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Ambient energy is energy that sort of floats around in a given area.  There is quite a bit of it around.  The one thing you shouldn’t do with ambient energy is internalise it.  Energy retains programming for awhile, and it’s not a good idea to draw strange programming into yourself.  The energy is fine for construct creation, because the act of programming pretty much rids it of the erroneous bits of programming and assorted ick that’s in it.

Start the exercise in a place that’s likely to have a high concentration of energy.  Any place where there are a lot of people frequently gathering is a good bet.  The food court of your local mall will be just fine, but get a table rather than just standing there with your eyes closed.  It attracts less attention.  For the same reason, you should try to progress to the stage where you no longer need your hands to feel energy.  Focus on the ambient energy around you by visualising it in the same way you normally visualise the energy within yourself.  You may notice that your visualisation shows different concentrations and densities of energy in the area, or you may just see it as being a uniform glow.  Be sure that you’re focusing on ambient energy only, rather than the energy in the auras or fields of the people around you.  It is considered bad form to suck energy from other people.

By visualisation and tactile and spatial imagery, draw energy from the area into a ball in front of you.  You can draw quite a bit from a populated area, so keep pushing it into the ball until it gets very large, and then pack the ball more densely before sucking more energy into it.  Keep going until you have a very dense ball that really seethes with energy, then let it go and start again.

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