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This is the third Psychokinesis: Getting Started class as hosted by Metalforever.


Log was edited for readability.


[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:00:42] <metalforever> first and foremost, how are yall doing tonight?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:01:32] <EverLearning> all right…today’s been kind of an “off” day, though
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:01:33] <VeRsUaL> i am doing pretty good seems i got a ear ach like but toke some halls starting to feel better.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:02:42] <metalforever> lets start of the lesson with a question.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:02:45] <metalforever> Can anyone describe to me what has been learned thus far?, In particular what we learned last class?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:03:23] <VeRsUaL> i found amethod that works for me so far
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:03:56] <metalforever> what did we go over?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:04:00] <VeRsUaL> you wanted us to practice 4 hours and tell you are thoughts and the outcome
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:04:44] <EverLearning> and we went over choosing the method to use for us
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:04:59] <metalforever> yes
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:05:03] <metalforever> good
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:05:20] <metalforever> We discussed the importance in finding a method that works for you
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:05:39] <metalforever> thats because… why?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:05:39] <VeRsUaL> ya
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:05:47] <metalforever> everyones different
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:05:51] <EverLearning> because we are us
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:05:52] <VeRsUaL> yes
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:05:53] <EverLearning> muahaha
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:06:24] <metalforever> the methods that make sense to you are the ones that work better for you
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:06:48] <metalforever> ok who did their homework?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:06:49] <VeRsUaL> ya
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:06:53] <VeRsUaL> i did
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:06:58] <metalforever> everlearning?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:07:38] <EverLearning> 1/8 of the homework :/ … kind of difficult to practice without faculties of focus
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:08:00] <VeRsUaL> whats that mean?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:08:02] <metalforever> ok. i see.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:08:25] <metalforever> how well did your created method work.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:08:28] <metalforever> both of you
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:08:55] <VeRsUaL> mine actually works great
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:09:06] <VeRsUaL> just needs fine tuning and it should be good
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:09:15] <metalforever> everlearning?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:09:20] * EverLearning still doesn’t have movement yet; thinks the thing that would help most now is, basically, practice
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:09:27] <metalforever> alright
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:09:29] <metalforever> well great job there
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:10:03] <metalforever> What were your thoughts whilst practicing this new method?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:10:10] <metalforever> besides it working/ not working.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:11:02] <EverLearning> that practicing Energy Manipulation< would benefit it
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:11:16] <VeRsUaL> my thoughts and method is like fishing. You throw the Intent out there and wait for the fish to bite it. If you keep thinking of it your moving the rod and the fish see it and you don’t catch any fish.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:11:53] <VeRsUaL> so the trick is be patient and wait for the fish or intent to nimble on the object. Then after that its not before long you got it hooked and can really move it.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:12:17] <metalforever> versual , interesting views
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:12:26] <VeRsUaL> thanks
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:12:29] <metalforever> thoughtful
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:12:39] <metalforever> everlearning, we are going to work on that today-
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:12:51] <metalforever> if you feel that other energy manipulation skills would benefit you with Psychokinesis
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:12:54] <metalforever> then practicing it would probably be a good idea.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:13:10] <VeRsUaL> can i also throw something else that helps you?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:13:21] <metalforever> yes, sure.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:13:57] <VeRsUaL> like i find a way to do pk without being so tired when i am holding a pillow i sleep on that energy is on that pillow helping me regenrate my energy back or not get so tired after pk
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:14:31] <metalforever> well….. taking a break is a good thing to do.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:14:37] <VeRsUaL> ya
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:14:55] <VeRsUaL> the pillow trick has helped me alot in the last 4 days
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:15:43] <metalforever> well, continue with that, if it works
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:15:49] <VeRsUaL> ya thanks
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:15:57] <metalforever> Now we are going to focus on todays lesson:
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:16:27] <metalforever> Creating A schedule that works for you.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:16:28] <metalforever> ok.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:16:50] <metalforever> Now why create one in the first place.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:16:52] <metalforever> ?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:17:19] <VeRsUaL> to get your subc mind comfortable with it and it be easier to do and more ready at a certain time.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:17:29] <EverLearning> To make sure you practice, and practice consistently
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:17:29] <VeRsUaL> meaning you be at your peak for pk your best chance. For example, if you go in a house you know like the layout if not you don’t and could get lost. So basically this is a map like to are subc so we know what to expect and it is prepared.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:18:53] <metalforever> right.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:19:42] <metalforever> What benefits do you think you might gain from keeping a schedule?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:20:24] <VeRsUaL> i think i get better shorter timing for it to happen sooner and more accurate
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:20:49] <metalforever> everlearning?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:20:50] <EverLearning> the benefits of more practice
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:20:57] <metalforever> right
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:21:05] <metalforever> because people blow off practice otherwise.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:21:13] <metalforever> for the most part at least.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:22:29] <metalforever> alright, now, im sure you guys have tried a schedule before.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:22:31] <metalforever> what happened?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:22:53] <VeRsUaL> well it worked like i was able to do what i wanted
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:22:59] <EverLearning> I stuck to it, when I had one in the summer for a wee bit, until i decided to postpone PK.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:27:26] <metalforever> right
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:27:33] <metalforever> you tried to postpone practice.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:27:53] <metalforever> this is where willpower comes into play.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:28:08] <VeRsUaL> i only postponed practice if i was sick or didn’t feel good or not alot of sleep
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:28:16] <metalforever> postponing practice is like telling yourself “i dont really want to learn psychokinesis”
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:28:27] <metalforever> “i would rather do other things.”
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:29:29] <VeRsUaL> i tell you how much willpower i got i been doing pk for over now 3 years and finally learning how to do it cause i was foolish at first now i am wising up.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:29:37] <metalforever> Now what is the one of the most important things when creating a schedule?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:29:50] <VeRsUaL> um giving a time and date
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:29:53] <EverLearning> making it realistic
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:29:59] <EverLearning> sticking to it
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:30:20] <metalforever> yes, all of these things are important
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:30:33] <metalforever> but theres something in particular i think is really important.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:30:54] <metalforever> You have to create a schedule that works for you… otherwise you wont stick to it
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:31:18] <metalforever> If you miss the scheduled time due to an unexpected event, dont deprive yourself of the needed practice to get better, schedule that half an hour to an hour at a seperate time. You deserve to give yourself the practice important to succeeding.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:32:25] <metalforever> Alright, but a schedule isnt all about practice
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:33:12] <metalforever> Sure thats part of it, but there is most definitely more.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:33:48] <metalforever> For example, if you feel that Meditation is crucial to succeeding in psychokinesis, then it is- for you.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:34:07] <metalforever> If you feel that splitting up your schedule to smaller sessions, if you are tired, exausted, or simply have a hard time sitting for a long time and practicing (meditation), then it is important to split up daily practice sessions -for you.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:34:18] <metalforever> any questions/ comments there?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:34:34] <VeRsUaL> i think practicing attention no your Third Eye is important for you or thats my way.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:36:16] <metalforever> alright, well if thats what you think works for you, then it is important to implement it into your schedule
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:36:33] <VeRsUaL> ok
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:37:10] <metalforever> now what do do if you have a constricted schedule, or you dont have time to practice
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:37:15] <metalforever> because of some other matters
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:37:43] <VeRsUaL> you make up for it when you do practice?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:37:57] <VeRsUaL> like 30 mins more or a hour longer
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:38:09] <EverLearning> Practice at the little opportunities throughout the day that you can
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:38:18] <metalforever> yes
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:38:21] <metalforever> that is important
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:38:32] <metalforever> If you ever have a few moments, even if its only for a minute, stop what you are doing and get out the psiwheel, or another object, depending what you are working on.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:38:57] <metalforever> If sitting at a desk, or in a workplace, practice psychokinesis on your pencil, even if you have never rolled before.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:39:22] <metalforever> Now this case is interesting.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:39:38] <metalforever> because…. even though you cannot move the psiwheel, or you are new with it?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:39:46] <metalforever> does not mean trying to roll wont benefit you
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:39:53] <metalforever> because that is certainly not true
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:40:18] <metalforever> this brings me to another point
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:40:23] <VeRsUaL> ok
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:41:54] <metalforever> Genjo and i had experimented a few months ago with a hypothesis: If you practice with heavier objects, psychokinesis becomes easier on the lighter objects
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:41:56] <metalforever> It turns out that this works: to an extent
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:42:06] <metalforever> its not really something i have ironed out yet
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:42:29] <metalforever> but im confident with the fact that if you guys practice with a pencil when you are at school/ work, it WILL benefit you
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:44:13] <EverLearning> It’s like me yesterday: I played the bass for an hour, and when I got home and typed, the keys seemed easier to press down
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:44:38] <EverLearning> after using more energy, using less energy is easier
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:44:46] <metalforever> exactly.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:45:13] <metalforever> Now another thing that is important…. is affirming to yourself you can infact move the object in question, whether a pencil, or a psiwheel.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:45:26] <metalforever> because that builds confidence
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:45:35] <VeRsUaL> ok
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[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:50:05] Mode ChanServ gives channel operator privileges to DanielH.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:46:59] <metalforever> hello dan
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:47:17] <DanielH> Hey, what’s up?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:47:24] <metalforever> teaching.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:47:39] <VeRsUaL> when i tried to move a object i keep using visual or tatical the trick is after you do it you have to look at something else a pictuire for a split second and switch back to the object thinknig nothing and waiting for it to manifest
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:47:50] <VeRsUaL> or that was my problem
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:47:57] <metalforever> if thats what works for you
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:48:18] <VeRsUaL> i always like force it or always using energy inent all the time without thinknig nothing and letting it happen
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:48:44] <metalforever> Any questions so far?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:48:54] <VeRsUaL> nope
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:49:29] <VeRsUaL> so far its been very interesting
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:50:06] <DanielH> Thanks
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:50:18] <metalforever> welcome
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:51:07] <metalforever> Alright, In-class exercise time. Get Pen/Pencil and a sheet of paper.
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:51:55] <metalforever> reply when inished
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:52:13] * EverLearning kills several trees and returns with supplies
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:52:18] <VeRsUaL> done
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:52:23] <metalforever> lol
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:52:29] <metalforever> Take 5-7 minutes to come up with a schedule that you think will work for you.
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[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:57:40] <VeRsUaL> done
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:57:50] <EverLearning> done-ish
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:58:01] <EverLearning> I think I’ll refine it when it’s put to use
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:58:25] <metalforever> would you guys like to share?
[Sat Nov 3 2007] [23:59:28] <EverLearning> Half an hour after school on weekdays, Mon and Thurs in the evening, an hour Saturday in the morning, and an hour Sunday afternoons
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:00:11] <metalforever> alright
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:00:19] <metalforever> what about you, versual?
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:01:20] <VeRsUaL> Mine is practice after mid night so no ones up and everything is quiet i can focus better plus i heard when its after mid night the spirits are more out to listen. So i figure your spirit body inside you well help you channel your energy and thought path more accurate cause the spirits in the night listen better.
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:01:54] <VeRsUaL> so practice hour or 1 hour and a half is good
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:01:57] <metalforever> ok
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:02:45] <metalforever> where is the energy manipulation in one of these schedules?
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:03:12] <metalforever> if you think that will help you, you should implement it
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:04:58] <VeRsUaL> my em i don’t got one my em is my thought is my em a thought gets processed the more you for get about it and wait the more energy grows without the c mind affecting the energy so the subc can take over make the energy grow when it hits a certain point it try and do the action you wanted or thought.
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:05:26] <EverLearning> First half hour on weekends and also on tuesday + thursday
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:05:48] <metalforever> well if you think things like meditation will help out, you should put that in there too
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:06:10] <metalforever> So, as a conclusion….
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:06:17] <metalforever> what is it that we went over today?”
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:06:58] <EverLearning> the importance of and the making of a schedule
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:07:26] <VeRsUaL> about keeping a schedule and way its important to you then just a time event.
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:08:32] <metalforever> good
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:09:25] <metalforever> Okay
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:09:32] <metalforever> im going to assign you guys some homework
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:09:39] <VeRsUaL> cool
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:09:45] <metalforever> I want all of you to take the schedule that you created annd try to follow it. That is- do your best to stick to your lesson plan. Write in your blog how well it worked, and your general experiences
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:10:15] <metalforever> any questions?
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:10:18] <VeRsUaL> i see sounds good
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:10:21] <VeRsUaL> nope
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:10:24] <EverLearning> nope
[Sun Nov 4 2007] [00:11:19] <metalforever> ok thats a night


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