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My original intention for writing this paper was to get out specific understandings and ideals I developed about psionics throughout the years I spent involved with it. That idea changed as I realized that my current opinions were drastically different than the majority of people who I had spoken with recently about psionics and the state of related online communities. I felt that I should at least give information that would enable people to begin their own pursuit for discovery, as opposed to sticking with common beliefs that have not been working to the full advantage of those actually spending time practicing psionics.

The ideas presented herein have developed over years of actively practicing and watching the online communities fall apart time and time again. These same ideas are also partially why I chose not to resume my own former website (UPC).

The contents of this paper are my own experiences and opinions. I do not claim any statement as being fact. The purpose for my writing this is to inspire some creative thought and open mindedness. I’m more than open to criticism and questions, however, please do not ask me questions that are answered elsewhere on this website. More importantly, please do not expect to be spoon fed information, I expect you to do your own research and develop your own mindset. If you make it through this entire paper I’m sure you are more than capable of completing your own research. If you do decide to take heed to anything I say and look into it more in depth, please feel free to share with me any findings, I would enjoy such a conversation.

So before continuing please have an open mind, though, not all of the material is entirely new. I am not the only individual who has felt the need for change in the general approach to psionics. One individual in particular many reading this will know of is Sean Connelly, the former webmaster of the infamous PsiPog. He was in fact once working on an eBook which contained some of what I’ll be discussing. The length of this paper is undetermined, and as such, will be posted in numerous sections along the course of my writing it. When it is fully complete, and final revisions are made upon it’s completion, I will be putting it out as an eBook with more information if the need arises.

Getting Started (Warning: A Rant)

However… If we are to truly further our own studies and levels of success, it only makes sense to realize that to learn is the change. The current accepted system has had results to some degree for many, but the level of results we are searching for in the long term has not been fit for a practice we spend so much time on. It’s up to those ambitions enough to take a leap of faith, to try to come up with a new method of approaching psionic development. I say this only because it is clear that something is not working as hoped. That, or we have already proven to everyone else that psionics is not impossible, but that receiving substantial results is only possible for certain individuals. I for one do not agree with that idea, and hold firm to the belief that the skills we seek to attain are available for everyone, but that our system of practice and development is fundamentally flawed.

A common belief is that if you have patience and practice you will see results. Yes, I have seen results, but I also have not declared myself a “psion” in over five years. I in fact saw the majority of my results when I stopped perceiving psionics to be the end all be all, and instead when I began picking up books from other topics and actually learning about what else was out there. My perspective on psionics as a whole shifted entirely after some time and has since remained the same.

If you go to generally any psionic community and check their forums or chat rooms you will occasionally see a new individual join, and in no time as a general question where they are told the repeated answer that has become habitual for the regulars to spit out “Practice and have patience, that’s all there is to it.” But even if this is so, how far have these regular members truly gotten using the current system? Anyone can argue and make claims, which is normal and encouraged, but more importantly is an honest answer within the person reading this paper. You know how far you have come if you are honest with yourself, and if you are prepared for it I offer a series of ideas that may inspire some to open their eyes. Hopefully I can motivate some to begin themselves on a world of discovery.

It would prove to be beneficial for the reader to forget everything you ever read, thought, or assumed about Psionics, just temporarily of course. The primary function of online psionics websites is to teach, learn, and grow through experience and research. This seems noble, righteous, and understanding. However the primary function of many of these websites ends up to be the categorizing and separation of people biased on typical societal means. Language, Culture, and “Intelligence.” So even in a place assumed to be beneficial for the curious, you are faced with societies infamous Us/Them. One section of the people create a division towards the other, based on appeared commonalities, making those who do not share these surface traits appear different, in this case, inferior.

Many psionics websites have a sort of Caste system. The intelligent are seen as superior in not only knowledge, but skill, whereas the newer and often younger individuals have no credit amongst the community and their opinions are often pushed to the side. Their ideas are regarded as Fluff, and they are forced to assimilate to the communities views and opinions. The “New” opinions and ideas are often not so new at all and are rather simple variations to the already pre-determined “truth.”

Now, for many it may not be considered “truth,” yet the acceptance of the current system is so widely held that any new idea is looked down upon unless it seems to fit in with the current system.This leads me to some very important questions. Is the psionic community looking for personal advancement, and the progression of psionics. Or acceptance in the eyes of those who played major roles in the development and advancement of the current system.

It is true that we has humans are very resistant to change. It’s only human nature after all, right? This may be the case, but it’s not an excuse to continue to circulate the same ideas and concepts, and even if you choose to maintain with the system given by the many psionics websites out there, at least address within you the question many fail to ask. Why are new ideas so looked down upon? Let’s not even look at vastly different and almost contradicting ideas now, I’m making reference to the idea of a new idea in general. For the person sitting at their computer reading all through psipog, and after a few weeks comes to their own realizations, formulates their own mindsets, and out of the kindness of their heart decide to share their understanding and what seems to be working for THEM.

Instantly this person is ridiculed for opening their mouth, far too commonly. Now, I do not expect everyone to yield to unintelligent ramblings by children who are still working on building a vocabulary greater than that of a middle-school student. But this still does not mean that said individual is incapable of coming to their own conclusions about psionics. We all interpret things differently, and if one thing works for someone else, we should listen with an open mind to their interpretation. The current system got to where it is today because of individuals being willing to adapt new ideas. The issue is that it has been so accepted that people forgot their own curiosity, they grew scared to openly ask the questions that might make everyone else cock their head to the side in confusion. With this, it is not too surprising to find many people vanish from the online world of psionics to further their own personal pursuits, as there is no use staying around somewhere, where your voice is not heard and collaboration is almost nothing more than a distant dream. The first step in taking such a leap of faith is identifying the many labels we have come to formulate in psionics.

But first, what IS the current system I’ve been discussing?

Current “Popular” Theory of Psi I say popular because this is of course not the only theory available. Other “communities” have developed their own theories as it pertains to psionics, and so have individuals. The most widely accepted theory for psionics is that Psi (23rd letter in the Greek alphabet; Unknown) is a byproduct of the nervous system. We are able to move and manipulate this excess energy my purely mental means. If we practice enough, we will be able to “program” the energy so that it does what we will it to.

We accept this as a serious possibility because it seems feasible. This is no reason to stop pursuing a more result friendly approach, however.

Labels and Psionics

What are the main functions of a Label? To categorize. Categorization does indeed make things easier when we are researching or asking questions. Without it most of what we tried to say or teach would be difficult if not impossible. Though, just because I have a label does not make one thing separate from another.

Someone reading this might be only interested in Psychokinesis, whereas another aspires for greatness in Telepathy or Remote Viewing. This is fine, however, why then do such aspirants fail to practice or even show interest in the other areas of Psionics? Because it is assumed they are separate from one another.

Telepathy is often used to scan a person, place, object, or energy system. All of these locations or things have energy in, amongst, and around them. Wait, everything being scanned IS energy, considering everything for the most part is made up of the same general stuff.

And PK is often used to manipulate an object or random series of events. Coincidentally, if an object is sitting on my desk, and the object is made of energy, and I’m trying to move this energy, why do I think of it as being so drastically separate from that of energy manipulation? The thought of Telepathy and PK practice being interconnected is rarely looked at, and occasionally hinted at by some people who chose to experience for themselves. It is not hard to find the interconnectedness of psionics as a whole, it just takes some eye opening. So for now, before continuing, forget the labels prescribed you by the current system, and their meanings before reading the other sections of this series. It will help you in the long run, I assure you. And please note that I am not saying such things ARE indeed directly connected, because I cannot prove that to you, I am suggesting that being open to such an idea is not as preposterous as some may make it seem. As such, making an attempt and changing your mindset or experimenting with such understandings should be encouraged.

Thus far I hope you have at least begun to ponder the possibility of looking at psionics through a different perspective, and by the end of this series I hope you gain something from it. Many of you may change your ideas and outlooks, many may stick to them, either way, hopefully something I say will help you in your pursuits.

Psionics is not too far fetched for many people these days, but for some they are completely hard set on dismissing the entire concept. For those who stick around and fell in love with the current system, especially those from a more scientific back round, psionics may even seem quite “Logical.” Why you ask? Well, because if we have a scientific understanding, and relate psionics to it in a way that science can be directly connected, we have a much easier time accepting these ideas, as mentioned before. But before we jump off the boat and forget what we are discussing, let’s just gently touch something that’s been itching me. Is Psionic indeed a “Logical” concept in it’s entirety? And I do not mean is one section of psionics connected with another in a logical manor, I mean is Psionics as a whole, “Logical?”

The Logic of Psionics

After a pretty lengthy conversation with someone online about Psychokinesis and the levitation of objects, the topic of “Logic” in psionics arose. It’s a subject that at first glance really has no weight in the development of Psionic skills, but when it is examined more closely we find that learning how we think in society has the potential to sway our feelings on psionics entirely. Mindset, I feel, is a crucial component in the development of any psionic related skill, and as such, learning to, or attempting to learn about the things people never really discuss can be beneficial in the short and long term.

Defining Logic

I do not proclaim to be an expert on the subject of logic by any means. After all, I’m a mere university student, no degree to show for my ramblings as of yet. So if anyone has a more in depth interpretation of the ideas presented in this section, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail. These ideas can also easily be used in the opposing manor by which I express them, this is simply food for thought.

What is logic? This is probably one of the most difficult questions to answer. In part because there is not one simple answer. This would depend entirely on what form of Logic we are attempting to explain, or more specifically, in what sense of the word we are explaining it. In short, logic is defined as the branch of philosophy which examines inference. Inference being defined as the act or process of deriving a conclusion based solely on what one already knows.

Many define logic as being a study of truth, of language, of math… Though logic can be used or applied in all areas mentioned, logic, at least in a scholastic sense is concerned primarily with thinking about orderly thinking in an orderly manor. So we can in part define logic as “the science of the laws of thinking.” Our definition does not stop here, though. Many find things “logical” when they seem truthful, or they “make sense.” The thought of logic being so closely tied to truth is considered a fallacy. Fallacies being a mistake in the structure of an argument we use to draw our conclusions simply based on some evidence. This is because a statement can be entirely false, yet still be explained in a “logical” manor.

Logic, in effect, is an actual very in depth subject. So in depth there is enough learning and explanation involved to cover the contents of an entire website and several books alone. The form of logic we are most interested in right now is known as Propositional Logic. Propositional Logic is concerned with how sentences combine propositions to form statements which are perceived as being “true” or “false” based on the propositions involved. The reason we are examining this, is because when it comes to psionics, we get the majority of our understanding from our, or other peoples interpretations of what exactly they are doing, or seek to do. This often leads to “articles” and the like, which are more often than not directly cited and pointed toward. Like the above statement “a statement can be entirely false, yet still be explained in a logical manor” it should be understood that the reason for bringing such a topic up into a subject such as psionics is to give the studious more insight on word-play so that common misinterpretations on what we assume we know, won’t take as great a toll out of the practice and advancement of the aspirant.


Person A. Is a computer science major

Person B. Is an art major.

If Person A states that “I am a computer science major, and you are an art major, computer science has nothing to do with art and so we have nothing in common.” Though the first statement is true, Person A. Is indeed a computer science major, and the second statement is true as well, Person B. is indeed an art major, these statements alone are not weighted enough to make the third statement true. The two individuals may have things in common beyond that of their majors. And inversely, the statement could play the opposite way. The first two statements being false and the last one being true. Logic helps us here by showing us that the bottom line is that it is difficult impossible to deduce exactly what the “truth” is by means of this form of argument.

1. Psionics works.

2. Psi is Separate from Other Energies.

3. Energy Manipulation is Separate from Psychokinesis.

These three statements are all opinionated inherently. There is absolutely no way we can declare any of them from being true or false. Yet, in Logic, it must be either true or false, and because we do not know the full extent of the inner workings of Psionics, this proves impossible. So, in order to define our current understanding of the workings and approach to psionic practice, we use phrases that have no basis, yet are explained in a logical manor. Yet, just the simple task of stating whether or not Psionics as a whole is connected and practical proves impossible difficult in the eyes of logic. At least, for now it does.

Defining Psionics

Far too commonly we try to communicate the workings of psionics by means of things we as a general populous understand. That general populous being a large group of individuals having access to the internet. We explain the thought of psionics in scientific terms, or attempt to do so. Despite the apparent “evidence” we hold, it is still very difficult to prove what “psionics” entails to be entirely true in the eyes of the scientific community.

Though, because we understand science, or think we do, we try to relate it to our system of understanding. We program energy, we perceive energy as being atomic particles, equate tingling with electricity, link, scan, broadcast, etc…

What this goes to say is that when we experience something, we relate it to something we have knowledge of. This is normal, and our way of translating raw perceptions into workable thought forms. This enables us to teach and share our findings with others in a way they too can attempt to understand. If, however, an individual has no knowledge of of our western society, then how can they manage to understand what “programming” a construct is, if they have never heard or related to the term programming? It is not too difficult to see how this can prove to be a very frustrating situation, as simple communication fails at explaining something we oh to confidently felt we had a grasp on.

If that same individual comes along and has similar experiences, but explains them using means they can relate to, it would not be a surprise to find that we could have a potentially very difficult time trying to decode what they are saying so we can get a grasp of that same information. When we do this we usually just try to relate what they say to something we know of, then relate that to the energy work we are attempting to accomplish. This process can cause the entire point or goal to be lost. This is how communication typically works. Though, in psionics, or in the psionic community, it is far from as courteous in making attempts at understanding.

Because psionics is such a seemingly “scientific” practice, we usually ignore the ideas given us from individuals speaking in not so scientific ways. This seems normal, but normality doesn’t give anyone the right to chastise another for their opinions that may not seem so “normal” to the rest of the general populous. And when you consider that less than 2% of the population is actually actively involved first hand in the development of paranormal abilities, you would figure a certain level of bonding should be strived for.

**Lost the rest of this paper**

This was previously hosted on a server that was canceled, so what you have just been reading is a salvaged rough draft I found in an e-mail, it’s cut somewhat short of the original. Though, to my knowledge what was cut off was not that significant, mostly just rapping up what was already said and reinforcing ideas that I presented earlier on in the paper. Though I did not go through and make the same edits and rephrasing things, I feel as though this details some of my feelings on the topic of “psionics” fairly accurately, so doing anything else to this rough paper is pretty irrelevant.

I do plan on finishing this series and re-editing this paper, but at the moment I don’t have the time required to invest into it, and just don’t feel like it :P .

Take Care.

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