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Hold your palms together, far enough apart that you cannot feel the body heat from each hand.  Start energy flowing into both palms, and let the energy flow together, focusing it on forming a ball between your hands.  Yes, this is a psi ball.  Most construct articles start at this point, and then focus on teaching you to program the energy you’ve gathered.  I’m not going to do that, though you may of course feel free to give it a try if you’d like.

Continue to trickle energy into the ball.  Focus on causing the energy to maintain a cohesive mass between your hands.  Once you think you have enough energy, stop the flow, but continue focusing on the energy between your hands, willing it to maintain its shape and position.  This is a ball of energy.  It is not a construct.  Remove your hands, but maintain focus on the ball.  Focus on how the ball feels without your hands.  This is where tactile and spatial awareness plays a big part.  You may be surprised to notice that the sensation you felt in your hands is hanging in the air in front of you.  If not, don’t try to manufacture it.  Simply continue practising.  Confirm that the ball still exists by moving your hands around it.  Once you are done practising, cease focus on the ball and let it go.  After a few seconds, pay attention again and see if it is still there.  If it is, has it changed in any way?  Focus on the ball via touch, and see if you can visualise it as it is now.  Once again, trust your touch, rather than your visualisation, and see what you find.  If the ball remains, mentally cause the energy to dissipate, confirming afterward by touch, of course.

Continue to practise this exercise until you can create, sense, and (if necessary) dissipate the ball reliably.  As you’ve no doubt guessed, a case of remaining ball means that you’ve programmed the energy by focusing on making it maintain its shape.  It’s quite an easy thing to do, but don’t stress if it doesn’t happen.  The focus of these exercises is improving the energetic senses.

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