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This seminar was presented as a holiday gift, unannounced, to the community late Christmas evening/early the next day.


*Log was edited for Readability*


[00:00] metalforever: Alright, yall, how are we doing tonight?
[00:01] metalforever: tonights seminar is being logged, and may be edited for readability.
[00:01] metalforever: Alright, now that thats out of the way
[00:01] metalforever: First of all, to you, what is remote viewing? Be detailed.
[00:01] *** Suni is now known as MrSmith.
[00:01] neveza: Picking up information from the distance by following a strict protocol.
[00:02] FoxDemon2: i agree with the removal of strict
[00:02] *** jaci has joined #psionicsonline.
[00:03] jaci: hey
[00:03] metalforever: Alright, Remote viewing is the ability to gain information from a distance
[00:03] metalforever: tonight i am teaching how to remote view using coordinates
[00:03] neveza: I say strict is because you have to follow the protocols, like a specific amounts of numbers in a coord.
[00:03] *** FREAK is now known as MrAnderson.
[00:04] metalforever: hello, jaci
[00:04] metalforever: welcome
[00:04] metalforever: Alright, now what are coordinates
[00:04] MrSmith: nev, they are rules stuck to clairavoyance, half assing it and doing whatever for the coords still works
[00:04] metalforever: and how do they relate to remote viewing
[00:05] metalforever: First coordinates, usually of 8 digits, i use 7, get assigned to an object in order to make an association
[00:05] neveza: Personally, I think teh coords are just something to focus on.
[00:05] metalforever: so 5555-5555
[00:05] MrSmith: they are nev, now let metal teach it
[00:06] neveza: [12:05] and how do they relate to remote viewing
[00:06] metalforever: okay, now the numbers used, they are totally random, only to help make an association to the object.
[00:06] metalforever: got it?
[00:07] metalforever: Alright, youve got your coordinates, and youve made your association, now what?
[00:08] metalforever: remote viewing can be done in a group, OR it could be done solo.- after you have made your association and your coordinates (or your partner has made the coordinates), next is the process of receiving
[00:09] metalforever: now receiving in remote viewing is a bit passive
[00:09] MrSmith: yes RV is a passive skill, you dont force anything to happen, you sit back, relax and let the info float your way
[00:10] metalforever: So, you basically sit back, and let the information to come to you, all while thinking about said coordinates
[00:10] metalforever: now this information could be a colour, a thought, a word, a picture- anything
[00:10] metalforever: when “receiving” its best not to come to a complete conclusion
[00:11] metalforever: if you receive water, write water, not lake
[00:11] MrSmith: take notes of what you get, everything you get, draw if you catch more visual details, or just write down what you get
[00:11] metalforever: when you are finished, you may try to piece some of the information together, but its best not to be totally concrete unless you are completely sure
[00:11] MrSmith: yes, dont try to assume what your target is until you are done, doing that will most likely make you wrong
[00:12] metalforever: okay, so, in steps
[00:12] MrSmith: the trick to RV is keeping calm and not making up information unconsciously
[00:13] MrSmith: and thats why there is emphasis on just getting the information instead of thinking about it
[00:13] metalforever: 1. get relaxed 2. get coordinates. (a partner may do this) 3. Associate coordinates to object (partner may do this) 4. try to relate the coordinates to the object you are trying to find. 5. sit back and receive information
[00:14] metalforever: alright, any questions?
[00:14] metalforever: yes its that simple.
[00:15] FoxDemon2: who will pick the coordiantes?
[00:15] MrSmith: usually it helps to just repeat the numbers in your head over and over to distract yourself from stray thoughts
[00:15] metalforever: a partner generally picks the coordinates, but you may pick them yourself in attempt to find a certain object etc.
[00:15] MrSmith: while relaxed you should pick up small blips of detail, may not be visual detal
[00:15] metalforever: right
[00:15] metalforever: words
[00:16] metalforever: sensations
[00:16] metalforever: shapes
[00:16] FoxDemon2: sounds
[00:16] metalforever: whatever
[00:16] metalforever: yep.
[00:16] metalforever: alright, we are going to try an in class exercise
[00:16] metalforever: everyone get mspaint out- or a pen pencil if it suits your fancy
[00:16] metalforever: reply when finished
[00:19] metalforever: okay
[00:19] metalforever: the objects coordinates are:
[00:19] metalforever: ( i do 7 digit coordinates)
[00:20] metalforever: 502-5392
[00:28] metalforever: alright, anyone haev any guesses on what the coordinates might actually be?
[00:29] neveza: I saw something round and something sticking out of it.
[00:29] jaci: I tried to RV that, I actually just finished looking at a target right before I came on so I might have mucked this one up a bit
[00:30] MrSmith: share what details you got
[00:30] jaci: *laughs* no problem
[00:30] jaci: I had a description rather than a definate thing
[00:31] FoxDemon2: then type it
[00:31] MrSmith: thats much better
[00:31] MrSmith: fox, did you try?
[00:31] jaci: Yeah typing- had it written down- am getting there
[00:32] jaci: Alright *hopes this isn’t dead wrong but anyways*
[00:32] jaci: Rounded edges, smooth, reflective surface (unsure if AOL- very 1st impression). Colour yellow, green, grey, blue (brown)
[00:32] jaci: Outside, can see the sky. Sun is out. Vegetation- grass some trees. Man-made elements.
[00:32] metalforever: alright, is everyone finished?
[00:32] jaci: sorry should have PM’ed that- stops typing
[00:33] metalforever: alright
[00:33] *** MrAnderson is now known as Spartacus.
[00:33] FoxDemon2: sparticus
[00:33] metalforever: its a round cd player with green around the edges thats mainly grey, that has a screen in the middle, along with white buttons: *
[00:34] neveza: I got round right.
[00:34] metalforever: yep.
[00:34] metalforever: jaci, outside part- no- the rest is a hit
[00:34] neveza: I made into a tissue box though, but I figured that was wrong.
[00:35] metalforever: thats why we dont use specifics
[00:35] MrSmith: remember to put more weight on the earlier details
[00:35] jaci: Great it’s going to be what I thought was the AOL
[00:35] MrSmith: because after a while you could start to drift and lose concentration
[00:35] MrSmith: get bad information
[00:35] neveza: I can’t concentrate on coords very well. I don’t remember number sequences.
[00:35] *** Spartacus is now known as FREAK.
[00:36] jaci: Not necisarily- sometimes you get more acurate information later on
[00:36] FoxDemon2: just not this time appearently
[00:36] jaci: nope
[00:36] jaci: not this time Sticking out tongue
[00:36] MrSmith: nev, thats why you repeate it over and over
[00:36] metalforever: alright, good practice yall- it might be agood idea to set up a practice groups
[00:36] metalforever: -s
[00:36] metalforever: what do you think>
[00:37] FREAK: i can lead one, been doing RV for a year 1/2
[00:37] neveza: MrSmith, I do…
[00:37] metalforever: alright- then so be it- nev- your practice session thing , put RV in there
[00:41] MrSmith: important thing with early RV practice is just getting more correct information then getting the target correct
[00:45] jaci: What was the object btw?
[00:45] FoxDemon2: a cd player

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