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Your Belief System

Practicing OBE may and probably will lead to changes in your belief system and the afterlife. Be prepared for this. This change in outlook may be due to the nature of the Out of Body Experience, but this is subjective. I encourage you to formulate your own opinions regarding this subject, but be aware that OBEs can be viewed as a life-altering experience (depending on how you look at it). Either way, be prepared.


As with anything in Psionics, it is important to tell yourself that you can do this. Taking time out of your day for affirmations really works wonders. So, before you go and try OBEs, make sure to tell yourself this is possible. You should stay positive on this aspect even though success rates vary from a few days to even a year or two. You can’t go into practice telling yourself that “it probably wont work, but i should give it a shot” because then either it doesn’t work that day, or you will give up before it does. It may be beneficial to meditate on this matter, though Meditation techniques are way out of the scopes of this article, and won’t be discussed.

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