds fun!…and hard…but fun!

[InnerFire] well someone usually gets paired with me. which is either lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it

[InnerFire] I don’t know my own strength a lot of the time  So it’s easy to sense things if you have something extremely dense thrown at you

[KarateKid] Man I’ll have to work on my psiballs for this game!

[KarateKid] I like to throw things!

[Eagleshadow] yea me too hehe

[Eagleshadow] ^^

[InnerFire] yea, make sure once we go over shelling on wenesday you work on that a lot

[InnerFire] the constructs need a good shell to survive transit, I learned that pretty fast

* Eagleshadow resists the urge to try to learn shelling himself ahead of time x)

[KarateKid] I’ll read an article on shelling so I can practice in the meantime

[Eagleshadow] cheat!

* KarateKid is also trying to resist

[KarateKid] I guess that can wait, after all, I don’t want to try to learn too much at once.

[InnerFire] well, you can, I might end up saying something different, but you can still read up on things

[InnerFire] i forget where I originally learned shelling from, although my methods probably diverged and became my own style after a while

[InnerFire] ok, I think we’re done then for now

=-= InnerFire has changed the topic to “No class/activity active for the moment”

[KarateKid] ok, thanks for the lesson!

[InnerFire] see you guys wednesday


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