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<h2>Basic Shielding Techniques Introduction</h2>
<p>(By: Magicdood)</p>
<p>Shielding, in psionic terms, is an energetic defense tactic that usually surrounds the energy workers body, although it can be made to surround other things as well. The shape of a shield can truly be anything, however the most common shields seem to form a circle or egg typed shape around a person’s body. The reasons one would need a shield are obviously for protection against energetic attack, however there are other reasons one might maintain a shield. Natural empaths/telepaths need to keep a shield as if they do not, they are likely to get overloaded with emotions/thoughts. As energy workers increase their Sensitivity to psychic phenomenon, they to will find that the need to shield increases, as they to will start getting overloaded with information. It is important, in my opinion, for every psion, magician, or psychic worker to learn how to shield, even if they are not maintained constantly. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry!</p>
<p>It is important to note that the mind, usually associated with the subconscious, creates a rudimentary shield. Although weak, this shield is usually sufficient for the normal person. However, as any natural empaths or telepaths are aware, these shields will hardly do when it comes to energy workers.</p>
<h2>How to Make a Shield!</h2>
<p>The most basic type of shield is what is commonly referred to as a “Bubble Shield.” A bubble shield is used mostly for stopping everyday empathic and telepathic projections. However, in a large crowd, a Sensitive energy worker might find them insufficient. Against energy, such as you might find in an energetic attack, they are for all intensive purposes, useless. Still, they are good for the beginning energy worker, and will stop everyday annoyances, and having one up at all times is always a good idea.</p>
<p>To make a bubble shield, you can choose one of three methods.</p>
<h3>Method 1- Psi Ball Expansion</h3>
<p>This method, as the name suggests, creates a bubble shield from a psi ball. You simply create a psi ball, and make it larger and larger till it envelopes your body. I tend to keep mine about 6 inches away from my body, however, it is truly personal preference as to distance, within reason.</p>
<h3>Method 2- Visualization (and Belief)</h3>
<p>This method relies on simple visualization. It is the method that I use now; however, it requires a good amount of belief. This method is the easiest to explain, as all you do is visualize a shield growing from the Ground up and coming over you. In this case, I use the visualization of a bubble, but with a little more strength! You might have noticed, in the title, I said that belief would be necessary. That is because pure visualization will not always create the shield. You must believe fully that the shield is around you, and will it do so.</p>
<h3>Method 3- (Tactile)</h3>
<p>Energy from Body Expansion: In this method, you feel the energy in your body expand out words. This is, of course, excellent for the primarily tactile energy worker.</p>
<p>Now that you know how to make a bubble shield, most of the rest are just programming. They are made in the same way, just simply programmed to perform different actions. I will list a few ideas for more shields, however the reader is encouraged to be creative and think of some shields that will protect himself/herself in the best way possible.</p>
<p><em>(This section from the article “Basic Shielding Techniques”, by Magicdood)</em></p>

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