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 Advanced Psychokinesis: Introduction, the Psiwheel, Assumptions (Class One)

November 2nd, 2007


*Log was edited for readability*


[23:00] metalforever: Alright guys, how are all of you tonight?
[23:00] Jordan742: Decent
[23:00] Jordan742: Youself?
[23:00] metalforever: good
[23:00] metalforever: this session is being logged and may be edited for readability
[23:01] metalforever: go get your psiwheels if you have any

[23:01] Kow: Gah, I gotta find mine. It’s been on this desk for like 1.5 years.
[23:01] neveza: No.
[23:02] metalforever: alright
[23:02] metalforever: its not like we’re going to use it, neveza.
[23:03] neveza: metalforever, why not?
[23:04] metalforever: because this is advanced Psychokinesis. If you signed up for it, it means you are already proficient at the psiwheel
[23:04] metalforever: which means you are ready to go on.
[23:04] metalforever: so. throw it away, trash it.
[23:04] metalforever: never make another one as long as you live
[23:05] metalforever: alright
[23:05] metalforever: are yall done?

[23:05] Jordan742: yea
[23:07] metalforever: this is an open ended class
[23:07] metalforever: since we arent all on the same level
[23:08] metalforever: before we move on, i have a question for each one of you.

[23:08] Jordan742:
[23:08] Jordan742: Yeppers?
[23:08] metalforever: Why do you wish to continue with psychokinesis?
[23:08] metalforever: be detailed.

[23:09] Kow: Wow factor. Something I can say I can do that near noone else can say they’ve done the same.
[23:09] neveza: Just for the ability. Merely a “Look what I can do!”. Plus it could become handy…I doubt it, but it’s possible.
[23:10] metalforever: jordan?

[23:10] Kow: I’ve heard reports of psions unlocking their doors when they’ve locked their keyes in the car.
[23:10] Kow: So there’s more than a just “Wow factor” to it, it’s actually useful.
[23:10] Jordan742: well…. helps me prove to yself thats psionics is real, ya know, physical proof…. ummm to help make my friends believe me….. uhhh becuase i have a knack for this skill above all others…?
[23:10] Jordan742: myself*
[23:11] metalforever: cant you do all of these things with the psiwheel? I asked you guys why you wanted to move on, not why you practice psychokinesis in the first place

[23:11] neveza: No.
[23:12] Kow: Because we *cant* do these things with a psiwheel, in a sense, I guess.
[23:12] metalforever: and why not?
[23:12] Jordan742: Psiwheels can be to easly faked
[23:12] Jordan742: (and accidentally faked)
[23:12] Kow: While I know that in theory it’s the same concepts etc, it’s not just a pin that we’dd be moving.
[23:12] Kow: Er rather a paper on a pin.
[23:12] metalforever: you didnt get that feeling where you just KNEW it was you?

[23:13] Jordan742: yea, but afterward theres is always at least SOME doubt, no matter how small
[23:13] metalforever: alright, thats an okay answer, i’ll buy it

[23:13] Kow: I’m a skeptic of most everyting by nature, so I try to debunk everytihng I see, as you saw with your video earlier. I turned off the AC in my house as to prevent drafts, but could the wheel moving just be draft from my laptop fan?
[23:13] Jordan742: bigger shit = more proof (in my eyes )
[23:13] Kow: “bigger shit = more proof (in my eyes )” quoted for truth.
[23:13] metalforever: ok: even better question: why do you want ME to teach you.
[23:13] Kow: I’m just here for the free coffee. >.>
[23:14] Jordan742:
[23:14] Jordan742: ummm i uno honestly…
[23:14] Jordan742: You helped me before
[23:14] Jordan742: you can help me again!
[23:14] Jordan742: ?
[23:14] metalforever: neveza?
[23:15] * Kow sips his free coffee.
[23:15] neveza: Learn something new. Motivation to try to improve on psychokinesis that has became a dreadful boredom of practicing.
[23:15] Jordan742: Nicely Said! ;D
[23:16] neveza: metalforever, heh, I’m avoiding that question to avoid any hurt feelings. I don’t follow teachers. I just listen and see what comes out of it. >_>
[23:16] metalforever: alright, fair enough
[23:16] metalforever: jordan, why not get taught by someone else.

[23:17] Jordan742: Cuz i have faith in you like i said, youve helped me before ;D
[23:17] Kow: This is a first time experience for me, being taught by metalforever, so I’m kinda test driving it and don’t really have a prior opinion. In all honesty.
[23:17] metalforever: alright…. well that didnt convince me enough guys.
[23:17] metalforever: but that doesnt matter, who cares what i think, right?
[23:17] metalforever: but lets move on
[23:17] metalforever: you all have your objects, correct?

[23:18] * Kow nods.
[23:18] neveza: Of course.
[23:18] Jordan742: Yepppers
[23:18] metalforever: alright., now when you have moved objects before- what method worked best for you?
[23:18] Jordan742: Just do it.
[23:18] Kow: Visualising the “push”.
[23:18] Jordan742: Blank Mind- Then do it
[23:19] neveza: Eh…Methods…feeling, just do it…what have you. I could advocate my first method of the “Pushing method” back when I had success.
[23:19] metalforever: where did you come up with these methods?
[23:19] Kow: Quick question: Do y’all use your hands as a sort of “medium” between you and the object?
[23:19] neveza: Through forceful desperation.
[23:20] metalforever: i dont personally, but its not like i discourage it, kow.

[23:19] Kow: Read it on psipog most likely.
[23:20] metalforever: see kow, in my eyes, thats a problem

[23:20] Jordan742: Had a dream
[23:20] Kow: Ok. I’ve tried both and with the psiwheel I seem to have the best success with my hands, but not always.
[23:20] metalforever: you are learning self- improvement, why read what someone ELSE wrote.

[23:20] Jordan742: (Same Kow, applyed to other objects too )
[23:20] Kow: Yeah. I don’t remember exactly, so most of it is whatever stuck with me or worked with me.
[23:21] metalforever: everyone is diferent, thus, different methods work better for different people

[23:21] Kow: So I couldn’t tell you 100% for sure.
[23:21] metalforever: what i mean to say is
[23:22] metalforever: it doesnt matter if your method was to go get macaroni, just as long as it works for you (bad example)
[23:22] metalforever: dont learn from articles, learn from yourselves
[23:22] metalforever: neveza, in your opnion, what does moving an object with psychokinesis require?

[23:22] Kow: Yeah. I’ve tried most if not all of the described techniques and have only really stuck with the ones that worked for me.
[23:23] neveza: The will, Intent, and excessive practice. Psychokinesis is very difficult to just pull off. Takes a lot of trying and failure.
[23:23] metalforever: thats why i havent made an actual article in the psychokinesis section, i might do something along the lines of this……, for achieving success. Not providing methods that only work or some people and not others
[23:23] metalforever: alright
[23:24] metalforever: what did you discuss in the past- with Non related psychokinetic items
[23:24] metalforever: im talking in particular about what you said at your class

[23:25] neveza: Technique wise, intent, will, and proper communications. The basics though.
[23:27] metalforever: what is important in getting the object to move and why.
[23:27] metalforever: in your opinion.

[23:29] neveza: Self-understanding, however there is more to it. Need to know the why, the reasons, and then have the effort put into it. Sub-conscious keeps a regulation on things, so if it doesn’t think it needs to be done, it probably won’t happen. I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but that’s what seems to be it.
[23:30] metalforever: alright. What about you… kow? ..jordan? What is important in getting the object to move in why?

[23:31] Kow: Proving to myself that it’s possible. My main reason. Well not really possible, as I know it’s possible, but that I personally can do it.
[23:31] metalforever: and neveza, how, in your opinion , can what you said benefit you in finding a method thats right for you

[23:32] neveza: Proper communication and having more Control over your skill then being restricted by your sub-conscious mind.
[23:32] Jordan742: Proving to myself that I can do it. Knowing (and proving ) that what everyone says isnt always true ect. (all the people who tell you you cant do it )
[23:32] metalforever: alright, personal reasons. You are driven because you want to see yourself succeed……., why did you quit in the first place and what can you do to better benefit success in psychokinesis
[23:33] metalforever: ^kow

[23:34] Kow: Life, particularly school, happened. I didn’t have enough time to really practice anymore, like I had over the summer.
[23:34] metalforever: alright nev, so for you, the ultimate method allows proper communication to the subconscious. How do you think this can be done? and if you have no idea, then i think reading some articles concerning the subconscious and how it works will be sufficient

[23:34] *** Kralyk has joined #PsionicsOnline_PK.
[23:34] Kow: Spose I could set apart time to practice. Self control is where I’m lacking there.
[23:34] *** b9 has signed off IRC (Client closed connection).
[23:34] metalforever: even if only for a few moments, kow. Because a few seconds before a game or a practice or right before the bus- it all adds up
[23:34] metalforever: hello kralyk

[23:35] Kralyk: hi=)
[23:36] neveza: Metal, why?
[23:36] Kow: Well, as far as PK,, can’t really practice when the bus is coming. On what would I practice? And also, I’ve just been so tired recently that when I’m not doing something school or work, I want sleep.
[23:36] Kralyk: same here
[23:36] neveza: I’ve read a lot on the mind during psychologysociology and daily interest.
[23:37] metalforever: since your idea revolves around the subconsious and gaining control, you should learn how the subconscious works so you are better able to take control of it

[23:37] neveza: I think someone knocked on my window…God damn it.
[23:37] metalforever: lmao.

[23:37] Jordan742: Jessus nev lol
[23:37] metalforever: i know, i noticed when i was reading your reply about split brain studies in the forums.

[23:38] neveza: metalforever, I already know enough. I’m on a different stage of figuring stuff out.
[23:38] Jordan742: i would be freaking out, and your pissed
[23:38] neveza: Jordan742, usually means my friend is here.
[23:38] neveza: Uninvitedly.
[23:38] Jordan742: lol
[23:39] *** Homeboy_JP has joined #PsionicsOnline_PK.
[23:40] metalforever: kralyk, in your opinion, how do you think psychokinesis works? Whats important in getting the object to move and why

[23:40] Homeboy_JP: greetings all!
[23:40] Kralyk: its important to control the sub-c I think
[23:41] metalforever: for anyone that just joined- lets review why we are doing this. When practicing psychokinesis, it is important to note that different methods work for different people, thus it is important to find a method that works for you. that is what we are currently doing

[23:41] Homeboy_JP: thanks for the update!
[23:41] Kralyk: I dont know how it works but if you are able to tell your sub-c to do pk it does the job for you and you dont need to know how it really works
[23:43] metalforever: in some cases, yes, in others no. See you need to know what makes yours tick. Like when you have a test- what is it that makes you remember the answers and what doesnt. same sort of thing

[23:43] neveza: Yeah, understanding yourself is a major part of psionics.
[23:43] Kralyk: yeah…
[23:48] metalforever: alright, im probably going to end this lesson
[23:48] metalforever: but first
[23:48] metalforever: i want to give you guys something to think about
[23:48] metalforever: do NOT rely on articles when you are working with advanced psychokinesis
[23:48] metalforever: do not.
[23:49] metalforever: find how you think psychokinesis works, and go with it

[23:49] neveza: Don’t rely on articles for any skill.
[23:49] metalforever: it doesnt matter what person x thinks about psychokinesis

[23:49] Kralyk: k=)
[23:49] metalforever: it matters what you think.
[23:49] metalforever: and yes neveza.
[23:49] metalforever: so
[23:49] metalforever: i am assigning you guys homework
[23:50] metalforever: come up with how you think psychokinesis is possible
[23:50] metalforever: how it works

[23:50] Jordan742: awww
[23:50] metalforever: (in YOUR opinion)

[23:50] Jordan742: thats all?
[23:50] metalforever: and what YOU can do to make it work better
[23:50] metalforever: yes.
[23:50] metalforever: why?
[23:50] metalforever: because i feel as if this answer needs time

[23:50] Kralyk: yes it does
[23:50] metalforever: time that wont be given in an internet chat room
[23:51] metalforever: the last question is an important one
[23:51] metalforever: because that will lead in your methods, and your general study plan for success
[23:51] metalforever: its not JUST practicing
[23:51] metalforever: sure thats a part of it
[23:51] metalforever: but.., there is most definitely more

[23:51] neveza: Ahh…Time to rummage around old logs of Erik’s conversation.
[23:51] Kow: For?
[23:52] neveza: [11:54] come up with how you think psychokinesis is possible
[23:52] Kow: Ah.
[23:52] metalforever: if homeboy thinks Meditation is required for psychokinesitc success, it is true- for him- and it is required in his schedule
[23:52] metalforever: right, encouraged neveza.

[23:52] Kow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Attraction
[23:52] Kow: On a smaller scale.
[23:53] metalforever: if you are going to do ONE homework assignment- let it be this one

[23:53] Homeboy_JP: you read my mind…lol… in that statement
[23:53] metalforever: im not sure who is signed up for the site or not- but use the blogs to map out what you think
[23:54] metalforever: and right under where you enter your body paragraphs, there are checkboxes. Enable the “Advanced Psychokinesis” one and the “Public” one
[23:55] metalforever: the next practice is monday.

[23:55] Jordan742: kk
[23:55] metalforever: 930 PM GMT -5 (EST)
[23:55] metalforever: the assignment will be posted on the main portion of the site.
[23:55] metalforever: on the class page
[23:55] metalforever: and this class has been logged
[23:56] metalforever: that is all.

[23:56] neveza: Oh damn…My logs are hitting a gig.
[23:56] neveza: Wait…wait…nevermind.
[23:56] neveza: 100 megs.
[23:56] Kow: xD
End of #PsionicsOnline_PK buffer: Fri Nov 02 23:56:28 2007

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