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In order to manipulate energy, we must create some sort of mental reference for it.  This is where visualisation comes in.  Imagining energy as a sort of fluid light is traditional, and I see no reason to depart from that tradition unless you have a particular mental image that is more meaningful to you.  Begin with the usual exercises, and imagine your body as it is in its current position.  Imagine that it is filled with energy (which it is), and spend some time paying attention to the energy flowing through you.  Don’t expect a vastly detailed representation at this early stage.  In all likelihood what you’re seeing will be purely a visualisation, and will bear no resemblance to what is actually there.  That’s fine at this point.  As you visualise, try to feel the energy as it moves through you.  Don’t focus too hard on the details, just let the energy move in whatever manner it seems to move naturally.  Try to focus on how the energy feels.  After you’ve spent some time doing this, visualise the energy moving to your hand and concentrating there.  See it glow, see it really burn as it concentrates in your palm and fingers.  Try to move the sensations and pay attention to how your hand feels as this happens.  Do you sense anything at all?  Does it feel different to how it felt when you were imagining the energy simply flowing normally?  The purpose here is to get that first twitch of the tentacle, so be ready to sense something, but try not to feel too disappointed if you don’t get anything at first.  The simple act of using a mental place-holder – the fluid light – coupled with the intent of moving your body’s energy should have a result.  If you are paying attention, that result should be noticeable.  If it’s not noticeable immediately, it will be noticeable eventually.  Keep at it until you can sense the energy’s movement and do so reliably before going on to moving the energy to other parts of your body.  Be sensible here.  If you start to feel sick, or have any unpleasant sensations, stop immediately and give it a day or so before picking up where you left off.  If the unpleasantness continues, discontinue practise until it stops.

Repeat the exercise daily at your normal practise time, and as many more times per day as you feel is reasonable.  Once you can sense the movment of energy to any part of your body reliably, move to the next exercise.

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