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As stated, you’ll need to be able to perceive subtle energy in order to manipulate it.  There are two schools of thought on how to proceed.  The first is to stick with perception before you start manipulating, in order to ensure you’re up to the task before trying your hand at actual construct creation.  The second, and my personal preference, is to learn as you go.  Yes, you will make mistakes.  Chances are you’ll make a lot of them, as most of us have, and do.  You’ll also gain experience in both perception and manipulation at the same time, and this is something you really can’t buy.  Experience is gained only through practise.

So let’s start practising!

In order to practise perceiving energy you’ll need a quantity of it at hand to play with.  Luckily, you have a whole body that’s made of the stuff.  Without giving too much away before the appropriate section, the energetic or subtle body is the part of you which is composed of subtle energy.  While you are inhabiting a physical body on the physical “plane” or “level”, you are also inhabiting an energetic body on the energetic level.  The senses we use to interact with the physical level – sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell – are physical senses.  The senses you use to interact with the energetic level are energetic senses.  I believe – and not everybody agrees on this point – that these senses are completely separate from the five physical senses.  You cannot see energy, nor can you hear it, taste it, touch it or smell it.  You can, however, use your physical senses as reference points.  I believe that people who train themselves to “see” energy with their physical eyes are using a form of visualisation.  My views on touch as an energetic sense have been described above, as there is some parallel between the physical sense of touch and the energetic sense of touch, so I hope you get the idea.  Touch is probably the most reliable sense we can use with energy, especially when beginning practise.  Once you get the knack of feeling it, you’ll be able to rely on it.  Unlike the physical sense, you can feel energy at a distance, also, as you’ll see soon enough.

The exercises below are simple and fairly brief.  If these are your first steps in energetic practise, remember to take your time.  Be sure to complete each one fully before moving to the next, otherwise you’ll gain little benefit from them.  No matter how determined you are to master everything in the next five minutes, try to remember that all complex skills come with time.  Consider how long it took you to learn to read and write.  Some results may come immediately, but others will take time, patience and, most importantly, practise.

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