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Why Make Constructs?

Anything you can do, your construct can do; within reason.  As the construct can act independently of your conscious mind, it can do things for you without your needing to oversee the process.  In this way a construct is a labour-saving device, leaving you free to practise remote viewing (I’m sure you can come up with some interesting uses for that discipline) while your construct terrorises the locals on your behalf.

The construct is free to act 24/7, whereas you may be too busy to do something yourself.  Having a pre-existing construct ready and waiting is like having an energetic servant on-call to do your bidding while you get on with your busy life.  It also means that there will be a constant focus upon your desired goal.  I can’t hold my conscious focus for a solid week, but my constructs certainly can.  Some operations require more time than others.   A properly maintained construct will keep going until the job is done.

What Can Constructs Do?

I’ve noticed a slight trend in some circles to create constructs which only affect things within the arena of energetics.  I say, why limit yourself to the energetic world when there are countless things you can influence in mundane life?

My favourite construct of all time was a creation which helped me at work by maximising revenue results.  It possessed a semblance of sentience, and worked by influencing people and circumstances, bringing things together which resulted in some seriously impressive results.  By influencing seemingly random events, it created favourable outcomes.  This is a good example of construct use in the mundane world.  It is also one of the occasions when a serious investment of time is required.  It takes time to influence the mundane.  In this case my poor, overworked construct had to deal with connecting me with the right people and the right accounts at the right time, as well as handling a few other factors that I’ll not discuss here.  This is an ongoing process, as well as a time-consuming one, and because my construct had only one main task in its life, it was never distracted.  After a short teething period, it helped me attain five monthly targets in a six month period, before reaching the end of its pre-determined lifespan.  It also goes to show that planning is a key consideration.  As I’d given it a limited lifespan, it simply ceased to exist at the end of the six month period, which I had forgotten about by the time it reached the end of its life.

The shields you’ve heard so much talk about are constructs whose purpose is to block something energetic.  I’ll save further discussion of these for the appropriate section, but they are a good example of constructs whose purpose lies solely in the energetic arena.  There are other types of shields which function in a more mundane capacity, which will also be discussed.

I could pad out this article by a few thousand words by citing many more examples of construct use, but it’s far simpler to say that a construct can do or assist in almost anything you can think of, and cover the specifics of the different types under their own sections.  In brief, there are defensive constructs and offensive constructs, healing constructs and event manipulation constructs, sentient constructs to serve as guardians and early warning systems, sentient pets, et al.

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  • alt_example

    Ponyo October 6, 2014 at 1:37 am - Reply

    Hey, I’ve been terrorized by non-physicals.

    Projected noises in my chest. Snoring . Weird, non-human sounds
    that keeps me awake when I try to sleep.

    Are these Constructs..?

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