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In this article I will be talking about some very important topics to discuss regarding everything that we are, observe, and experience in life (and perhaps death). The classic questions such as “what is the meaning of life?” and “is there life after death?” will be mentioned, and perhaps some new ones you may not have thought of. I hope you gain more insight and a better grip on 5 general questions that I have decided to talk about. Who, what, where, why, and when. I will try to describe these questions in such a way that hopefully everyone can understand what I’m trying to make you think about. Oh, and before you might think that I believe to be all knowing, I’m far from it… and so are you Smiley. But hopefully by sharing and thinking about deep and intense insights we may gain a greater understanding, and hopefully peace of mind. Note that my objective is to have you ask yourself these questions with your own answers (you can agree with me if you want to). Without further intro, here comes the content Grin.


It’s easy to notice many hints in our life of death, and the afterlife. Even when we were a child, you may have heard of ghosts, spirits, or “god”. Something beyond us that we cannot truly know but only conceptualize. After we die, where do we go? Do we just disappear without a trace? Reincarnation? Do we end up in the Astral Realm? Is there really a heaven and hell? Many questions, but we may never know for sure until we actually die, or not. If you are fortunate enough to experience OBE’s (Outer Body Experiences), then has it ever felt as if you actually died? More importantly, is this valid evidence that we actually have a soul? some sort of spirit like form that is immortal? Or is an OBE merely a part of the brain that we have never used, and that humans are advanced enough to astrally project. I find this experience one of the very few things that gets me to think we truly exist.


If you look at your own hands, you easily notice that you are within a human body (probably). Now, look beyond what your hands are. They are of flesh, blood, bone, chemicals, cells, etc. It all ends up to be one large system that just works. Now observe other species, they are pretty much the same system. How about a plant? maybe a bit different, but it still has the basic idea of living. A city can even be closely related to a single person. The body is the land, the muscle is the population, the bones and joints can be transportation, the little cells can be little people, white blood cells are police, etc. You get the idea right? Based on what you think, I hope now you can think about the largest system of all… The universe. My definition of the universe that it is the only system that is purely perfect. Infinitely existent and is able to hold all other systems. So what is so great about these systems? We are what we are today is because the system works. But to think even deeper, what is a system? what is the universe that holds all systems? That I do not know how I could possibly speak in words, nor can barely comprehend it. It’s only “there” in my mind, it closely resembles the “Just do it” phrase.


Not the biggest of questions, but still interesting to ask. Have you ever looked into a mirror and thought that you were looking into the window of an alternate reality? One thought you can get lost in is to think of a completely different reality. Everything is completely opposite in every way. For example: everything is spelled backwards, we age backwards, our technology ages backwards, colors are inverted, matter is space, and space is matter; black is white, and white is black; Time goes backwards, nothing that we see exists, but everything that we don’t see exists. And it goes on and on like that. But here you are reading this article, one might wonder if we are even in a universe at all!


This seems closely related to the question “who”, but I want to talk about our willpower. Before life was created, why did we somehow come to this point in time? Why are we on earth in particular? how did one cell end up being able to contain our existence, a conscious mind. It seems as if our soul-like existence is attracted to life, by means of life attracting soul, or soul attracting life. This also makes me question why does it feel like I am only one being and one being only. Why not a million? But lets not get off topic. Now most of you would know that there is a law of attraction, and that is simply: Like attracts like. Does this law apply even after you’re dead? It seems like it. Personally I think it applies everywhere and anywhere, and we came into existence because we wished to be alive. So I guess the meaning of life is what you make of it, since you wanted to live in the first place right? Oh, if anyone asks you “why?”, reply with “Why not?”. Wink


Time as we know it, is continuous, but flexible. I like Think of time as a circle that never meets back up in the same place. It’s infinitely going in one direction forever. But was there ever a beginning of time? Perhaps when the so called big bang went off, everything else did too? Or has time always been and always will be. It’s debatable to whether time is an illusion only created by our own perception, and the evidence to that is that we can influence it through our own perception only. Time is one thing that I never really thought about fully, so I don’t know much else to say about it.


So with these 5 questions, I hope I gave some people more understanding, more insight, and some more interesting things to talk about later on Smiley. Again I must say, my objective is to have you ask yourself these questions with your own answers. Try and think so deeply that you will not only find what you seek, but find an answer that you can only feel but cannot speak of. This indescribable feeling of self knowing. That is what I tried to have people experience. I hope you enjoyed yet another article from Lucidess :3. I apologize if my theories and opinions seem rather biased. I would be in your debt if you could disprove anything I had to say.

By: Lucidess

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