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Meditation is the simplest technique to employ for Energy Management either as a focusing technique or as a programming platform.

Regular meditation in the context of Energy Management is the bridge between active and passive techniques. By calming down and focusing one can more easily control their thoughts and can thus keep a handle on their emotions and expectations, thus hopefully removing most negative effects. Additionally, if the mind is focused only on one goal there is an inherent strength as there is a usually a positive expectation that the action will succeed. As I discuss in the second Troubleshooting Psionics article, when most people perform an action there is an inherent hope or expectation that it will succeed (otherwise why do it?). Thus regular meditation while technically a technique is more of a way of using most of the passive techniques at once. However it is important to practice, both for further work in Energy Management and other skills.

For those reading this who may have never meditated before I will offer a very simple but effective method. If you can count (I should hope so or you have bigger problems to worry about before learning Energy Management) and can form pictures in your mind then you can do this technique. By the latter I mean when you close your eyes images often appear (kinda fuzzy but still there). With a mild exertion of will you can cause a certain images to appear, although without practice it has to be something relatively simple. Luckily that’s just what we’re going to do here. Get comfortable (sitting, standing, whatever works), close your eyes, and start counting. As you are counting, make the numbers appear in your mind. It might be hard the first time but you get the hang of it pretty quickly. That’s it, go for as long as you feel like, although (assuming a consistent effort applied) the longer you do it the more focused you’ll be, provided that you don’t fall asleep since this is almost like counting sheep.

While this first technique is pretty basic there are more advanced things that can build off of it. For instance once you have the counting thing down you can afford a little more thinking power with which to slip something else in. This is what I meant about using meditation as a programming platform. If you repeat over and over a command while you’re meditating, to some degree that command will slip into your subconscious, which will try to accomplish that command if its possible. This can be used for a lot of things (one other good application is light healing but I’m not qualified to advise on that), in this case we’re going to use it for a very simple energy recovery/generation technique. You won’t believe how easy this is going to be. Simply while meditating in the manner mentioned before start repeating something like “generate energy,” “replenish my reserves,” “recover energy” or something else along the same lines (remember psionics is a very personal thing, use whatever command you think will work for you). There it is, I recommend you let your counting get up to somewhere around 60-120 (anything higher is a bit excessive unless you’re really tired and don’t have time to rest or something). The only drawback is since this is so simple, the amount of energy generated is much less then more advanced techniques, but if you are just starting out this is a good technique to try.

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