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In the description from the previous section passive techniques might sound like simply the lower-tier techniques, but this is not necessarily true. There is a certain strength to the passive approach, as since they are not conventional techniques, it makes the requirements on familiarity and experience less intense. They also do not require any energy to use. While granted the results are commonly less impressive on the short-term scale, they can have more lasting effects than some of the active techniques. So now that I’ve hopefully convinced you that this section is still worth reading, lets get started.


Your emotional state has a large impact on both physical and psionic capacities. The major two emotions’ effects should be obvious, sadness typically corresponds to a drop in energy while being happy corresponds to a rise. One concern however is being too excited might cause a reduction in your ability to focus.

What’s the point of this? Well first off being happy is good and you should totally try to be happy a lot. In the long term being depressed can really hurt your productivity in any activity. However in a realistic sense people can’t be happy all the time. But what humans can do fairly well is temporarily fool themselves that they’re happy when they’re really not. So before a practice if you can’t be naturally happy, try and find a way so that you’ll at least temporarily feel better. Watch some TV, play a game, listen to some music, club baby seals to death. Ok hopefully not the last one but on that note as long as its not something that will get the police or PETA involved (that’s the animal rights activists if anyone’s in the dark there) don’t be shy about doing what works for you. Music is incredibly useful for this. Almost everyone has some kind of favorite type of music that will get them feeling all happy and ready to practice. It saves baby seals, and is subtle if you have too many people around to do whatever you really wanted to do.


Expectations have a tremendous impact on psionics, especially since almost all of the skills are routed through the subconscious. The subconscious hears many of the expectations and preconceptions you have and treats them like commands. This applies to energy levels. If you’re expecting to feel tired it’s very likely that your subconscious might either suppress or purge a fair amount of your energy so that your expectation can be met. Conversely if you’re expecting to be full of energy and life your subconscious might be able to augment your normal energy to some degree. The good and bad news is that this effect gets stronger as you become more skilled in Energy Management, since your subconscious self learns how to do these things better as you try to teach your conscious self how to do them. The wording on the expectations doesn’t have to be so direct either, your subconscious can interpret what you think will happen and think creatively on how to accomplish it. For instance, if you’re worrying about losing a race, you aren’t implicitly asking for your energy levels to drop, but that is certainly a way to meet your expectations.

While this section is more geared toward minimizing your losses you can also turn it toward your benefit. While it likely won’t work to just directly ask for a power-up, if you know that you could do it, its possible to turn this on sometimes, for instance thinking that you still have more power to give in that race I mentioned in the example before.

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