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The material domain is the most difficult to modify but great work can be done in this regard by using the mental and energetic techniques on the material.
Instead of specific material exercises, I will give an idea for testing the material benefits of modifications and a few suggestions about things to do.

Testing exercise, an on/off switch; Testing to ensure that what you are doing is not a placebo effect is very important in this field. To that end it is quite useful to have partners and a modification with an on/off switch. What is done is you make an overlay and put an on/off switch on it that can later be removed. One person controls the switch(separate locations are a must to prevent things like sensory leakage from pheromones. The internet is quite ideal for this obviously) and one person has the overlay construct installed in them. Then, you go through a long series of rounds, recording results for each, with the on/off position randomly set on each round. Once records are compared the relative efficacy of the modification should become clear.

A few ideas ideas for things to do to test this; a reaction time increasing modification is in principle quite simple. Senses can and have often been increased, both psionic and material. Increased control over typically involuntary functions can be implemented via an overlay as well. Basically, anything that can be done temporarily via DMILS can be done permanently via a modification so long as the modifier is capable of doing the DMILS.

Dangers of psionic modifications;
1. They can be permanent.
2. They have implications just as profound

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