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A basic introduction to the use of Elemental energy and Runic symbols in the creation and reinforcement of constructs.  Elements and Runes are excellent aides to programming, prolonging the longevity of the construct and speeding construct creation.  This is a useful lesson for both beginners and anyone who is unfamiliar with Elemental energy and/or Runes.   The class lasted about 2 hours.


*This log was edited for readability*



(9:07:04 PM) miri: I’d like to start out by defining “Elements” and “Runes”.
(9:07:33 PM) miri: Elements vary depending on what you study, but are meant to represent the basic building blocks of the world.
(9:07:52 PM) miri: In Western practices Elements are usually of the Celtic school, comprised of Fire Water Air Earth and Spirit; however, in Traditional Eastern practices the Elements are understood to be Wood Fire Earth Metal and Water.
(9:08:11 PM) miri: Other (often shamanic) cultures have still other Elements, including things like Bone and Clay.
(9:08:27 PM) miri: All of these different schools of thought are valid viewpoints, and are useful to our purpose here, the creation of constructs.
(9:08:47 PM) miri: I will focus on Eastern and Western Elements today.
(9:09:05 PM) miri: Questions?

(9:10:18 PM) metalforever: nope

(9:10:26 PM) Reanimator: no questions here

(9:10:34 PM) Cryomaniac: None from me.
(9:10:58 PM) miri: Okay, let’s move on to defining Runes, then.
(9:11:09 PM) miri: Runes are specific symbols used both in ancient times by both Saxon and Anglo-Saxon peoples for written communication (like our alphabet of today) and religious (in this case mainly Asatru) and spiritual purposes.
(9:11:22 PM) miri: Runes were an intrinsic part of every day life, and their esoteric meanings were widely known and used.
(9:11:32 PM) miri: There are twenty-four Runes in the Elder Futhark, organized in three groups of eight called “Aetts” which represent three different deities/aspects of life.
(9:12:02 PM) miri: I won’t cover the system in detail, but I will recommend some specific runes you should find useful and present a few meditations to aid you all get to know those Runes well enough for effective basic use.
(9:12:21 PM) miri: Any questions at this point?

(9:12:38 PM) Angel_dearling: none from me as of yet.

 (9:12:40 PM) Kwamek: is there an equivalent to spirit in the eastern and western? 

(9:13:29 PM) metalforever: not yet

(9:13:32 PM) Reanimator: where could I look up these runes/ find help when I become more advanced?

(9:13:43 PM) miri: Kwamek: In Eastern traditions all elements are understood to be of a spiritual nature already. This differs from the traditional elements of Western traditions which sought largely to define the physical world.
(9:14:22 PM) miri: The only [Spiritual] element of old Western (before Celtic was the standard) traditions is Fire, which was assumed to make up the soul.
(9:15:07 PM) miri: Reanimator: You can find information on Runes online, but the quality of descirptions vary from poor to impossibly horrendous.

(9:15:18 PM) Reanimator: lol I figured as much

(9:15:25 PM) Reanimator: I have one more question

(9:15:32 PM) Reanimator: how are runes and elements related?
(9:15:42 PM) miri: I’d recommend “Taking up the Runes” By Dianna L Paxson to any interested in a rudimentary, but thorough knowledge of the Runes.

(9:15:58 PM) Reanimator: ok

(9:16:31 PM) Kwamek: are runes like sigils?
(9:16:56 PM) miri: Reanimator: Runes and Elements are both symbols representing traits found in reality, they are energetic and/or spiritual equivalents to physical analogues. Beyond that both are useful in constructs.

(9:17:27 PM) Reanimator: k thank u
(9:18:50 PM) miri: Kwamek: Runes aren’t like sigils because sigils are best when made by the individual to represent something else, Runes are already established in the collective unconscious, making them more universal and powerful than a quickly drawn up sigil, but they also require better understanding of the Runes themselves, since you create a sigil you automatically fully understand it and its potential. Because a Rune is external it is vital to attain understanding from not just introspection but external research.
(9:19:57 PM) miri: Any other questions?

(9:20:29 PM) Reanimator: how did runes come to be imprinted on the collective unconscious?

(9:21:07 PM) metalforever: miri, actually, i was pondering about the sigil thing in school

(9:21:14 PM) metalforever: and formulated the same conclusion
(9:21:16 PM) miri: Reanimator: Through regular use by hundreds of thousands of people over several centuries. The Elder Futhark is estimated at about 1500 years old.

(9:21:27 PM) Reanimator: oh awesome?

(9:21:30 PM) Reanimator:
(9:22:03 PM) miri: Very good questions, I hope you all keep them up

(9:22:17 PM) Kwamek: could the hebrew language be considered a sort of rune?

(9:22:20 PM) metalforever: in other words, reanimator, i believe everyone associates the rune with more or less the same thing

(9:22:28 PM) metalforever: whereas no one knows what your sigil does.

(9:22:32 PM) Reanimator: I see
(9:22:33 PM) miri: Kwamek: Yes, in fact Hebrew characters are the basis of Kabala.

(9:22:33 PM) Reanimator: so

(9:22:49 PM) Reanimator: the collective consciousness of those people created the power behind the runes

(9:23:13 PM) metalforever: thats what im assuming.
(9:23:24 PM) miri: Right, or atleast a large part of it, according to the legends the Runes were a gift to the Gods, shared with the people.

(9:23:39 PM) Reanimator: cool
(9:23:58 PM) miri: My guess is that a prophet of some sort came up with them, or intuited them, and the legend came later

(9:24:17 PM) metalforever: mmmn

(9:24:46 PM) Reanimator: ya that makes sense
(9:25:11 PM) miri: Alrighty, let’s move on to how to use elemental energies in constructs
(9:25:29 PM) miri: Elements, due to their wide usage have become a sort of standardized basic energetic/astral substance, or energy type, a reflection of the intellectual understandings of nearly two thousand years of people (close to four thousand for the Eastern elements).
(9:25:45 PM) miri: What we will be doing first is collecting this Elemental energy to use in our constructs. Here is the technique I presented in “Advanced Constructs”:
(9:25:59 PM) miri: To gather an Element first envision the thing. The feelings it invokes and its traits in particular. Find the final feeling you can create after having reflected on it and after combining all of the feelings and senses it invokes is going to be the essential “calling card” of the energy. Bring this feeling into mind and pull this feeling from your environment, feel it gathering, see it come from the environment and in particular the thing which the element represents. Feel it massing wherever you need it.
(9:26:28 PM) miri: There’s nothing wrong with this technique, but some people might dislike it, for whatever reason, so here’s another technique:
(9:26:37 PM) miri: Take a deep breath, in your mind’s eye view your body (or construct) as if it were an empty glass. Take a second deep breath, and with this breath see the physical analogy of the energy you seek next to or surrounding your body (or construct) but not interacting with one another. Take a third beep breath, on the inhale view the two drawing very close and on the exhale view the energy fill the glass. If you need more repeat the second and third breath visuals, with the coloring (representing the energy in the target) becoming deeper and darker with each repetition.
(9:27:18 PM) miri: Any questions before we go ahead and practice this a bit?
(9:30:32 PM) miri: So, any questions on those simple methods, or anything else I mentioned?

(9:31:16 PM) ShadowmanX: How about drawing energy from a specific chakra to maybe improve the results?

(9:31:53 PM) Kwamek: so does it basically mean drawing energy from a source that is the element?

(9:32:28 PM) miri: ShadowmanX: that can be helpful for some people, for instance the throat chakra is supposed to be the center for air (logically), however I find that it’s not of significant consequence
(9:32:58 PM) miri: Kwamek: That’s up for debate.

(9:33:27 PM) Kwamek: Im not sure i understand the instructions
(9:34:06 PM) miri: Some traditions claim that elemental energies originate in the “elemental planes” that is, planes of the Astral which are dedicated entirely to one element or another.
(9:34:34 PM) miri: It seems atleast equally likely that you’re subconsciously patterning energy in an intrinsic fashion, aligning it with a fundamental aspect of reality.

(9:34:42 PM) metalforever: interesting with the chakras.
(9:35:00 PM) miri: Which is the “true” explanation is irrelevant to practice, though.
(9:35:08 PM) miri: What don’t you understand about the instructions?

(9:36:40 PM) Reanimator: from what I understand, the third eye, solar plexus and root chakra are the greatest sources of energy

(9:36:46 PM) Kwamek: What does it mean to gather the element into what you want it to represent.

(9:36:56 PM) Kwamek: *gather the energy

(9:37:12 PM) ShadowmanX: I’d say it depends on how open your chakras are
(9:38:31 PM) miri: Kwamek: It means you’re taking in energy and converting it, or taking in the energy and using it as is, which you perceive it as doesn’t matter, so the instructions may seem a bit ambiguous, sorry.
(9:39:48 PM) miri: Reanimator: I’m inclined to agree on a basis of sheer practical use, but based on observations and what I’ve read it seems likely that those three centers store energy, all the time, and so, when you need energy have a vast store to supplement output

(9:40:43 PM) Kwamek: so change the energy you draw in to the properties of the element?

(9:41:17 PM) miri: Kwamek: Yes, different from programming, because it’s not exerting will, you’re just perhaps… realizing the energy’s potential to be that element.

(9:41:33 PM) miri: More like ‘transmutation’ of the energy.

(9:41:54 PM) metalforever: i see.

(9:42:08 PM) Kwamek: so would you imagine a psiball as a ball of fire?

(9:42:13 PM) miri: If you like.

(9:42:32 PM) Reanimator: well not ‘imagine’ per se <_<

(9:42:41 PM) Cryomaniac: Though it’s worth saying that that doesn’t automatically make it a ball of fire.

(9:43:07 PM) Reanimator: I prefer using tactile visualization when working with elements

(9:43:07 PM) miri: Reanimator: do you know a better word for it?

(9:43:39 PM) miri: I agree that “imagination” isn’t exactly fitting, but how else can we say it easily?

(9:44:03 PM) Reanimator: will? feel? project the intent into the ball?

(9:44:27 PM) Cryomaniac: Force?

(9:44:51 PM) miri: cryo: we’re trying not to force in this instance.

(9:45:08 PM) Cryomaniac: Aww, but that’s how I do things.

(9:45:09 PM) miri: Reanimator: Imagination can cover all of those, no?

(9:45:30 PM) Reanimator: I see imagination as being more confined to your own mind rather than projecting an intent

(9:45:40 PM) Reanimator: it’s just my interpretation of “imagine” that conflicts

(9:45:41 PM) miri: cryomaniac: Well, try this a little more passively, if you feel forcing works better for you feel free to

(9:45:58 PM) miri: reanimator: I suppose so

(9:47:32 PM) miri: Okay, everyone ready to give this a try?

(9:47:38 PM) Cryomaniac: Yuppers.

(9:47:40 PM) Reanimator: ready

(9:47:41 PM) ShadowmanX: sure

(9:47:43 PM) raven_of_chaos: mhm

(9:48:04 PM) miri: Now, using either of the aforementioned techniques (or one of your own), try gathering some Water elemental energy.

(9:48:14 PM) miri: For those using the first technique some traits to consider are: Purifying, wet, somewhat dynamic (think of swirl, currents, etc.), cooling, stabilizing etc.

(9:48:58 PM) miri: let me know when/if you’d like me to take a look.

(9:49:50 PM) raven_of_chaos: if you want to look at mine go aheaf

(9:50:01 PM) metalforever: im ready.

(9:50:26 PM) miri: raven_of_chaos: looks good

(9:51:13 PM) Reanimator: miri: this is my first seminar how do you check our work?

(9:51:19 PM) miri: scanning

(9:51:31 PM) miri: quick and dirty, with half attention

(9:51:48 PM) Kwamek: can you take a look at mine

(9:52:23 PM) ShadowmanX: mine should be ready too

(9:52:27 PM) Reanimator: ready

(9:52:27 PM) miri: Kwamek: looking

(9:52:35 PM) Cryomaniac: miri: Ready.

(9:52:45 PM) metalforever: ready

(9:52:48 PM) metalforever: erm

(9:52:51 PM) metalforever: no im not

(9:52:53 PM) metalforever: i was ready to start.

(9:52:55 PM) metalforever: hang on.

(9:54:26 PM) miri: Kwamek: looks good, but a little leeched in color at one point, try to keep all of what youv’e gathered in mind and associated with water, at once. ShadowmanX: looks fine, get a hint of sea in it. Reanimator: Looks fine to me.

(9:54:38 PM) Reanimator: k

(9:55:23 PM) metalforever: yeah hang on

(9:55:27 PM) metalforever: i needed to relax. 

(9:55:29 PM) metalforever: im slow

(9:55:40 PM) ShadowmanX: cool, didn’t expect such a positive answer

(9:55:53 PM) metalforever: ok

(9:56:05 PM) ichigogo: what are we doing now?

(9:56:06 PM) miri: It’s fine, not easy at first, especially when you’re not an energy enthusiast

(9:56:18 PM) miri: ichigogo: gathering water elemental energy

(9:56:27 PM) ichigogo: into what?

(9:56:33 PM) Cryomaniac: A construct.

(9:56:40 PM) ichigogo: which?

(9:56:46 PM) Cryomaniac: Your own.

(9:56:51 PM) metalforever: im ready miri

(9:57:02 PM) ShadowmanX: I usually only just have fun with energy when on my way home, so don’t practice really often

(9:57:05 PM) ichigogo: so a water element ball?

(9:57:10 PM) miri: ShadowmanX: I’m not looking for absolute perfection, I’m assuming this is your first (or atleast not your hundredth) attempt, and so it is quite good.

(9:57:15 PM) Cryomaniac: More or less, ichigogo.

(9:57:23 PM) ichigogo: okay ill try

(9:58:19 PM) miri: metalforever: Not bad, seems slightly ‘murky’, but that’s probably just frazzled concentration.

(9:58:36 PM) metalforever: yeah

(9:58:37 PM) metalforever: geez

(9:58:39 PM) remedy: Maybe she’s thinking of well water. =<

(9:58:48 PM) miri: Hah

(9:58:48 PM) metalforever: my attention is split 10000 different ways.

(9:59:07 PM) Reanimator: I was thinking of being surrounded by waterfalls and pure pools of water and drawing in blue particles

(9:59:11 PM) metalforever: ooh

(9:59:13 PM) metalforever: waterfalls

(9:59:16 PM) metalforever: i might try that next time.

(9:59:18 PM) Kwamek: what kind things are these good for, magick?

(9:59:41 PM) miri: Well, sure, but here I’m covering constructs

(9:59:54 PM) miri: And that’s a pretty good cue for me to continue

(10:00:00 PM) metalforever: i actually had to stand up and clear my head

(10:00:07 PM) miri: So, let’s put this to use, shall we? One of the things water energy is good for is preservation of programming and constructs (somewhat similar to putting fish on ice). So let’s create some stasis fields.

(10:00:14 PM) ichigogo: someone scan mine please

(10:00:15 PM) metalforever: but as soon as i sit down and type ready

(10:00:26 PM) metalforever: my attention is split 999 ways again

(10:00:31 PM) Reanimator: heck yes! I’ve always wondered how to do stasis fields :>

(10:01:10 PM) miri: ichigogo: looks fine for what we’re doing, try a little more playing around with what traits you foucs on though, there might be on ethat works better.

(10:01:40 PM) miri: Create a large psi-ball as you normally would but using the water elemental energy you just gathered, if you need more to increase the size add as much psi as you feel you need.

(10:01:54 PM) miri: The programming is greatly simplified, and made more permanent by the infusion of water energy.

(10:01:56 PM) ichigogo: okay thanks

(10:02:04 PM) miri: Just program the construct to preserve what you put inside it, a good visual is ice preserving fish, or a caveman .

(10:02:24 PM) metalforever: ice preserving fish.

(10:02:36 PM) metalforever: okay

(10:03:07 PM) Cryomaniac: Now couldn’t you do this with just the water energy?

(10:03:16 PM) miri: Of course, a more effective and advanced stasis shield is rather more complicated, but the use of water energy makes up for a fair bit of the lack in complexity.

(10:03:23 PM) miri: Of course, Cryomaniac

(10:03:28 PM) Reanimator: oh um

(10:03:31 PM) Reanimator: since we’re using water element

(10:03:36 PM) Reanimator: I just thought of a good visualization

(10:03:42 PM) miri: please share

(10:03:55 PM) Reanimator: when you shell you psiball try to feel it swirling in your hands but feel your fingers moving through it

(10:04:04 PM) Reanimator: have you guys ever put your fingers in the water when in a small boat?

(10:04:15 PM) Reanimator: try to recreate that feeling

(10:04:53 PM) miri: That’s a very good example of using something of more personal importance, to increase the effectiveness of the program.

(10:05:40 PM) miri: All ‘techniques’ ‘methods’, and ‘instructions’ in psionics are pretty flexible, the more personally meaningful, the more effective, usually.

(10:05:59 PM) miri: Constructs with elemental energy coinciding with their programming tend to last longer and work better. Some traits and examples of constructs using various elemental energies are:

(10:06:13 PM) miri: Air- Dynamic, clear, easy to move, diffuses quickly, compressible, loads of give. May be used as a space filler, or compressed heavily to make a very “hot” construct (plasma).

(10:06:18 PM) miri: Fire- Dynamic, hot, painful, light giving, fast spreading, chaotic. Used in the destruction of constructs and/or critters, via “burning”, also can be cleansing in smaller doses.

(10:06:24 PM) miri: Earth- Static, dense, hard, little give, cool, stabilizing. Makes an excellent “wall” or as a substance with which to reinforce constructs, particularly when compressed.

(10:06:33 PM) miri: Wood- static, dense, hard, some give, “natural,” fresh. Makes a good wall or shield, is good to use in semi-sentient and sentient constructs because it gives it a more natural feel which will fool most scanners into seeing it as a natural entity.

(10:06:44 PM) miri: Metal- Static, dense, hard, some give, “less natural,” “stuffy.” An excellent material to make a shield from, I’ve also seen it “sharpened” ad used in weapons.

(10:06:54 PM) miri: Obviously uses are much more expansive, experiment for yourself.

(10:07:22 PM) miri: Any questions?

(10:07:26 PM) Kwamek: this is starting to kinda sound like anime

(10:07:29 PM) miri:

(10:07:34 PM) raven_of_chaos: lol

(10:07:37 PM) miri: Kwamek: how so?

(10:07:41 PM) remedy: may I interject something? =<

(10:08:10 PM) miri: absolutely

(10:08:15 PM) Kwamek: Animes always have special attacks for special things

(10:08:20 PM) miri: *shrugs*

(10:08:40 PM) miri: This is just something you can choose to add to constructs to improve effectiveness and ease in creation.

(10:08:45 PM) remedy: Elementalism typically utilizes the specific qualities of an “element” in order to affect and manipulate. Bascially what you are doing is instilling a specific “quality” into something using the imagery/properties of an element. This will work with anything really even if not a specific element in any usual manner of speaking.

(10:08:53 PM) remedy: From a purely elemental prespective that is.

(10:09:10 PM) miri: Mmhmm

(10:10:06 PM) Reanimator: it only sounds like anime because spirit energy is deeply rooted in japanese culture

(10:10:07 PM) Kwamek: so could u use lightning as an element to make your construct move quick and sharp?

(10:10:10 PM) remedy: So while you’re giving your elemental varieties these can be exapanded and even different if for some reason you associate wood with heat for some reason.

(10:10:17 PM) miri: I’m not sure it was mentioned in the notes, but it’s true, you can use the aforementioned techniques with virtually anything, from ‘water’ to ‘lamp’ to ‘poodle’ if you like. But the traditional elements tend to be more useful.

(10:10:24 PM) miri: Kwamek: Yes

(10:10:25 PM) remedy: I say in theory you could, yes.

(10:10:58 PM) remedy: I didn’t know if you mentioned it before but I figured saying that might make some things click for some people. K. I’m done. ^^

(10:11:10 PM) miri: I appreciate it remedy

(10:11:14 PM) remedy: np

(10:11:57 PM) miri: any other questions, interjection, elaborations, emotes, what-have-yous?

(10:12:27 PM) metalforever: nope

(10:12:40 PM) Reanimator: nope

(10:12:41 PM) raven_of_chaos: none from me

(10:12:45 PM) Cryomaniac: No.

(10:12:54 PM) Angel_dearling: ^^

(10:13:16 PM) miri: Okay, Sounds like a good time to move on to Runes

(10:13:40 PM) miri: Kwamek: Sure, anything you like or need to use

(10:13:56 PM) miri: Using Runes in constructs is not the same as using Elements in that they require much more knowledge and understanding to use effectively.

(10:14:05 PM) miri: First, here are some Runes you’re very likely to find useful, in no particular order:

(10:14:18 PM) miri: Algiz/Elhaz is the 15th Rune and is a symbol of protection. Its literal representation is that of Elk (moose in the USA) antlers and sharp bog grasses, both of which approximately resemble the symbol.

(10:14:28 PM) miri: The symbol itself is similar to the Psi symbol prevalent in the communities, a ‘Y’ with a third branch extending vertically (http://www.sunnyway.com/runes/algiz.gif

(10:14:44 PM) miri: This and all other Rune pictures I provide will be links to sunnyway (www.sunnyway.com), which is, among online sources, one of the better Rune information sites). The Rune is very effective in conjunction with shields.

(10:15:07 PM) miri: Uruz is the second Rune and is a symbol of strength, both physical and spiritual. Its literal representation is the aurochs (the wild ancestor of modern domesticated cows, much like wolves are the ancestors of dogs).

(10:15:14 PM) miri: Uruz resembles a lower case ‘n’, but the fist leg is taller than the second, and the bridge between them slants down to meet the lower leg (http://www.sunnyway.com/runes/uruz.gif).

(10:15:23 PM) miri: Uruz is useful in constructs that you wish to be resilient, and is a good additive to ‘psipets’ to make them more nearly natural and animalistic.

(10:15:35 PM) miri: Berkano is the 18th Rune and is a symbol of motherliness and healing. Its literal representation is the Birch tree and motherhood.

(10:15:40 PM) miri: Berkano is very similar to a modern capital ‘B’ in shape, but the two rounded bumps of the ‘B’ are triangular (http://www.sunnyway.com/runes/berkano.gif).

(10:15:47 PM) miri: Berkano is a little less obviously useful, but if you wish to purify something, or give a construct a ‘holy’ feel, or if you need to create a healing construct, this Rune comes in very handy.

(10:16:21 PM) raven_of_chaos: (this is elder futhark right?)

(10:16:29 PM) miri: Yes

(10:16:40 PM) Kwamek: page not found

(10:16:46 PM) ichigogo: hhm

(10:16:52 PM) miri: Which one?

(10:17:12 PM) metalforever: interesting

(10:17:23 PM) metalforever: im not getting page not found

(10:17:33 PM) miri: Kwamek: which one is page not found?

(10:17:41 PM) Kwamek: Berkano and Uruz

(10:17:53 PM) miri: delete the ) at the end

(10:18:29 PM) Kwamek: oh ok

(10:18:37 PM) miri:

(10:18:45 PM) miri: Okay, everyone all set?

(10:18:48 PM) Reanimator: k

(10:19:00 PM) Reanimator: good source btw :>

(10:19:10 PM) metalforever: yes

(10:19:11 PM) miri: Sunnyway?

(10:19:47 PM) Reanimator: ya

(10:19:47 PM) miri: They’re passable, there is better information in books, out there

(10:19:47 PM) Cryomaniac: I’m ready.

(10:19:56 PM) ichigogo: set for what?

(10:20:10 PM) Cryomaniac: miri: What’s a really good book on this?

(10:20:12 PM) miri: “Taking up the Runes” by Dianna L. Paxson, as I mentioned, is a good starter’s book for Runes

(10:20:41 PM) miri: There are others, but she lists many good ones in her bibliography

(10:20:53 PM) Kwamek: were people doing wild miracles with these runes?

(10:21:00 PM) Cryomaniac: Okay.

(10:21:18 PM) miri: Kwamek: Define a wild miracle

(10:21:24 PM) ShadowmanX: Here’s a link to the partially eBook: http://books.google.com/books?id=mnpJR1nciLYC&printsec=frontcover&dq=%22…

(10:21:42 PM) Reanimator: can you connect the Algiz/Elhaz symbol in a star shape to make it more effective?

(10:22:08 PM) Kwamek: like an instant healing with the Berkano symbol?

(10:22:32 PM) miri: Reanimator: there are many ways to combine and use Runes to improve and/or expand their functioning.

(10:22:41 PM) miri: YOu’ll actually find some examples at sunnyway

(10:22:42 PM) Reanimator: awesome

(10:23:55 PM) miri: Kwamek: Probably not; there are always legends of people doing spectacular things with anything considered magical (from striking down monsters and enemies, to bringing back the dead, or surviving the impossible, etc,) But they’re not very credible.

(10:24:07 PM) Cryomaniac: In fact, I’ve seen people take several runes that are connected to what they were doing and create a sigil based upon them.

(10:24:08 PM) miri: Hello orange

(10:24:13 PM) raven_of_chaos2: would like to add something about combing runes

(10:24:39 PM) miri: Then do, raven

(10:24:56 PM) metalforever: the sigil thing is interesting.

(10:25:05 PM) raven_of_chaos2: watch what your doing when you combine them, cause some times you can make ones that you dont realize that hamper the effect

(10:25:10 PM) metalforever: miri, comment?

(10:25:56 PM) miri: raven_of_chaos2: True, but then that’s why I wasn’t going to discuss doing so here It’s better at first to stick to documented examples

(10:26:37 PM) Cryomaniac: The perfect follow-up seminar for this would be doing some more experimental stuff that’s harder to do.

(10:26:40 PM) raven_of_chaos2: mk sorry bout that

(10:26:42 PM) miri: metalforever: Yeah, that can work, using the Runes to form a Sigil can add an extra dimension to it, improve the function

(10:26:53 PM) Reanimator: oh wait

(10:26:55 PM) Reanimator: I forgot

(10:27:05 PM) Reanimator: constructs are in 3 dimensional space

(10:27:11 PM) metalforever: thanks , miri

(10:27:19 PM) miri: Reanimator: Simple ones are, yes.

(10:27:26 PM) Reanimator: would 3 dimensional designs using runes be effective? o.O

(10:27:36 PM) metalforever: sounds over complicated to me.

(10:27:37 PM) miri: Reanimator: Very effective.

(10:27:40 PM) metalforever: no?

(10:27:52 PM) ***metalforever thinks it over.

(10:28:03 PM) miri: And four-dimensional, five-dimensional, etc.

(10:28:05 PM) ichigogo: what about drawing runes with psi or in the air?

(10:28:13 PM) Reanimator: well I see on the tattoos section of sunnyway….

(10:28:24 PM) remedy: In general if you don’t have to do it it’s probably better not to. D:

(10:28:24 PM) Reanimator: they combine them into circles for some of the tats

(10:28:26 PM) raven_of_chaos2: ichigogo: ive had results from that to

(10:28:29 PM) miri: ichigogo: Sure, traditionally you use a physical basis, but energy works as well

(10:28:34 PM) Reanimator: so I was thinking if you made a sphere covered in runes…

(10:28:35 PM) Cryomaniac: dodeca-dimensional.

(10:28:38 PM) Reanimator: on a construct

(10:28:42 PM) ichigogo: how would you do that?

(10:28:56 PM) Reanimator: mentally drawing them onto the construct conceptually?

(10:29:00 PM) Reanimator: I’m guessing? o.O

(10:29:14 PM) ichigogo: that works?

(10:29:24 PM) miri: Mmhmm, And about to get into that

(10:29:42 PM) miri: if you’ll settle down long enough I’ll finish up the lecture

(10:29:49 PM) Reanimator: k ^.^’

(10:29:55 PM) miri: Then I’ll answer any questions still humming about

(10:29:57 PM) ichigogo: okay miri

(10:30:09 PM) miri: With these few Runes in mind let’s go over how to use a Rune in a construct, there are two primary ways. The first is to ‘etch’ the symbol into the construct, preferably in multiple places and maintained by the construct’s programming.

(10:30:24 PM) miri: This doesn’t produce a huge effect, but it can be useful when you have little time or familiarity with a given Rune. A good example is creating a shield and etching Algiz into its six cardinal directions (Up, Down, East, West, North, South).

(10:30:35 PM) miri: A shield with this addition will be more difficult to destroy, bypass, and penetrate. Likewise, all constructs etched with this Rune will be more difficult to damage.

(10:30:44 PM) miri: Let’s try this now, those of you who don’t have a shield in place can put a very basic one in place, and then etch Algiz into the shields.

(10:31:33 PM) raven_of_chaos2: k

(10:31:58 PM) Cryomaniac: kk

(10:32:08 PM) metalforever: im good so far.

(10:32:12 PM) DarkTiger: mk

(10:32:29 PM) Reanimator: check my plate?

(10:32:41 PM) miri: Your plate?

(10:32:57 PM) remedy: No dessert if it’s not clean. D=<

(10:32:58 PM) metalforever: sure

(10:33:00 PM) metalforever: hang on

(10:33:02 PM) Reanimator: lol plate shield construct xD

(10:33:36 PM) ShadowmanX: ready for inspectation

(10:33:47 PM) remedy: are we taking an inspection break?

(10:33:50 PM) Cryomaniac: I’m ready for inspection, too.

(10:33:51 PM) miri: Reanimator: looks good, you may wish to concentrate on the meaning of the Rune and/or the intent of etching it, when you use this for practical purposes.

(10:34:01 PM) miri: I guess so

(10:34:01 PM) remedy: I want an inspection.

(10:34:30 PM) Reanimator: ok

(10:34:50 PM) miri: ShadowmanX: Fine, same note as to Reanimator. remedy: Very good.

(10:35:08 PM) Reanimator: I keep changing my mind on how i want to arrange the runes lol

(10:35:26 PM) Cryomaniac: Six points is usually good.

(10:35:29 PM) Kwamek: i am ready

(10:35:39 PM) Reanimator: ya I have this whole snowflake thing goin on here now

(10:36:01 PM) ichigogo: im ready

(10:36:28 PM) miri: Kwamek: Good, for some reason get the impression of a film of algiz over the shield, functionally sound.

(10:36:57 PM) Kwamek: cool

(10:37:20 PM) miri: ichigogo: try reinforcing the etch with programming, get the impression your shield just ‘healed’ the etching out :-/

(10:37:30 PM) Reanimator: *goes for a second attempt

(10:38:13 PM) miri: Reanimator: better

(10:38:30 PM) Reanimator: yea I can really feel the difference

(10:38:30 PM) raven_of_chaos: check mine please?

(10:38:46 PM) Reanimator: it feels denser,stronger,more permanent

(10:38:49 PM) metalforever: okay

(10:38:51 PM) metalforever: im done.

(10:39:17 PM) Reanimator: I have a question if you have time

(10:39:39 PM) ShadowmanX: can you check mine again?

(10:39:43 PM) miri: raven_of_chaos: Interesting, and seems there is a personal cast on the way the Rune is manifesting. metalforever: Not bad, same note as Reanimator’s first try

(10:40:06 PM) raven_of_chaos: personal cast? (havent heard that term before)

(10:40:16 PM) Reanimator: o

(10:40:17 PM) Reanimator: okay

(10:40:19 PM) Reanimator:

(10:40:42 PM) miri: ShadowmanX: seems sturdier, surer, than before, good.

(10:40:46 PM) metalforever: can you repaste that note, miri

(10:40:54 PM) metalforever: and yeah, i did the snowflake dealio.

(10:41:16 PM) ShadowmanX: I tried to infuse the whole shield with metal this time in addition

(10:41:17 PM) miri: raven_of_chaos: Eh, just mean that it seems like you know the Rune, or it knows you, there’s some degree of personal history, affecting manifestation

(10:41:34 PM) ichigogo: check please?

(10:41:46 PM) raven_of_chaos: oh lol I used to use runes quite a bit… that may be why :

(10:41:50 PM) remedy: I did not use a rune. XD

(10:42:43 PM) miri: >_> As I recall, remedy, yours was vibrating, took that to mean there was some kind of resonance with the Rune, was just an assumption.

(10:42:44 PM) remedy: I wanted to see how it was compared with this rune shield thingy.

(10:43:28 PM) remedy: I call mine the random shit shield. If you expect something you’ll get it. if you expect nothing you’ll get random crap that makes no sense.

(10:43:32 PM) remedy: If you think runes, you’ll see runes.

(10:43:40 PM) miri: ichigogo: Fine, looks solid enough

(10:43:51 PM) ichigogo: thanks

(10:44:09 PM) miri: Didn’t see Runes, just a lot of vibration/waves, again, assumed wrongly.

(10:44:19 PM) Reanimator: what kinds of shields are you guys making? full body? dome shields?

(10:44:38 PM) Cryomaniac: Simple bubble, personally.

(10:44:42 PM) raven_of_chaos: i just made a bubble shield and cast the rune onto it

(10:45:00 PM) Reanimator: full body bubble or like a shelled ball construct?

(10:45:22 PM) raven_of_chaos: a full body one

(10:45:39 PM) miri: Okay then, I’ll just paste the last of the planned lecture notes

(10:45:40 PM) miri: Runes can be used in all sorts of capacities but the most common one is as a charm, or to affect a subtle change. Concentrating on the Rune Uruz, and vibrating the name can improve your physical and/or spiritual strength, so don’t feel limited to using them in Constructs.

(10:46:12 PM) miri: Now, all the questions you might have held back are free fore the asking

(10:46:42 PM) Reanimator: ok so for the Algiz rune, is there an unbinding rune that counters its effects?

(10:46:59 PM) metalforever: im good.

(10:47:15 PM) raven_of_chaos: if i remember right reanimator there is

(10:47:42 PM) raven_of_chaos: you could just invert the algiz rune that ussually reverses the effects

(10:47:56 PM) raven_of_chaos: or in my experince it does

(10:48:10 PM) miri: Reanimator: Not exactly, atleast not inteh Elder Futhark or Younger Futhark, There are more Runes in the Icelandic set, but that’s much newer, without the time and belief power backing it that the Elder Futhark has.

(10:48:25 PM) Reanimator: okay

(10:48:48 PM) miri: You could invert the Rune itself, but that requires a pretty good understanding of the Rune.

(10:49:00 PM) Cryomaniac: Would any set of “runes” work for runes, though?

(10:49:02 PM) miri: There is no other Rune that will simply counter it

(10:49:04 PM) raven_of_chaos: true

(10:49:07 PM) Reanimator: ok

(10:49:16 PM) miri: Cryomaniac: How do you mean that?

 (10:49:32 PM) Kwamek: if there is more energy in the construct, is it more likely that what you programmed it to do will happen?

(10:49:44 PM) Reanimator: using a construct to get through someone elses shield with runes in it…. would you make a construct to depatternize/erase the runes?

(10:50:01 PM) Cryomaniac: Like rune systems other than the Futhark.

(10:50:14 PM) Cryomaniac: As long as they are researched thoroughly, is it safe to assume they’d work?

 (10:50:55 PM) miri: Kwamek: That’s another thing that’s debated, and in my experience it’s random. Sometimes a construct is more effective with more energy, other times it has no bearing. I personally think the quality of programming plays at least equal, if not much more role that the quantity of energy.

(10:51:49 PM) miri: Reanimator: That’s one approach, or you could use a Rune like Hagalaz to destroy the sheild/Runes, there are a lot of options out there.

(10:52:05 PM) Reanimator: thanks

(10:53:21 PM) miri: Cryomaniac: Yes, they’ll work, but to varying degrees, to an extent it’s personal, what lines up with your own ancestry, or psychology, will be better for you, but also the quantity ad quality of use. The Elder Futhark has been used for about fifteen centuries, and was used very heavily for the first ten or so of those fifteen, for everything from writing, to worshipping your patron deity

(10:53:42 PM) remedy: Things work based on the meaning you ascribe to them. As with everything else.

 (10:53:44 PM) miri: Thanks Reanimator. Great to hear raven_of_chaos.

 (10:53:48 PM) remedy: Runes work*

(10:54:09 PM) Cryomaniac: Ah.

(10:54:14 PM) Cryomaniac: I’m not overly familiar with runes.

(10:54:47 PM) miri: If you intend to use them I suggest familiarizing yourself

(10:54:56 PM) Kwamek: can runes be used with battling entities or exorcism?

(10:55:15 PM) miri: Not knowing The Runes before using them is like not knowing which end of a sword to hold and charging into battle.

(10:55:28 PM) raven_of_chaos: *agrees with miri

(10:55:28 PM) remedy: I wouldn’t suggest using them as a means for exorcism or entities.

(10:56:34 PM) Reanimator: oh one more question

(10:56:45 PM) Reanimator: would the cross be considered a rune?

(10:56:50 PM) miri: Kwamek: You could. In fact Berkano can be used in that capacity. However it’s not really recommendable if you have other options, if you haven’t mastered a Rune it’s better not to try overly complex things with it.

(10:56:56 PM) Cryomaniac: I’d think it a symbol.

(10:57:00 PM) Reanimator: since lots of people have faith in the symbol of the cross

(10:57:30 PM) miri: Reanimator: it’s a symbol, not a Rune. Runes are a particular set of symbols, much like out modern alphabet is a set of symbols.

(10:57:33 PM) remedy: Wth are you excorcising anyway. :/

(10:57:38 PM) Reanimator: k

(10:57:48 PM) Reanimator: well it could have a power behind it right?

(10:57:58 PM) miri: Sure

(10:58:00 PM) Cryomaniac: All runes are symbols, but not all symbols are runes.

(10:58:02 PM) miri: Many symbols do

(10:58:08 PM) Reanimator: okay

(10:59:02 PM) Kwamek: I am exorcising myself of nasty things that bother me in my sleep

(10:59:16 PM) remedy: You’ll probably want to find someone else to do that for you. :/

(10:59:37 PM) miri: Try a banishing ritual, if you haven’t already, Runes are really not your best option.

(10:59:37 PM) ichigogo: really? like what

(10:59:38 PM) remedy: How is it fucking with you?

(10:59:54 PM) metalforever: lbrp?

(11:00:00 PM) miri: That works

(11:00:01 PM) remedy: You tell me what it’s doing and i’ll tell you if it is likely to eat you if you try to banish it.

(11:00:21 PM) Cryomaniac: If it’s bigger than your head…

(11:00:25 PM) Kwamek: its holding on to me and sucking air from my mouth

(11:00:42 PM) remedy: Ever heard of sleep apnea?

(11:00:55 PM) miri: I’ll consider the seminar over at this point. Good night.


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