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By now you will have an idea of how energy feels when it moves.  In the absence of a practise partner who is able to sense energy, this is your most reliable indicator of whether anything is happening or not.  The reason for repeating the first exercise over and over is to fix firmly in your mind the sensation of energetic movement, and you will need a sense you can rely on from the get-go.  Visualisation is too prone to fantasy to ever trust completely.  If you have a perfectly visualised result but feel nothing, trust the feel.

The next step in manipulating energy is manipulating energy outside of yourself.  To do this, concentrate energy in the palm of one of your hands.  Keep the energy flowing until you feel a strong response, then hold your (hopefully) energised palm a few centimetres from your other palm.  What do you feel?  Does your visualisation change in any way?  Try to make the energy flow from your palm to your other hand, and again focus on the result.  Pay attention both to how it feels, and how it impacts your visualisation.  If you sense nothing, be honest with yourself.  It’s far better to have no results now than to talk yourself into a false positive and have to re-learn everything from scratch later.  Slow learning beats fantasy any day of the week.

Repeat this exercise daily until you can reliably project energy from one hand to the other before moving on to the next exercise.

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