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*This seminar was logged and edited for readability*
– Sources for the information contained here appears at the bottom of the log.

[metalforever] Alright, now forgive me, i dont believe i have done one of these at all this year.
[metalforever] Anyone that has been to these seminars knows the procedure.
[metalforever] We are going to wait 5 more minutes to see if any stragglers arrive.
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[metalforever] This seminar is being logged, and will be edited for readability.
[metalforever] For anyone that is not already aware, the purpose of this seminar is to present a brief history concerning OBE’s, to provide how-to’s and answer common questions, as well as to foster the knowledge of those wishing to pursue this ability.
[metalforever] Okay, now, what is an OBE?
* metalforever waits for a response.
[zpr] *enthusiastic new student* an out of body experience!
[metalforever] An OBE(OoBE) can be defined as an experience one has where he/she has the sensation that he/she is floating outside of his/her own body.
[metalforever] pretty basic.
[metalforever] Now, some of you might be wondering, does one actually leave the body during this experience?
[metalforever] I believe your opinion concerning this question is more important than what I think, therefore, im going to leave it up to you to decide.
[metalforever] Whether this phenomenon actually does occur out of one’s body is debatable, therefore im not in the position to give any individual a definitive answer.
[metalforever] with me so far?
[metalforever] mmmk, wonderful *moving on*.
[metalforever] With that said, the first thing that will be discussed tonight is a brief history of research regarding this phenomenon.
[metalforever] I hope that perhaps you will be able to answer whether you believe and OBE really does or does not occur out-of-body for yourself.
[Float] or not
[metalforever] right.. lol.
* zpr nods in affirmation
[metalforever] The first extensive study concerning Out-of-Body Experiences was proposed by Celia Green in the years of 1966-1968.
[metalforever] Data was presented on the experiences of 400 subjects which was collected via questionnaire at the Institute of Psychophysical Research in Oxford.
[metalforever] The purpose of this experiment was to categorize different types of experiences, as proposed by individuals, as a hallucination, an anomalous perceptual experience, and whether some cases might incorporate information from extrasensory perception.
[metalforever] Green could be described as a “radical skeptic”. For Green, the main interest in experiences such as lucid dreaming or the Out-of-Body of experience was the light that they shed on normal perception.
[metalforever] Celia Green viewed OBE’s and lucid dreams both as having striking similarities in that they both replace the physical world as it is normally perceived. She also thought that OBE’s were a strikingly realistic imitation for normal perception, and that the experience could be entered with no perceptible discontinuity in and individuals perceptual vision.
[metalforever] As mentioned before, Celia takes a view that students of perception see experiences, such as OBE’s and lucid dreams as a mere hallucination, and that the studying of extreme and unusual cases could very well give us insights into the mechanisms of normal perception.
[metalforever] Any questions so far?
[Nuuka] Nop.
[metalforever] cool beans
[metalforever] The next individual we are going to study tonight is Robert Monroe, the founder of the Monroe Institute. The Monroe Institute is actually the place in which I had first found out about Psionics and psychic phenomena. Its the place that led me to question, and eventually practice Psionics as a field of study.
[metalforever] interesting eh? (Im glad to see everyone is with me tonight).
[metalforever] Moving Along, in 1956, a research division was set up dedicated to studying the effects of various sound patterns (He later went on to create the Hemi-Sync tape, which at last check was documented on Psipog). Monroe began using himself as a subject for his research when he began experiencing a state of consciousness that he felt separate and apart from his physical body.
[metalforever] Robert had an enthusiastic feeling for OBE’s which juxtaposed the view of Celia. Monroe dedicated his professional efforts to learning more about altered states of consciousness, and it can be inferred that he felt that the individual experiencing the OBE is CERTAIN that the experience is in fact out-of-body, and that he/she was not dreaming or fantasizing.
[metalforever] It was documented that OBE’s occur from people from different cultures all around the world, and that the person with the experience often felt a feeling of enthusiasm regarding life after death.
[metalforever] The final piece of history I will discuss tonight involves a famous experiment as conducted by Charles Tart. Dr. Tart successfully documented the out-of-body experience of one of his subjects, one that was remarkable. The individual he documented was able to successfully leave her physical body, and read a 5-digit number an extended distance away, and be able to correctly give it to Tart at the conclusion of the experience.
[Numbers] Cool
[Levi] Fairly
[metalforever] After the first three nights of study, the individual in question became frustrated because she was unable to float up and read the correct target number. Determined to have the right kind of “OBE”, she went to sleep, and awoke, telling Tart the number 25132, aloud. Tart did not at first tell the individual whether he or she was correct, instead mentioning he wrote down the number and put it in record.
[metalforever] She was correct. The individual in question had noted that the OBE took awhile because the number was instead laying flat at the top of a shelf. It is important to make note at this point that Tart had told the individual that the number was instead propped up against the wall on top of the shelf, prior to the experience. Charles Tart later inspected the laboratory carefully to make sure the number could not have been read by non-parapsychological means.
[Levi] not have been read supposedly?
[metalforever] It was decided upon that “sophisticated” cheating by the individual in question was not impossible, but Tart noted that it was extremely “improbable” that any cheating occurred. Both Charles Tart and Dr.Hastings spent time in the dimly lit room trying to make out the number as it could have possibly been reflected on the clock. They could not see the number until they shone a flashlight directly on the number, increasing its brightness by a factor anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand times.
[metalforever] They were just able to make out such a number, therefore Tart could not reliably conclude that the experience was indeed out-of-body, or parapsychological.
[metalforever] Getting back to our main point, it is up to you whether or not OBE’s do in fact occur in or out of one’s body. It is debatable, and therefore, I am leaving it up to questioning.
[metalforever] Anyone willing to make a comment, or ask a question, may do so now.
[metalforever] (no, im not finished, for anyone curious).
[Keal] may i tell a joke?
[Float] no
[metalforever] no.
[zpr] i don’t understand why don’t they verify more properly whether or not it is indeed out of body
[metalforever] well
[metalforever] tart actually did bring the female in once more.
[metalforever] but im not sure there was any success there, probably because the person in question felt discouraged.
[zpr] odd
[metalforever] and generally, parapsychological things such as this arent well funded, so that might have been a factor too
[metalforever] For anyone curious, charles tart has this book
[metalforever] http://www.amazon.com/Body-Mind-Spirit-Parapsychology-Spirituality/dp/15…
[metalforever] mind, body and spirit
[metalforever] But, moving on
[metalforever] it is time to turn to the how-to portion of this seminar, where we discuss less about the history of out-of-body experiences(OBE), and more about how to actually accomplish one.
* metalforever waits for cheers from the audience.
* Levi hits the generic cheer button
* metalforever dims the lights
[zpr] how about a woot
* Nuuka presses the applauds button
[metalforever] lol, yall are evil.
* Numbers feels left out
[metalforever] Im surprised yall are still with me.
[zpr] we’ll never leave you
[metalforever] First, before deciding to attempt an OBE, it is important to discuss what is to be expected concerning said experiences. It may be possible that through achieving an Out-of -Body Experience, one will experience a change in his/her belief system. That is to say, one may or may not feel the same about death and the afterlife. I encourage anyone attempting to accomplish an OBE to be prepared for this change, in the case that it should occur.
[metalforever] One should also be aware of the “vibrations” that may or may not occur during an OBE.
[zpr] those suck, immensely
[metalforever] i actually like them.
[metalforever] These may be shocking at first, and it should be noted that one is to maintain as neutral as possible when experiencing such an effect.
[Levi] those were my enemy when i first started looking at this
[metalforever] Focusing on a vibration, faint ringing, the see-saw effect or hypnagogic imagery and sounds is mostly likely detrimental to the process because usually focusing on the above mentioned effects makes them stop.
[metalforever] zpr, this is where you nod and agree.
* Numbers goes to dictionary.com
[zpr] indeed
[zpr] it stops and i get pissed because again i fail
[metalforever] right, thats why im mentioning it, because i know.
[metalforever] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia
[metalforever] right here numbers.
[metalforever] The next thing that should be mentioned in preparing to have an OBE is what I like to call “affirmations”.
[Levi] *smiles to himself, remembering those*
[metalforever] Now, anyone that had my classes in early 2007 knows exactly what affirmations are, because i used to pound them into peoples heads until they hit the ground.
[metalforever] Now, affirmations are the enthusiastic repeating of an “I can” or an “I will” statement. This can of course be to yourself. Its important to tell yourself the Out-of-Body Experience is in fact possible, and that you can and will succeed.
[metalforever] pretty generic, but it works wonders.
[Levi] and yes, it does surprisingly
[metalforever] i used to teach them vigorously in the pk classes.
[metalforever] This is not to say that you should tell yourself that it is probably “not going to work” but that you hope that it does.
[metalforever] I know everyone does that too.
[metalforever] The next thing that should probably be mentioned is the “p” word, practice. Dont just try once and give up, having an OBE takes practice and determination.
[zpr] mm i think its getting past the vibrations Sticking out tongue
[metalforever] zpr: its more about treading a thin line
[metalforever] OBE’s tend to take a bit of time
[metalforever] As such, dedication is pretty important.
[metalforever] I would like to take this time to mention a few common tips, that I feel may be beneficial to your success, especially if you feel that you just are “not” getting it. I feel that these tips greatly affect the success rate of any given individual, at any given time.
[metalforever] The first tip I would like to discuss with you is that you do not always have to try OBE’s at night. This is especially useful if you have problems falling asleep. Since you fall asleep every day (at least most people do) at night, then why would you attempt OBE’s at the same time if you are experiencing difficulty? It might be beneficial to try having an OBE during the day, or when you do not normally go to sleep
[metalforever] Well, the some articles tell you to relax and not move your body parts.
[metalforever] This is hard because then you focus on your body parts and you end up moving them.
[metalforever] just dont worry about it, and maintain neutrality.
[metalforever] The second tip I would like to discuss with you is that perhaps if you just are not getting it, it is entirely possible to try having an OBE while sitting in a chair, or while in a meditative position.
[metalforever] This one is mainly for people that are *really* having problems.
[metalforever] The third tip I have to share with you involves your environment. Do not try to have an OBE when you are in the same room as a television, any object that causes interference, any loud people, or any of your pets. If your pets are like mine, it is possible at any given time for them to jump on you, instantly setting you close to where you started.
[metalforever] which, is bad.
[metalforever] Now, we are going to discuss how to actually induce the experience.
[metalforever] It is important to now revisit our concept of “affirmations”. The first thing you should do before you begin is reaffirm to yourself that you WILL have an Out of Body Experience. When you affirm this to yourself, make sure you believe every word of it.
[metalforever] This can be done in many ways, such as simply saying this to yourself, meditating on the aspect or even drawing a picture of your succeeding. Be creative.
[metalforever] Any questions so far?
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[Numbers] I’m good in the questions. As in Got none
[metalforever] awesome.
[metalforever] Now we are going to talk about Focus 10 as coined by Robert Monroe.
[metalforever] Focus 10 can be defined as the time when your body is asleep, but your mind still lies awake.
[metalforever] pretty basic
[metalforever] This is important to you because in most cases, you must go through this state before achieving an Out of Body Experience.
[metalforever] Now, you might be asking, how do I achieve focus 10?
[metalforever] It should be noted that one has to generally be relaxed to reach such a state, and as such, it is not a bad idea to engage in relaxing exercises.
[metalforever] That is not to say these are required
[zpr] by relaxing exercises, do you just mean meditation?
[metalforever] people who are more experienced with meditation and the like might feel more comfortable simply thinking about nothing, or focusing on a point outside of his/her own body.
[Levi] It is quite easy for me to just focus on something outside of my body now, and see it. Not that that is always accurate or correct otherwwise =p
[metalforever] Now, by relaxing exercises, it can be inferred that you can do whatever you wish, or however you feel most comfortable relaxing yourself. Or, you could “gracefully” will each body part to go to sleep.
[metalforever] stretching before you begin probably helps
[metalforever] Okay, now we are going to talk about “trancing out”
[metalforever] Once you have achieved Focus 10, for success, I have found that trancing out makes the whole process much easier. There are generally many ways one can go about trancing out, included but not limited to saying the same thing over and over or even thinking about nothing at all.
[metalforever] (Again)
[metalforever] Its important to keep a clear mind because in this process, you are essentially trying to trick your body into thinking you aren’t conscious. During this time, since your body is asleep, you have little awareness as to actually where you are.
[metalforever] You may want to experiment during this process, pretending you are on a boat.
[metalforever] Going over a bunch of waves, or even rolling out of bed.
[metalforever] All of these methods have worked for me personally, and perhaps might for you.
[metalforever] Any questions so far?
[Levi] For me, the beach with a slight breeze and some light waves with warm sand makes me feel quite tranced, or just relaxed as all heck however you look at it
[metalforever] Well, i actually mentioned those examples specifically because i find they help induce an OBE.
[metalforever] but whatever flows, you know.
[Levi] *nods*
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[metalforever] Okay, now we are going to talk about leaving your body.
[metalforever] pretty basic stuff
[metalforever] Like it was mentioned before, some people tend to have trouble in this area.
[metalforever] I find that it is more an art of trying to tread a very thin line between awake and asleep
[metalforever] You may want to try visualization here, peebrains “rope” method (see psipog).
[metalforever] Im going to mention the rolling out of bed scenario here once more, for the sake of relevance.
[metalforever] Its important to understand that in our case, “visualization” isnt simply referring to “seeing it happen”
[metalforever] you have to feel it too.
* zpr runs out of the room because dinner is being served. Will return shortly.
[metalforever] This seems to be easier when you have already achieved focus 10
[metalforever] and due to the feeling of weightlessness.
[metalforever] You can trick yourself into thinking that you are actually doing the activity in question
[metalforever] Visualize yourself going out of body, feel it too, you do the math.
[metalforever] It has been noticed that when you pay attention too much to what is happening it stops.
[metalforever] Then you wind up sending yourself out of this state way faster than it took you to get there.
[metalforever] The method at this stage that is the most important to you is the one that makes the most sense to you
[metalforever] That is to say if you must make up your own method, or simply play the waiting game, because in your mind, thats how it happens, so be it
[metalforever] Any questions?
[Numbers] All makes sense.
[Levi] *reads*
[metalforever] okay awesome.
[metalforever] Now we are going to talk about concluding the experience.
[metalforever] This is where a journal or PsionicsOnline’s blog section comes in.
[metalforever] write it all down
[metalforever] In writing it all down, you may be able to use it as a reference during a later date to easily be able to identify your pitfalls, or difficulties.
[metalforever] http://www.psionicsonline.net/content/out-body-experiences-manual-metalf
[metalforever] also, you may want to refer to my manual for more information
[metalforever] Any questions before I wrap this up
[metalforever] ?
[Keal] yes i have a question
[metalforever] What is your question, Keal
[Keal] you haven’t addressed obe into alternate points in time
[metalforever] that wouldnt be an OBE then , keal.
[metalforever] if you have ever experienced what you are referring to , its probably a mix of remote presence and retrocognition.. or something related.
[Keal] is it possible to obe into the present elsewhere in the world while rv into a different point at time is what i mean
[Float] Have an outer body experience while remote viewing?
[Float] That makes little sense if you are going by the standard definitions of the terms you are using.
[Float] To remote view you do not leave your body as is “understood.” So to have an obe while remote viewing would mean you are not remote viewing anymore, and the process by which you were remote viewing induced an obe
[Float] Be that unconciously or conciously.
[Float] There is no “combo” going on.

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