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First off, although it has the word “charging” in it this technique is not actually charging, or if it is, it is a much less intense variation of it. The good news is this means while charging is too advanced and complicated for me to teach here, this technique is not. This technique typically focuses the body’s energy in one area of the body. While I guess this could be used for energy manipulation in this situation it is much easier to use it for physical augmentation. When I say that I mean it will give a temporary boost to your strength in that particular area (I sometimes use this in my arms when I’m swimming right before the race starts when it isn’t viable for me to use a more advanced technique).

This technique is more difficult to learn so listen carefully. First, close your eyes and relax. Focus on a particular area of your body (for beginners I’d recommend the arms or the legs, for some counter-intuitive reason its easier to do both arms or both legs at once so do that). Now here is the hard part, you need to visualize something, but do it in a way that you also “feel” it. What I mean is imagine a kind of buzzing in that area, and also try and make that area feel a kind of quick vibration that is in tune with the buzzing. Do not physically move or you will not do this technique right. This is one of the techniques I was referring to at the beginning where experience really matters. There is a precise “feel” to performing this technique successfully. Hopefully with enough practice you can find it. This technique can be applied to the entire body with some good effect but it takes a higher level of skill. Unfortunately while in the short term this technique gives a fairly good output, it runs out exceptionally quickly. You’ll be lucky if this lasts more than even a couple minutes.

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