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Neveza hosted an informative Self-Improvement class on 10.29.07 .


*Log was edited for readability*

Sel Improvement- LOG 1

[20:25] neveza: Tell me what you guys think psionics is? How it works and why it works.
[20:26] metalforever: Psionics………….for me to answer this and have it be wrong would be mighty good. How do i define Psionics, or what Psionics “is”? If i were to define psionics, well, psionics is my life….. for one. (probably wasnt one you were expecting). Though i think the deinition of psionics varies for everyone.
[20:27] Preyor: do you really want me to get into that here?
[20:27] neveza: Preyor, Sure, it sets your level of thinking to me. I don’t know anything about you.
[20:28] Preyor: are you familiar with quantum physics?
[20:28] metalforever: aye.
[20:28] b9: I think of psionics as I think of all other energy manipulating “genres” as a way of manipulating energy around us.
[20:29] Preyor: i theorize that energy is really quantum information
[20:29] Preyor: and through the electromagnetic processes of our neurons we can alter this information on a fundamental subatomic level
[20:30] Preyor: creating changes in the entire energy matter system
[20:33] neveza: Alright. Obviusly, Preyor is backed by science so he puts me in a different situation for this class, but I think he can still get some use. b9, I don’t understand you at all…sorry.
[20:34] metalforever: lol.
[20:34] metalforever: and me, you probably dont want to comment
[20:34] Preyor: lmao
[20:34] Preyor: yours was cute Eye-wink
[20:34] metalforever: im under the ideology that it doesnt matter what Psionics IS, its what psionics IS to ME.
[20:34] *** VeRsUaL has joined #psionicsonline.
[20:35] metalforever: welcome.
[20:35] metalforever: we are answering what psionics is.
[20:35] b9: And I also think most systems are the same just based on a few slight differences.
[20:35] Preyor: thank you, at least someone here shares my nonchalant-ness
[20:36] neveza: Metal, your is a special case. Something very close I was aiming for. People don’t generally use science for psionics and are generally wrong. Though, being wrong isn’t always a bad thing, just not accepting it is as it hinders growth and progress. Psionics is very much about yourself than anything since you have varibles that is directly related to yor mind, sub-consciuosly to be specific(please don’t think too hard with science on this).
[20:36] Preyor: lol
[20:36] Preyor: i understand
[20:36] neveza: However, Preyor is another special case since he used logic and science. Something that should be promoted in psionics as well.
[20:37] VeRsUaL: I got a question: Is psionics basically your Astral Body using powers within your physical body?
[20:37] Preyor: err no
[20:37] neveza: VeRsUaL, probably not.
[20:37] metalforever: feel free to make your own interpretations though
[20:37] Preyor: indeed
[20:37] metalforever: basically, i said that it doesnt matter what Psionics IS., its what it IS to ME.
[20:39] neveza: Now, Technique. We always look for the perfect technique, right? What is a technique, I ask, why do we use one?
[20:39] VeRsUaL: Ok is psionics a thought of the mind? What is a thought of the mind is it a visual or a wave pattern more like a voice pattern with waves that are the signal?
[20:40] Preyor: <_< the best tech is the one that works
[20:40] metalforever: a technique comforts us. the fact of the matter is, we are human beings. human beings like to be organized. Techniques impose a sense of being organized.
[20:40] neveza: Preyor, exactly! However, what would make a technique work?
[20:41] Preyor: thats a trickier question
[20:41] Preyor: but in short, assloads af practice
[20:41] metalforever: well…… not quite.
[20:41] VeRsUaL: what makes a technique work? probably something that is easy to remember
[20:41] Preyor: there has to be a fundamentally sound understanding
[20:41] Preyor: which is gained the first time you see results
[20:41] neveza: Preyor, is that so? So, if I did nothing but Psychokinesis for years straight on, nothing but psychokinesis. I should be better? Sure, practice helps, but there is more to it.
[20:42] Saintbob: such as?
[20:42] neveza: What is the general basics of a technique?
[20:42] VeRsUaL: ya such as?
[20:42] Preyor: but after that trainignt he mind to work in this way slowly unlocks doors to still greater methods
[20:42] Preyor: a technique should consist of three parts
[20:42] Preyor: philosophy (that can stand to logic and reason)
[20:43] Preyor: understanding (difficult as hell to translate to other people)
[20:43] Preyor: and actualizability (people other than you experience success with it)
[20:44] neveza: Wrong, though, nice traits for constructing a technique, But it’s not part of it.
[20:44] Preyor: damn
[20:44] Preyor: was i at least close?
[20:44] neveza: Anybody else want to take a hand into the question? Preyor, not for this, no.
[20:45] neveza: Though, you are closer to where I want to lead people.
[20:45] VeRsUaL: a Technique is to make a idea or make something work
[20:46] neveza: VeRsUaL, great, but what would make a technique work? The parts.
[20:46] VeRsUaL: but the parts are the idea
[20:46] metalforever: your subconscious understanding of the technique perhaps?
[20:46] VeRsUaL: yes
[20:46] VeRsUaL: what makes the subconscious understand stuff when you can’t?
[20:47] neveza: metalforever, yes, that’s one of them. This will take days to answer so I shall answer it. Communication, Intent, and will. Those are the three that I find the most useful. Lose one and a technique will not work effectivly.
[20:47] metalforever: commmunication?
[20:47] neveza: metalforever, yes, if what they say is true, you must communicate to your sub-consciuos the goal.
[20:47] VeRsUaL: i think it sends a signal to your brain
[20:47] neveza: I suppose it would follow with intent.
[20:47] neveza: But I like to diversify it.
[20:47] *** Kow has joined #psionicsonline.
[20:48] Kow: Moo
[20:48] Saintbob: Hello kow
[20:48] neveza: As well, all the tiny needed information. Which is why most beginner’s articles starts with a visualization. It’s one of the easiest communication.
[20:49] VeRsUaL: ok
[20:49] Saintbob: Understood
[20:49] VeRsUaL: So how will this help us be better at psionics ?
[20:50] neveza: Now, preyor, what you said earlier, philosophy, understanding and actualizablitiy would be the needed elements(like a frame of a car) in developing a technique in order to satisfy the three needed parts.
[20:50] neveza: VeRsUaL, allows you to think flexibly.
[20:51] Preyor: indeed
[20:52] neveza: Now, this is where the fun starts. The actual practice. Energy Manipulation is the skill, and passing the Construct is the game. This is where I tell you to develop a technique with all the learned knowledge. Try to develop a tool for you. Mess around a bit. The game will become simpler then harder each round.
[20:53] Saintbob: May i join in?
[20:53] neveza: Alright, should we have partners or go down the list?
[20:53] metalforever: all are welcome
[20:53] * Kow is not participating.
[20:56] metalforever: down the list
[20:57] neveza: I’ll voice those that are joing the practice…so don’t get alarmed.
[20:57] *** Mode change “+v EverLearning” for channel #psionicsonline by neveza.
[20:57] *** Mode change “+v Preyor” for channel #psionicsonline by neveza.
[20:57] *** Mode change “+v Saintbob” for channel #psionicsonline by neveza.
[20:58] *** Mode change “+v VeRsUaL” for channel #psionicsonline by neveza.
[20:58] *** Mode change “+v b9″ for channel #psionicsonline by neveza.
[20:59] neveza: Alright, to get the most out of what I’ve lectured on, I would like people to strip everything they’ve learned in their life surrounding techniques(actual techniques) and then play around with ideas and see what works. First round will be shapes. Second round will be shapes and temprature. Third round will be Shapes, texture, and temprature. anything after will be forumalated or random.
[21:06] neveza: Metal would go up first since she’s on the list. She makes a construct. Any shape she wants. A ball, pyramid, a wierd oblong shape. Though, I would rather have simple shapes at the moment. Then we’ll increase in difficulty.
[21:06] neveza: Oh, after one makes the construct, you pass it down to the person next under you.
[21:07] VeRsUaL: i see
[21:07] metalforever: alright
[21:07] metalforever: one moment.
[21:07] neveza: Then that person scans it and figure out the shape.
[21:07] neveza: Please, keep this organized with /me sends
[21:07] VeRsUaL: ok
[21:08] metalforever: sending.
[21:08] neveza: Also, I need to freshen up my skills as well. So aim for a hand of a specify target… I perfer my right.
[21:08] metalforever: alright, sure.
[21:09] * metalforever sends.
[21:09] VeRsUaL: metal said sending
[21:10] Saintbob: .
[21:10] neveza: Eh, feels like a pyrimid construct. I haven’t done this in months.
[21:10] metalforever: yeah
[21:10] metalforever: you are correct.
[21:10] metalforever: alright nev, your turn to send.
[21:10] neveza: Alright. b9, you here?
[21:10] b9: Yeah
[21:11] b9: ready when you are.
[21:11] neveza: Alright, which hand.
[21:11] b9: right.
[21:11] * neveza is sending.
[21:13] b9: Might it be a cube?
[21:13] neveza: B9, indeed, that was the shape I intended.
[21:13] b9: Ok
[21:14] b9: Ok wait just a few sec as I make it.
[21:14] EverLearning: and in my left hand, if you would Smiling
[21:14] neveza: Remember, b9, send to EverLearning.
[21:14] b9: yeah
[21:15] * b9 sends
[21:16] neveza: Remember, don’t worry about failures. It’s a learning process.
[21:17] EverLearning: was it a pyramid?
[21:17] b9: Try again
[21:18] EverLearning: cube?
[21:18] neveza: Please, limit to a one try.
[21:18] b9: ah ok
[21:18] EverLearning: mmk
[21:21] * EverLearning sends
[21:21] VeRsUaL: he hasn’t said sending yet
[21:21] Preyor: i was aware
[21:21] Preyor: yellow pyramid
[21:22] EverLearning: sphere
[21:22] Preyor: blue?
[21:22] EverLearning: but I’m bad at this : /
[21:22] Preyor: indeed
21:22] * Preyor sending
[21:22] Saintbob: right hand please.
[21:23] Preyor: its shape/color
[21:23] Saintbob: cube / red?
[21:23] Preyor: cube/green
[21:23] Saintbob: Close
[21:23] Preyor: very
[21:23] Saintbob: Im not good with colors
[21:23] Preyor: few are
[21:23] * neveza ponders on when colors came in.
[21:27] * Saintbob sending
[21:27] VeRsUaL: triangle/green
[21:27] Saintbob: Nope
[21:28] Saintbob: It’s ok we tried
[21:28] VeRsUaL: alright metal you rdy?
[21:29] Saintbob: .
[21:29] VeRsUaL: metalforever?
[21:29] Preyor: shes probably staring at pictures of me, its more interesting than tv
[21:29] * neveza pokes metalforever.
[21:29] metalforever: aye.
[21:29] VeRsUaL: ok
[21:29] Preyor: aye = most adictive word ever
[21:30] Saintbob: aye it is
[21:30] Preyor: aye
[21:30] Preyor: i started that lol
[21:30] metalforever: stop copying me
[21:30] metalforever: little girls.
[21:30] metalforever: alright
[21:30] * VeRsUaL sending to metalforever.
[21:30] * VeRsUaL sent
[21:31] *** Raikia has signed off IRC (Exit: ).
[21:31] metalforever: well its certainly not cube.
[21:33] VeRsUaL: its a 2d square shape / yellow color
[21:33] Saintbob: lol
[21:33] metalforever: damn square!
[21:33] metalforever: hell.
[21:34] neveza: Remember guys, tomorrow will be a continuation of this class. So, it’ll heavily focus more on practice and descussion than any lectures from me…simply I haven’t prepared anything for tomorrow. Sticking out tongue
[21:35] b9: Well to get more flow into this practice, those inactive should ready their constructs until its their time so we wont have a scan + creating construct delay


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