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This was the first PsionicsOnline hosted class rather than one-session seminar. This is the first Psychokinesis: Getting Started class as hosted by Metalforever.


Log was edited for readability.


[19:02] metalforever: this class may be logged for educational reasons /disclaimer
[19:02] EverLearning: /noted
[19:02] metalforever: Alright Welcome all to our first Psychokinesis class, rather than one session seminar
[19:03] metalforever: If you have any questions, you may ask them by typing *raises hand
[19:03] b9: hahaha wow Laughing out loud
[19:03] b9: Im spinning it.
[19:03] b9: Sorry.
[19:03] metalforever: alright
[19:03] metalforever: lets get started.
[19:03] metalforever: Is everyone ready?
[19:03] b9: I am
[19:04] DeathMinister: Yes
[19:04] metalforever: anyone else?
[19:04] Preyor: lol, im actually going to make a psi wheel lol
[19:04] metalforever: alright.
[19:04] * Preyor feels so novel
[19:05] EverLearning: ready
[19:05] DeathMinister: That’s probably what everyone else has gone and done.
[19:05] metalforever: First and foremost, can anyone answer for me what a psiwheel is?
[19:05] b9: A needled and a paper “hat” like object spinning on the needle
[19:06] b9: and a base where you pin the needle
[19:06] b9: so it can stand by itself
[19:06] Preyor: a psychicly manipulatable object incorporating low-mass, and low resistance in order to fascilitate ease?
[19:06] metalforever: A psiwheel is a spinnable object that a beginning user may use to practice psychokinesis
[19:06] metalforever: good job preyor and b9/
[19:07] Preyor: its also damned tricky to make <_<
[19:07] metalforever: What methods do you currently use to spin a psiwheel?
[19:07] b9: haha i used 3 tries before i got it right.
[19:08] metalforever: Alright, anyway, Spinning the Psiwheel will be the premisis for this class and all future segments of this class
[19:08] b9: Manipulating air around the wheel so that it spins?
[19:08] FalseProjections: *raises hand
[19:08] metalforever: what is it
[19:08] FalseProjections: ummm, how are you doing today lol
[19:08] Preyor: mine spins when i breath <_<
[19:09] b9: Dont put it 2 inch from your face
[19:09] FalseProjections: lol
[19:09] DeathMinister: I just kindof stare at mine and try to see if I can feel get a feel for the object and then will it to move.
[19:09] metalforever: try backing up from the psiwheel, and placing a part of your shirt, over your mouth
[19:09] metalforever: Alright
[19:10] b9: or nose Smiling I atleast dont sit with my mouth open all the time breathing trough it.
[19:10] metalforever: Right now, i want everyone that is paying attention here, if you have a psiwheel, get it
[19:10] Preyor: lmao
[19:10] metalforever: if you do not, raise your hand.
[19:10] FalseProjections: how do you spin the psiwheel?
[19:10] FalseProjections: *raises hand
[19:10] FalseProjections: (i don’t have one)
[19:11] EverLearning: psiwheel is in front of me
[19:11] metalforever: we have not gotten there yet, getting your psiwheel is required for a few of the exercises we will be going through
[19:11] FalseProjections: so i need to make one?
[19:11] metalforever: you dont have to, another easier object will suffice
[19:11] FalseProjections: what would an alternative object be?
[19:11] Preyor: <_< i made it twitch
[19:11] FalseProjections: sorry for all the questions
[19:12] metalforever: its alright, you may want to just lightly bend a piece of paper and place it in front of you
[19:12] metalforever: i recommend creating a psiwheel instead- but if you havent gotten materials, this is fine.
[19:12] FalseProjections: really small right?
[19:13] metalforever: http://www.psionicsonline.net/images/genjopsychokinesisonfoil.jpg
[19:13] metalforever: see image.
[19:13] metalforever: alright, lets move on
[19:13] Preyor: <_< my mom just vaccumed me -_-;
[19:14] metalforever: lol
[19:14] metalforever: alright, now get a piece of paper, do not bend it, you will need it for this session
[19:14] metalforever: reply when you have gotten one.
[19:14] b9: I have one
[19:14] metalforever: a pencil/pen as well
[19:14] Preyor: normal size (8×10)?
[19:14] metalforever: yes
[19:14] b9: Its virtual but it has worked for me in all your other classes Smiling
[19:15] EverLearning: got them
[19:15] metalforever: alright
[19:15] Preyor: ive got a sharpie
[19:16] Preyor: since sharpies are obviously more psychic than pencils
[19:16] metalforever: take everything that you are thinking about, such as an upcoming event, or something you did today, and write it on that piece of paper, things that generally arent related to psionics
[19:16] b9: You need it to write with Sticking out tongue
[19:16] metalforever: think hard about this
[19:16] metalforever: i will give this 4 minutes.
[19:16] metalforever: start now.
[19:16] Preyor: if we can, can we just meditate?
[19:16] metalforever: that long is totally required to empty your head
[19:16] metalforever: sure, preyor.
[19:20] metalforever: take 2 more minutes
[19:20] metalforever: perhaps, using mentioned exercise, but i like you to be comfortable
[19:20] metalforever: so
[19:20] metalforever: whatever works for you
[19:20] * DeathMinister trys harder.
[19:21] b9: ah im relaxed and ready now
[19:21] Preyor: i feel adequitely relaxed
[19:21] metalforever: alright lets move on
[19:22] metalforever: take your paper, rip it up and throw it away.
[19:22] metalforever: reply when finished
[19:22] b9: done
[19:22] b9: well, I paused the game
[19:22] metalforever: lol.
[19:22] EverLearning: done.
[19:22] DeathMinister: Done
[19:23] metalforever: alright, im going to give you another method i like to use, if any of you have ever tried the gateway experience, you may be familiar with this
[19:23] metalforever: this is because many people work differently, and different things work for different people
[19:23] metalforever: we are going to take a vote on whether we’d just like to move on, or would like to try this exercise as well
[19:23] b9: I wanna try it
[19:24] EverLearning: I’m up for it
[19:24] Preyor: same
[19:24] DeathMinister: I’ll go for the exercise.
[19:24] b9: As the first exercise works opposite for me
[19:24] b9: makes me less focused.
[19:24] metalforever: alright
[19:24] metalforever: lets try this next exercise
[19:24] FalseProjections: back.
[19:24] FalseProjections: sorry
[19:24] FalseProjections: i finished writing too
[19:25] b9: I have to pee, just write the details il be back in a jiffy
[19:25] metalforever: alright
[19:25] metalforever: i want everyone to sit there and close their eyes (after im done explaining the directions)
[19:25] metalforever: imagine a chest.
[19:25] metalforever: take all of the things you put on that paper
[19:26] metalforever: “put” them in the chest
[19:26] Preyor: brb
[19:26] metalforever: be vivid with this
[19:26] metalforever: when you are done, lock the chest and turn away
[19:26] metalforever: take 3 minutes to do this
[19:26] metalforever: i feel that this method does me justice when trying to practice psychokinesis.
[19:27] metalforever: do this now.
[19:27] metalforever: reply when finished.
[19:27] b9: ah
[19:27] b9: sorry, but the whole writing stuff down on paper doesnt work for me, do you have something that does not include remembering things and writing them down?
[19:28] metalforever: you just had to imagine everything you did today and place them in a chest
[19:28] metalforever: but sure.
[19:28] b9: Because then I start thinking about it and will get memory triggers for like a long time after.
[19:29] b9: I guess my mind is a bit weird.
[19:29] metalforever: sit there and meditate, this usually works better for people that know how, dont push ideas out, just… notice them and move on
[19:29] b9: alright
[19:29] EverLearning: finished
[19:29] metalforever: sit tight while b9 does a small Meditation exercise
[19:30] FalseProjections: done
[19:30] metalforever: this is why i like giving longer time for this, but people dont like that so
[19:30] metalforever: you can try meditation as well while you are waiting
[19:31] b9: ok
[19:31] b9: Im done
[19:31] DeathMinister: Done
[19:31] metalforever: alright
[19:31] metalforever: lets move on
[19:31] b9: wheel is spinning back and forth by it self btw
[19:31] metalforever: was that better?
[19:31] metalforever: Smiling
[19:31] b9: Yeah much better Smiling
[19:32] metalforever: ok
[19:32] metalforever: someone tell me why we did this.
[19:32] metalforever: these exercises.
[19:32] b9: to clear our minds
[19:32] b9: so to not get distracted.
[19:32] EverLearning: To clear our minds so we can focus more on our task at hand
[19:32] DeathMinister: Help focus
[19:32] metalforever: good job.
[19:33] metalforever: we do this so daily matters dont get in the way of our psionic practice.
[19:33] metalforever: any questions so far?
[19:33] DeathMinister: Nope
[19:34] metalforever: Now we are going to focus on how to actually spin the object
[19:34] FalseProjections: YEAHHHHH
[19:34] FalseProjections: ok.
[19:34] b9: what to do if its already spinning? Shocked
[19:34] b9: Im a bit confused.
[19:35] metalforever: theres some things i like to do that i generally think works better than the average methods, so expect to be trying different things.
[19:35] metalforever: alright
[19:35] metalforever: right now we are going to focus on “connecting” with your object
[19:35] metalforever: can anyone tell me why?
[19:36] b9: to make it a “part” of ourselves so we can spin it more easily?
[19:36] EverLearning: Control?
[19:36] FalseProjections: control?
[19:36] DeathMinister: A sence of oneness with the object helps make it easier for your mind to move it. As if it was an actual apendage
[19:36] metalforever: great job guys.
[19:37] metalforever: now how to connect with your object….
[19:37] metalforever: there are many ways
[19:38] metalforever: I suggest altering the methods i present to suit your needs
[19:38] FalseProjections: ok
[19:38] metalforever: so that it makes sense, and because everyone works different
[19:45] metalforever: shit
[19:45] metalforever: just dropped ma coffee
[19:45] metalforever: anyway
[19:45] metalforever: trying to “connect” with the object using a few different methods increases the actual “connection” with said object
[19:45] metalforever: at least during my practices
[19:46] metalforever: so feel free
[19:46] metalforever: Method1:
[19:46] metalforever: this is the one im sure everyone here is familiar with
[19:46] metalforever: well, perhaps a few of you
[19:47] metalforever: You may “connect” to your object using tactile visualization’
[19:47] metalforever: now what is tactile visualization?
[19:48] EverLearning: ‘feeling’ the psiwheel?
[19:48] metalforever: For people that arent quite familiar with this term, it is used to represent the state in which you not only visualize you object moving, but you try to “feel” it as well, + any other associations you can make with your senses
[19:48] DeathMinister: Feeling something as if it were part of your body?
[19:48] metalforever: good job
[19:48] metalforever: those are both correct
[19:49] metalforever: Alright , Method 2:
[19:50] Preyor: back
[19:50] metalforever: Visualize yourself in a room with said object, you and said object are moving in unison (corny, i know). You and said object are the only objects in the room
[19:50] Preyor: <_<
[19:50] metalforever: this one doesnt work well for me, but everyone is different
[19:50] metalforever: combining methods is also good, you can use tactile visualization to achieve this second method
[19:50] metalforever: Method 3:
[19:51] metalforever: Define your connection with said object of choice
[19:51] metalforever: what does this mean?
[19:51] metalforever: This means to “notice” things about you object, in this case a psiwheel, such as its shape, and what its made out of in great detail
[19:51] DeathMinister: Noting how you are similar, or what makes you the same?
[19:52] metalforever: now i want your opinions regarding these methods
[19:52] metalforever: then you can move on
[19:53] b9: I was hoping for a more “just do it” thing, but It sounds interesting and I’m more than willing to try it out.
[19:53] DeathMinister: I’ve pretty much stuck with the first one the few times I’ve tried, the other two are rather forign to me.
[19:53] DeathMinister: Hopefully I’ll have more success with them.
[19:53] EverLearning: Method 2 seems a little strange…heh
[19:54] Preyor: well, my part in this was screwed, ill come to the next one, later ppl
[19:54] *** Preyor has signed off IRC (Exit: Easy as 3.14159265358979323846…).
[19:55] EverLearning: Do you happen to know of any methods more closely connected to Energy Manipulation?
[19:57] metalforever: alright
[19:57] DeathMinister: EverLearning: I remember one person had a method where the person visualized a spiral spinning out of his forhead or hand and that made the wheel spin.
[19:58] metalforever: try that method
[19:59] metalforever: make sure that When you are doing these methods, you are telling yourself that you will infact be connected to said object of choice
[19:59] metalforever: and that you can infact move the psiwheel
[19:59] metalforever: your confidence is very important to success
[19:59] metalforever: now we will try “connection” for 5 minutes
[19:59] metalforever: feel free to alter these methods to suit your needs
[19:59] b9: alright
[19:59] metalforever: any questions?
[20:00] metalforever: or concerns?
[20:00] metalforever: alright
[20:00] metalforever: do this now
[20:59] metalforever: alright
[20:59] metalforever: well im just going to give you guys homework
[20:59] metalforever: i hope thats ok.
[21:00] metalforever: this homwork is viewable from the class page at
[21:00] metalforever: www.psionicsonline.net
[21:00] metalforever: i hope thats alright
[21:00] EverLearning: sounds good to me
[21:00] metalforever: will be viewable anyway
[21:00] metalforever: .
[21:00] * DeathMinister has returned….with popcorn
[21:00] metalforever: I want you to write (doesnt have to be long) why i should teach you psychokinesis, or why you want to learn
[21:01] metalforever: and practice psychokinesis at least 5 times before tuesday.
[21:01] metalforever: record your thoughts, and what you think has worked the best, things like that
[21:02] metalforever: put it in your blog, and sending me a link is also acceptable via the “email” link on the class page
[21:02] metalforever: or just dont do it at all
[21:02] metalforever: but id rather teach you if you are willing to learn
[21:02] EverLearning: Smiling
[21:03] metalforever: you will receive emails regarding the next class session if you signed up on the class page
[21:03] metalforever: hang on while i get a class link.
[21:04] metalforever:  [SUBECT TO CHANGE]
[21:04] metalforever: alright
[21:04] metalforever: that is all
[21:04] metalforever: any questions or concerns?
[21:05] metalforever: if not, i will hopefully see you in a few days





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