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The mental domain is used in two main ways in psionic modification techniques. One way is that any psionic programming functions ultimately depends on the mental to be imprinted unto the energetic domain to form an energy construct. The other method is direct modification of a person’s mental self similar to the concept of telepathic hacking.

The first will be dealt with in the section on the energetic, while exercises for the second will be presented now.

Exercise One: Entering the Control Core

The control core is the core of a person’s self. When someone performs void meditation until only the kernel of awareness is left. This is that kernel of awareness.  It (the control core) can also be directly entered into by anyone with the skill to do so.

The first thing to do is to acquire a person’s signature.

Then begin delving into it, going as deep as you can and ignoring all other things that come up until you reach the absolute core of the person’s self where the signature is actually generated. It may present itself to you in any one of varying ways depending on your personal symbolism but there should be a definite sense of this being more ‘real’ than anything above it.

Once you are here, you can project into it and begin altering it.

Upon projecting into it, you should look for anything you can use as a ‘hook’ to gain greater rapport and begin building an interface. It might be a simple visual of a map where you see the ‘wholeness’ of the person laid out as one example, in which case you can simply create with your visualisation a ‘pencil’ and begin writing on the map.  You might draw a picture of a sword and crown on the “self image” part of the map to make someone more confident for example.



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