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So you’ve come all this way and finally want to see what it is you’ve been shielding with, moving things with, and want to show your skeptical friends psi exists. First off I’m going to start this with a list of terms to know, so if you see anything in the introduction you do not recognize I suggest you read more about the unfamiliar terms and master those first. These would include programming, shelling, etc. Flaring is known as an advanced skill since you are making your psiball emit light. Even though you may not need these skills to flare you should know how to make a psiball, how to make your psiball dense, how to program, and other basic Energy Manipulation skills. If you can do these fairly well you should be able to flare if you practice daily and follow this guide.

Step 1: Make It Dense

In order to flare you must have sufficient skills in energy manipulation. Certain Control is required in order to successfully flare your Construct. It should be noted that when starting out you should practice in a room with little light, but enough so you have something to focus on. Below will be a suggested method to make your psiball strong and dense. If you have a way that works for you can you move along to step two. To begin, feel the energy in whatever color you choose, moving from your tan tien (energy store house 2inches below belly button) to the palm of your hand in whatever way you are used to. Now start making a psiball about the size of a basketball. Once you’ve made it big enough compress it to the size of a golf ball. This is an easy way to make it dense. Now repeat, add more energy to make it large and shrink it again (now to the size of a hand ball). Repeat once more until it’s about the size of a softball. I feel the sizes of sports equipment are quite accurate. With this much energy in your psiball it should feel as if you are holding a solid ball, if not I suggest you practice more on making it dense before moving on. Once you can make the ball dense with ease it’s time to move on to step 2.

Step 2: Energy In Motion

At this point you can shell it if you are afraid of the energy dispersing. There are several ways to go about this step so I will provide two methods that will allow you to flare successfully.

Method 1: Shells, shells and more shells.

This method as stated requires several layers of shells within the psiball. So we will start with shelling the outer most layer. Make sure this layer is the strongest. Now make about 5-10 more shells within the psiball progressively getting weaker and weaker. This is so when the shells start spinning *will be explained below* you can let the light explode through the layers. Now, once you’ve arrived at the Center of your psiball you begin spin the energy. Now at the center, this is the smallest area and will be spinning the fastest (and direction doesn’t matter). Now start spinning the shells you’ve just made but moving from the inside to the outer most layer and it will spin fastest in the middle and slowest on the outside, since it takes less time to complete a rotation when it’s smaller. Move on to step 3 once your psiball is now feeling like a solid spinning sphere.

Method 2: Which-a-Way

Even though this method doesn’t require shells it’s very similar in that the psiball will be spinning very fast. Once again I suggest you start from the center and work your way out, of course the spinning from the middle will influence the rest of the ball. If you like spinning things to the right or left stick to that direction. Slowly move the energy in a circular motion. Now the tricky part make it spin the same direction but at different angles and within each other. *This explanation is confusing so the illustration will help you better understand.* Study figure 1.1 below to grasp the concept of spinning the energy in multiple directions. The energy should move much like atoms would move around a molecule.

Step 3: Need a light?

If you’ve gotten this far you should be excited that you are about to have your construct give off light. This part requires more visualization than anything else. Envision your ball spinning, make it spin faster and faster until each part of the ball is spinning almost as fast as the center is. The ball should feel supercharged because the energy is so refined and it will soon flare. Again, starting from the center, see your ball explode with light. This part is critical in that this will determine how significant your flare will be. The brighter and more explosive you envision it the more successful you will be. Choose whatever color you like as well because you are likely to see that in your flare.

Not everyone flares on their first few tries, but if you can do several skills in energy manipulation this shouldn’t be too difficult. During the first few flares you make see sparks of white or any color and you may think you’ve been staring at the blank space in between your hands to long. This is mostly not true O_O so be happy because if you see some sparks you’re on your way to making bigger and better flares each time you try. A flare may also look like a shadow in between your hands or a very light hue of the color of your choice. If you practice long and hard enough I’m sure you will be just as good as Gandolf in no time.
Good Luck and Don’t over do it!

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  • alt_example

    CJ May 29, 2014 at 10:33 am - Reply

    Hi! I just want to say thank you for this insightful explanation. I’ve been trying to get my psi balls to light for some time. I have one question. Will you be willing to catch this on video? I think seeing helps so much when trying to visualize the end result. It looks like I have a way to go before I can do this. I’ve only just started getting my psi wheel to turn and my psi balls are really weak. Thanks again for your site and effort in making it available.

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